Is Deodorant Really Bad For Your Health?

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Hey there. People have been talking about how you smell. Don’t worry! They say you smell great. You probably panicked there for a second didn’t
you? All that time spent in front of the mirror
trying to look and feel your best. Some times, there’s nothing worse than hearing
your appearance isn’t up to par. But did you know that there can be side-effects
to using deodorant? Let’s talk about whether or not deodorant
is bad for your health. Does deodorant cause disease? What chemicals does antiperspirant contain? Is the quantity of the deodorant I’m using
contributing to the problem? Wait, can deodorant really give me cancer? We’ll be exploring all of that AND more! While smell is one of the five senses, so
is sight… And there’s no better sight than one of
our great Bestie videos! Make sure you watch all the way to the end
and hit ‘subscribe’! There are so many reasons to wear deodorant. Whether you work outdoors, or have a hot date,
antiperspirant can sometimes be the defining factor in whether or not people want to be
around you. It’s sad, but true. Did you know that 90% of Americans between
the ages of 18 and 29 put on deodorant every single day? For people 30 to 59, it’s over 85%! Hey, wait just a second. It decreased… Where the heck did the other 5% go? Did a few million people just randomly say,
“Meh, who needs deodorant? My significant other finds my natural B.O.
a lot hotter?” Fetishes… Am I right, people? While that certainly would be funny, the decline
in percentage may be due to more unsettling factors. Since the early 2000’s, a number of studies
have been conducted on the side-effects of antiperspirant. In particular, the aluminum ingredient has
been given major focus. Aluminum-based compounds are essential in
the making of most antiperspirants. Picture it as the dough to pizza. You can’t have one without the other. I’m not really sure why I used THAT example,
but hey everyone loves pizza! Stay with me here. Aluminum-compounds act as a sort of barricade
that blocks the flow of sweat from reaching the surface of your skin. Picture it a shield and the sweat as a sword… How’s that for an analogy? Alright, I’ll stop. The aluminum compound essentially keeps your
armpits smelling the way they do once your go-to antiperspirant is applied. However, this function has left researchers
curious as to what long-term effects the aluminum can have once absorbed by the skin. Many even believed that aluminum-compound
was a primary contributor to women’s breast cancer. This is due to the armpit’s proximity to
the breast. The fear was that the chemicals would absorb
through the skin and slowly make their way into the chest area, eventually reaching the
breast and causing endocrine disruption in the cells. While this belief became a concern to researchers,
some studies actually found no correlation between breast cancer and deodorant. As it turns out, your pores act as a block,
stopping dangerous chemicals from venturing into your body and causing harm. Scientist have also assured deodorant users
that it’s only large quantities of aluminum you should be worried about. This is something that isn’t located in
deodorant. That being said, you may want to check on
how much aluminum you are actually consuming. It just so happens that large quantities can
sink into your system and alter your DNA. This eventually CAN lead to cancer development. It has also been confirmed that this same
amount can disrupt estrogen receptors, which also can be linked to breast cancer. But I say again, the quantity in deodorant
is not the issue here. VOICE OF VIEWER: So that’s it right? Deodorant doesn’t cause cancer. Case closed! Alright, now I’m onto surfing the web for
cat videos. Actually, I hear there’s a video of a 30
foot shark going around! Just because a product has a low chance of
causing breast cancer doesn’t mean there’s zero risk across the board. Give a chance here! Let’s talk for a second about dementia. Now, just because we’ve uttered the words
‘Alzheimers’ and ‘deodorant’ in the same sentence doesn’t mean you have to toss
away your can of Axe Body Spray just yet. Here us out. In 1965, a study was conducted on the bodies
of Alzheimer’s patients. Scientists discovered a large amount of aluminum
in the brains of the deceased prompting them to warn the medical community of the potential
dangers brought on by aluminum-based products. But after a review of the evidence was conducted,
experts found no clear evidence to support deodorant being harmful enough to cause Alzheimers. VOICE OF VIEWER: So that’s it! Oh I knew I was wasting my time before I even
clicked on this video. Deodorant doesn’t cause breast cancer or
Alzheimers. You had me honestly thinking I was in danger
there for a second! Hang on! We’re not finished yet. Why the hurry? You got a hot date or something? If so, you might be looking at your Old Spice
a little differently after hearing this fact. While deodorant may not directly cause Alzheimer’s,
there is evidence to suggest it does play a part in dementia. Over the years, doctors have discovered that
medications used by dialysis patients leave large amounts of aluminum in their system. Since your kidneys are not working as fast,
they don’t process and remove aluminum as quickly. This lead researchers to fear that the aluminum
would dissolve into their system eventually affecting the brain, causing dementia. Overtime, deodorant brands would begin posting
labels on their products warning consumers that they should not use deodorant if their
kidneys are functioning any less than 30%. As for kidney issues, you don’t really need
to worry. The small amount of aluminum compound in the
product won’t accumulate fast enough to cause severe damage. That reminds us, your kidneys are really important. When was the last time you checked up on them? If you’re interested in taking care of your
kidneys, make sure you check out our video on 13 Foods That Make Your Kidneys Healthy! VOICE OF VIEWER: Okay well my kidneys are
operating fine, so I think I’m good to go when it comes to deodorant. Oh and just for the record, I do have a hot
date tonight. I’m going out just after I’m done watching
the shark video, which I’m clicking right now since this video is so use- Are you seriously going to bail on us right
now? What part of being Besties don’t you understand? There are plenty of other issues brought on
by antiperspirants. How about all of the allergies it causes? VOICE OF VIEWER: Wait, what do you mean allergies? I’ve been using this Dove stuff for like…
years. I haven’t had one allergic reaction! Well have you ever heard of contact dermatitis? It’s normally what occurs when your armpit
is having an allergic reaction to the deodorant. It’s normally followed by a red, itchy rash
that forms in and around your pits. Not exactly something you want your date to
see. The numerous chemicals in deodorants can also
cause something known as fragrance allergy. This can affect up to 4% of the general population. That’s assuming most people around the globe
use some sort of odor fighting product. Along with fragrances is another important
ingredient you should know about. It’s time to discuss Parabens. Parabens are preservatives found in body and
skin care products. This ingredients helps give your product a
longer shelf life. However, it may interfere with YOUR shelf
life. With women, parabens have to potential of
interfering in the production of estrogen. An ingredient known as Phthalates can have
the same effect on men with testosterone. It can affect your ability to reproduce as
well. There is also evidence to suggest, that Phthalates
play a role in lowering IQ’s, as well as aiding severe asthma. So if you suffer from breathing problems,
you may want to look into what type of deodorant you’re using. VOICE OF VIEWER: Hmm, I guess this video has
been useful after all. Well keep watching because we’re not done
yet. VOICE OF VIEWER: Aw man, not another complicated
word. That last one had like four consonants in
a row. If you’re looking for a simple vocabulary,
this isn’t your lucky day in that department. Ever heard of Triclosan? It’s a chemical in the deodorant that is
meant to fight off bacteria. While it does so efficiently, many researchers
have linked the substance to both bad hormonal activity and poor genetics. Want to hear something even more disturbing,
over 75% of Americans have had traces of triclosan found in their urine! This is not a drill. Are you going to be more careful using deodorant? Sound off in the comment section, and don’t
forget to hit the bell and subscribe for more great content from your Bestie!

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  3. You know what's bad when you sit next to the person that don't have on deodorant!!! 🤢😒 talking about it is causing his/her body some harm… Smh get out of here with that bull!!

  4. The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it’s all that matters. – Audrey Hepburn

  5. I stopped using Deodorant period for many reasons, but I also meditated on the use of manufactured goods on the body & at the end of my meditation I decided that because of how polluted these products are it wouldn't be a smart idea to voluntarily apply toxins to my body & expect to stay healthy as our skin absorbs everything we put on it. There are reasonable alternatives that do not affect our bodies. The ads involved in these products & claims made are very deceptive & are a deliberate attempt at deceiving the people to make the bulk of their fortunes at the expense of our health. Vanity & Society dictates how we present ourselves even if it affects are health, BUYER BE INFORMED & AWARE ! Society can keep its ideals to itself. As a human being we need to stay with a safe alternative & avoid corporate bullying as to what we need to be acceptable to Society

  6. I believe you are using the terms deodorant and antiperspirant incorrectly. Deodorant does not contain the aluminum ingredients that antiperspirant does. Deodorant is not meant to stop or control sweating, it is simply to assist making sweating smell more desirable than it would if deodorant was not used. An antiperspirant, on the other hand, is made to try to stop sweating and herein lies the issue. Sweating is a natural bodily reaction to heat, the bodies way of trying to cool itself down as the sweat is release and evaporates, it cools the body. Adding an antiperspirant impedes this process and spraying this aluminum under your arms, very close to lymph nodes can not be a good idea. Trying to stop a natural bodily function with chemicals is asking for trouble.

  7. What about the aluminum water companies now put into tap water? To make it LOOK clean and pure? It's NOT pure water coming through the taps anymore. Check out all the additives.

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