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  1. What if the symptoms were not physical and instead phycological, like sadness, anger, irritated, anxiety and depression. We may react to certain frequencies that may or may not cause certain emotions. Like the frequency waves that promote relaxation and sleep.

  2. You think maybe the symptoms could be coming from bringing their head forward therefore putting too much weight on their neck and causing headaches, migraines, etc? Or it could be all in their heads too 🙂

  3. I've heard about this hypersensitivity symptom, but I've never met anybody claiming they had it, so it must be rare…

  4. The media lies. I don't think it is accidental they fail to report the data or the facts. That's what they do and if you criticize them for it they will ad hom you to get the sheep after you. Love or hate Trump he is 100% right about the media.

  5. Michel Gregor should stick to areas he understands, or at least take the trouble to review the literature properly before sharing his opinion.


  6. Junk science: the Finnish study (partly supported by Nokia) didn't use electrically sensitive subjects, didn't test for the background microwave levels and didn't test using normal phone output. The Hungarian study simply showed that the nocebo effect exists.


    I would be happy to look through the rest if anyone still believes that there's anything of value.

  7. Does not mean EMF's are safe, just shows how the mind can enhance something based on a belief. If you believe the frequencies are harming you then in your mind they can whether they are real or imagined. This is how powerful our minds are. Placebo and nacebo effect can lift you up or tear you down.

    To be on the safe side it helps to have some type of EMF minimizer. I personally use one of these and feel better having it than not considering the cell phone companies even admit in their literature the harmful effects the phone can have when too close. Better safe than sorry!


  8. I love when it’s all in people’s heads.
    Our minds are so powerful over how we physically feel. Duh right but it’s cool to me.

  9. Hello Greger! Please make a video on astaxanthin (red algae one). I can't find any trusted research video on this. I use 12mg of vegan Astaxanthin before go to sleep, this is he better time to take this? Thanks in advance! 🙂

  10. So sad. I used to respect this guy. Now he is just another owned talking head. Military frequency weapons tech must all be in your idiopathic self.

  11. Personally I have become more sensitive to the emfs once I decalcified my pineal gland to a pretty good extent. I never noticed the frequencies when I was younger what so ever. I'm able to hear the frequencies almost anything. Sometimes I can see the frequencies. The oceans of Hawaii have some of the highest vibrations ever, so does the sun. On the other hand though the wifi router is something I can not stand. I've seen the vibrations come off the wifi and it is not good. Fiber optic wifi is way worse then traditional cable. I can hear the wifi router and receivers frequencies and I'll tell you they are damaging.. It may sound a little woowoo but this has been my experience.

  12. Directed microwaves can kill people. Who leaves the door open and stands nearby when their microwave oven is turned on?
    The Inside of a microwave oven is a faraday cage.
    Your cell phone is a miniature microwave oven, with no door.
    Microwave ovens use magnets to control them.

    With high powered microwave towers placed everywhere, we are now inside the microwave instead of outside of it. Now add the varying magnetic fields of the earth, and electrical storms, and you can have unintended energy flows.

    Microwaves ovens can boil water, and start things on fire, and cause sparks if anything metal is in them, like a spoon. Microwaves pass through walls to operate your phone. These affects could be used by a military, or a mercenary. Human bodies can have varying levels of metals in the tissues, based on exposure.

    UV light is a different part of the spectrum. People get sunburned from it because they don't know how much exposure they've had until it's too late. Let's take these same test subjects and put them in the sun without sunscreen and ask them to detect when a sunburn will occur.

    I am reminded of the story of the frog put in water on the stove. The water heats up slowly, and the frog is lulled into feeling safe, and doesn't sense danger until it's too late.
    Frog soup anyone?

  13. I always wondered about these issues because there’s a lot of electromagnetic radiation out there and every one is exposed. Interestingly find out that it’s psychological. Whole food plant based diet prescription it is then 😁

  14. Dr. Greger, as much as I respect you and think highly of you, as a health researcher and electronic engineer, I would have to give you a C minus on this one.
    First and foremost, our body is a conductor of electricity and within itself generating frequency-specific super microcurrent (FSSM) and electricity to conduct and communicate between each parts of the body.
    Second, when talking about electronic magnetic field (EMF), one has to know EMF can be EMF(+) or EMF(-). Both effect our body in different way.
    Third, the level of EMF is measured in Gauss. 365 Gauss and 365k Gauss will have a different effect.
    The testing can not be accurate and here is the reason why:
    Like measuring the water overflow by pouring in 1 oz of water in an empty 8 oz cup, the result will be negative.
    In order to have the overflow result, it must have 3 elements: Time, volume and space (available) in the cup.
    Using Space as example, If no more space in the cup (full), by pouring in 1 oz of water, the result will show overflow immediately.

  15. Electrosensitivity DOES cause some people to suffer, no doubt. But whether that suffering can be attributed to electromagnetic energy or not is the question. There's no denying that the suffering exists for certain individuals. Of course, this can be said of anything people use or consume. While the vast majority will not have a problem, there are always those that do. I do NOT think that people are deluding themselves, but rather, are actively being deluded by the media.

    That's an even more pressing matter to me. While I would love to see main stream media do a better job of educating the public (in many ways), they seem to be nothing more then corporate shills at this stage. Independently researched reporting is pretty much limited to some online sources, and even then it's hard to find kernels of truth amidst all the chaff.

  16. But, Dr Gregor, I thought electronic devices near the body heat tissues, causing internal damge.. felt or not. Maybe this doesn't pertain to "electromagnetic sensitivity," but doesn't it cause damage nonetheless?

  17. My dog suddenly becomes fearful & tries to back away EVERY TIME I try to walk him past a grouping of telephone & cable boxes nearby

  18. This is off topic but related to health… Kratom. I have been self-treating my arthritis with poppy "tea" but fear becoming addicted. My close friend said I should try Kratom but when I searched it I found DEA and FDA say it causes death, which I am trying to avoid/delay… That is, unless this constant pain cannot be stopped.

  19. These people self diagnose themselves because there is no medical proof that the condition exists. In California, that's good enough (plus a few quack Doctors that write scripts for this fake disease) that the state pays them disability but does not suggest they get psychiatric help which is what they need.

  20. I've had a friend harassed by his 'curious' neighbours with 'tricorders' showing his nasty EM WiFi and mobile irradiating their lives and ruining their sleep. LOL … always knew it was utter bunkum 🙂 … thanks Dr. Greger, as always.

  21. Is this expose in part a result of "Better Call Saul" and character, Chuck's hypersensitivity to all things electrical, including cell phones and electrical appliances? That would be a hoot.

  22. I so appreciate you taking the time to put this together, but fwiw — I have absolutely tangible symptoms of this (my hands go numb/intensely tingly), but only after several hours of use. I dismissed it for years but the correlation is definitely there. None of these studies appear to have exposed their "lab rats" for very long, and since we live around EMF waves 24/7 I think these studies can't necessarily be counted as accurate.

  23. Short term vs. long term can be quite different. And large power lines can be dangerous too. So there could be significant effects long term.

  24. Disappointed by simplistic approach you took, yet even within the studies you decided to pick and report on what makes more sense; that the person that could "guess" EMF activity 97% of the time lost their ability by the next experiment or that the conditions were alerted?

    And even so, that approach would only prove they somehow have the special ability to detect EMF which is of course not a human trait.

    To suggest these people are basically crazy is rather degrading.

    Every radiation has influence on tissue. It is ridiculous to suggest otherwise yet we live in the world where sun is dangerous but everything other seems to be ok.

    We have a saying that it's a silent river that creates canyons.

    And this was a strike 3 I witnessed on this channel so I'm silently unsubscribing as well.

    It seems you have more interest in stirring the water than clearing it.

  25. Hi, I really appreciate your videos and have learned a lot but those studies seem deeply flawed.
    We're the rooms in which the people were exposed completely clear of any other EMF, electronic signals?
    Also when people usually have a reaction it can last hours before abating so that could give a false reading when no signal was there?
    Also the anxiousness of the people who are effected could achieve a reaction even when nothing is there?
    Also the Study where they were all affected even with no stimulus. Where they told about the side effects before? Because that could inplant that in their minds and cause reactions. Plus they didn't do a test with the magnet/electrical device on to compare.
    Just my thoughts.

  26. If you search your body at any given time, you are likely to find all sorts of sensations you systematically ignore, some of them unpleasant. And I'm guessing there are any number of subconscious psychological factors that might cause a person to tune into them, and to search inappropriate places for their causes.

  27. None of the studies in the video were double blind. Plus it would make sense to test long term effects not just a few minutes of exposure.

    Every one of the studies basically tested the placebo phenomenon which we already know is a real thing.

  28. It appears that Dr. Greger is not aware of the position of The European Academy for Environmental Medicine (EUROPAEM). They state in their guideline published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal:

    "We recommend treating EHS [electromagnetic hypersensivity] clinically as part of the group of chronic multisystem illnesses (CMI), but still recognizing that the underlying cause remains the environment. In the beginning, EHS symptoms occur only occasionally, but over time they may increase in frequency and severity. Common EHS symptoms include headaches, concentration difficulties, sleep problems, depression, a lack of energy, fatigue, and flu-like symptoms. […] The primary method of treatment should mainly focus on the prevention or reduction of EMF [electromagnetic field] exposure, that is, reducing or eliminating all sources of high EMF exposure at home and at the workplace. The reduction of EMF exposure should also be extended to public spaces such as schools, hospitals, public transport, and libraries to enable persons with EHS an unhindered use (accessibility measure). If a detrimental EMF exposure is reduced sufficiently, the body has a chance to recover and EHS symptoms will be reduced or even disappear."

    Belyaev I, Dean A, Eger H, Hubmann G, Jandrisovits R, Kern M, Kundi M, Moshammer H, Lercher P, Müller K, Oberfeld G, Ohnsorge P, Pelzmann P, Scheingraber C, Thill R. EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2016 for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses. Rev Environ Health. 2016 Sep 1;31(3):363-97.

  29. You have the perfect (sympathetic/pathetic) voice to be an internet troll…cell phone companies could use your ridicule…I have definitely suffered from this…come find me so I can make you eat your cell phone!

  30. Mobile services revenues in France over 2016 was 14 billion euro. Worldwide it must be in the trillions. This industry will do anything
    to protect their profit, including falsifying research and denying any negativity on their product. I think the best thing to do is doing your
    own research on this matter. Reading the NMRI rapport of 1971 (military_radiowave.pdf) will be a good start.

  31. Honestly, I like the effort in trying not make too much of a joke of it … But come on, i think we are all starting to realize deep down, that there is too much radiation running through the air. You can play devils advocate all you want, and you can keep on the good side of the big players, and the people who pay your wages and taught you everything you know, but one day, you will really understand, that we are all being subliminally effected by EMR'S & EMF'S, its just now people are dying prolifically and people are starting to wake up, and the Papers keep warning us preparing us for more Health problems, its inevitable according to them. Whether you want to admit it or not, you are half the man your father was, and your son if you have one wuill be half the man you are, and it isn't because of food trust me . You gotta look at the bigger picture, thats what people fail to do, really look at the Root of the problem, not stare at the head. You need to go right back to the beginning if you are truly to understand what is happening today, and what is going to happen in the future. Nothing survives EMR'S and EMF'S, from your dog to your mum to your plants . It don't take 7 years of med School to realize that . You think wifi is the problem ? or a cell phone ? We are at the very start of the explosion, wait untill you see what happens . Its just about to explode, and rmeber you heard it from me 1st . You haven't even scratched the surface you are young as the streets would say

  32. These studies have such a bad design. It's a shame that such a video is promoted. It leaves out all the other studies where more reliable parameter than asking for somebodies opinion were used, e.g. heart rate analysis, EEGs, stress hormone levels, etc. There are hints that the RF-EMFs may interact with people when sleeping.
    At European level, the Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks of the EU (SCENIHR, 2015, p.126 f) sees some evidence for small effects on the sleep EEG. https://www.emf-portal.org/en/article/35846

    These are the facts. And my answer to this shitty, badly researched movie is that the media leave this one sided research out, because the research in the area around RF-EMF is very complex to understand. Also when there are people who say they have this, they create evidence and testimonies that electrosensitivity is real. Fish have it, birds have it, bees have it. Maybe humans have it, too. And as long as we have no proof that really nothing is going on when our tissue is locally heated (as stated in the SAR specification)
    ES people deserve respect and their decision to live a low RF-EMF live should be accommodated.

  33. Also RF-EMF exposure is similar to the tissue heating that happens when we are running or do other sports. Local heating causes oxidative stress. This means, that our metabolic reactions can be delayed in time. In this shitty movie they claim that one needs to sense everything immediately which for such complex reactions is kind of impossible. It is normal that some people have a delay in response that range between hours and days, also depending on the intensity, the lengths of time, and the type of frequency that they are exposed to. All this is left out in the studies the movie mentions.

  34. I’am very frustrating about all your constatation with always studies publish not to date to express your thoughts. I have bought your book and I think that is no help for me . Because most us known that we eat processed foods..My only expectation is that you do more recent research and don’t talk about what you don’t know about. It will be respectable for all of us. I will reseigned of your news letters. For the orders who thinks that is ok i suggest That you do your research by yourself I know nobody’s thinking that you can do it !, but you can !

  35. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5014506/
    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30028652 (rats)
    There are hundreds of these.

  36. I live in Durban ,South Africa

    Why don't you take a trip at the and come and talk to me and at least 40 other people that live in my neighbourhood who will all confirm to you that they started with these exact same signs and symptoms within a week after a cellphone antenna system had been erected and activated 160 m from my home. All of these residents in my neighbourhood had never suffered from any of these signs and symptoms before and only after watching a program on National Geographic a few weeks later did I realise what was causing the effects I have sworn affidavits from my neighbours and others in my neighbourhood that these signs and symptoms all started in the same time period . We then went to other areas where we saw that cell masts were being erected and questioned people in the neighbourhood with regard the same signs and symptoms most of which claimed that they did not feel the symptoms. We then waited for the towers to be erected and activated and then visited these neighbourhoods a month later and asked the same people the same questions who then confirmed that in the past weeks the signs and symptoms had all occurred.

    In our own neighbourhood which is very hilly we have rented equipment to measure the signal strength and found that in the areas where there is very low signal strength that the residents do not complain about the symptoms, however, wherever the signal strength is very high the residents complain about the exact same signs and symptoms for the same period of time. We then gone and taken a break in the Midlands over the weekends where there are no cellphone towers and switched off our cellphones and made sure that there's no Wi-Fi near us and the symptoms have disappeared.

    So my comment regarding this video that you have produced is that it is complete and utter bullshit. Excuse me for sounding so angry but since November 2016. I have not been able to sleep properly in my house and my family have been suffering with all the symptoms. He then asked the question "well why don't you move" that's because nobody wants to buy a house near a cell tower. My neighbour who was suffering even worse than I was put his house on the market in November of 2017 and it is currently still for sale as nobody wants to buy it due to the fact that it is located right in front of a cell tower.

  37. so you are saying that when I actually hold this tablet for any length of time and not leave it on the table and use the pointer tool and my hands start to go tingly and numb, I'm just crazy. wow, thank you for letting me know. I should probably go see a shrink and get some drugs for that. do you think I could get disability for that disorder? the neuropathy in my hands and feet caused by eating the wrong food is probably all in my head to. I knew I was fucked.

  38. The brain and subconscious do not now the difference between a real phone or a imitation just like when someone sees a rubber snake ..Placebo works in just about every area. Hence pharmaceuticals.

  39. Hmm what seems to be missing in the video… Hmm Dr used to always show who paid for the studies… Seemingly missing from every video since… What the health? Came out???

  40. So in other words we aren't affected by Electro magnectic frequencies or radiation coming off of cell phones whatsoever? I call BS but be my guest to use your phones freely next to your brain. Put it in your pants pocket next to your reproductive area or your bra. Go ahead test it out.

  41. Regarding mobile phones, EMF may not be the cause of these people's 'symptoms' but microwave radiation certainly could be.

  42. I am sure there are many out there seriously suffering (I am not one of them, though I suffer from another rare chronic issue which was dismissed by doctors for 22 years); I do hope that these people find a cure/solution to their problems regardless of what studies say and the medical community takes them seriously. The suffering is real and thanks for pointing that out towards the end.

  43. I think the problem here is most people can't tell, only the most sensitive. Then many other people convince themselves they feel it when they don't (like gluten, or whatever). I am sensitive to EMF, and had a single blind experiment done on myself (run by someone else of course), with 100% detection of the EMF on/off condition. Another problem is timing, usually long exposure is necessary. In my testing I slept either in an electric field, or not, for the whole night, then a cell phone one with it by my head for 20 minutes (or not), and behind a fabric panel. I never felt it immediately. In the research, there is a signal-to-noise type of problem in the studies on lots of people, if many have wrongly convinced themselves of the sensitivity. WTS, no offense to your position, because science is the only way to answer these questions. I remain open minded even about my own results.

  44. If you want to know which cell phones produce the most RF energy, CNET always makes a list: https://www.cnet.com/pictures/highest-cell-phone-radiation/
    Also, the National Cancer Institute has some good information on this subject: https://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/causes-prevention/risk/radiation/cell-phones-fact-sheet

  45. You know what really makes you sick? Thinking/believing that these electromagnetics actually make you sick. Not saying that it isn't harmfull (who knows, right), but nothing is as powerfull as the mind, in both a good and bad way.

  46. He is not saying that cell phones are harmless, he is saying that the majority of the mentioned symptoms are most likely phychological. He has said before that cell phones can cause brain cancer if used too much and he didn't say otherwise here.

  47. EMF Hypersensitivity as a condition might be BS, but the reduced life expectancy of outdoor pets near EMF from high tension power lines and cell towers, and tumor risk of regular cell phone use to the ear is well reported on and apparently very real. Greger himself has pointed out that traditional cell phone overuse from EMF heating tissues is a brain cancer risk….

  48. I've been asking for years why shortwave and microwave diathermy have no record of EHS complaints. Now it seems Mercola and Magda Havas are actually recommending other pulsed EMF therapies, "PEMF" and "BEMER".

    I guess they had to do an about face and accept them as being beneficial, because PEMF, BEMER, especially Diathermy etc have been around for years and not causing any undue health concerns.

  49. Came here because every time I wear my Bluetooth headset, I get a headache… I’m feeling this damn it… it’s not fake.

  50. Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Update.


    "The NTP final reports found "clear evidence" of increased cancer risk…"

  51. They need to do a study that isn't on those who say that they have it. Lol. Why are the studies only on those who say that they have it? How is that a blind study?

  52. Wow did you get this one wrong, Dr. Greger. Seems like your team cherry-picked the studies from their own theoretical biases on this one. Have a look at these studies, organized in an 11-page PDF based on biological effects to different organ systems: https://www.bioinitiative.org/report/wp-content/uploads/pdfs/BioInitiativeReport-RF-Color-Charts.pdf

  53. Will the 5G technology be a group therapy? According to your studies until now, the 5G will be a blessing from God.

    Those who nevertheless look for ways to protect themselves here is an easy and very efficient way:

  54. Do me a favour and strap a smartphone to your head for the next ten years, make sure you get 5g asap – just to prove its good for you, of course. – and just to ensure the phone is firing at full cylinders you should download tons of apps, leave them all open, download music, videos the works. When it starts burning a hole in your head try to ignore it won't you? Even better, do that to your grandchildren, a pregnant woman you care about, and your elderly parents. Also for the grandchildren give them a tablet and encourage them to sit it on their laps as much as possible, also the pregnant woman you care about – have her sit real close to the tablet, so the unborn child can feel the pulsating waves from your router to the laptop. Make sure wifi is flying around your living space 24/7, better still try to sleep in the room with the router. Flourescent lights are very good for you, try to visit your local hospital for a good old dose of florescent lights and wifi in one.

    Best of health to you Doctor.

  55. this reminds me of how Dr. Hoffer's research and methods about using diet and vitamins to do pretty cool health stuff was falsely debunked… this one study carefully almost reproduced his methods, ensuring not to actually do it properly, but you'd have to purchase the full study to see that, and of course what mattered was the summary which was publicly available, claiming that they weren't able to confirm that his work worked. In my own situation, I got extreme pain while staying with a friend of mine, had to leave, after getting myself a gaussmeter I came back and checked out his apartment with it, turns out there was a pretty heavy field right where his fold-out couch was, and he was like "oh yeah that's where my downstairs neighbor has two wifi routers mounted on the ceiling" …so at what point did I think myself into being in super pain? it'd be nice to look into all those studies, and see whether or not they carefully avoided reproducing the actual situations properly… it's easy to debunk something if you're careful enough… also, there's a million times more money involved in pretending that magnetic pollution isn't a problem: our whole power grid, every landlord that gets paid to have antennas installed in their buildings, every cellphone company etc… what whole industry of gadgets are being advertised to the electrosensitive people anyway? all I've read about are a few things that I really don't think are terribly tempting to people. I did spend a couple hundred bucks on a gaussmeter though! just demonstrating that the placebo effect is a thing doesn't demonstrate that exposure is harmless.

  56. the only study I was able to actually get the full text on, they made sure to limit the exposure time so it was about half the amount of time it takes for symptoms to develop

  57. I dont suffer from that and i placed my plants near the wall where the smart meter is and the plants grew towards the ground with small leaves , they where not healthy, i placed them far from the meter and they recuperated, so, any studies with plants ?

  58. A study to determine the reality of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity would require extreme measures to make sure there aren't any other factors causing symptoms.. such as making sure no other electromagnetic energy is present, the participants didn't eat anything in the last few days that could've caused them irritation, the participants were not dehydrated, they weren't nervous, etc. Since most people probably won't read the actual study literature, it would've been nice if Dr. Greger mentioned more details about the studies. As for the first study Dr. Greger mentions, there wasn't any electromagnetic energy intentionally present, so even if it was in a perfectly controlled setting, it would only have been able to show that the 'nocebo" effect can cause symptoms. Another factor worth mentioning, is that when injuries or damage to bodily tissues occur, the pain sensation doesn't always occur immediately, and it also can occur later, or even in throbbing recurrences. What if, for instance, certain frequencies and strengths of electromagnetic energy caused damage, and pain occurred several minutes later? Also, this video doesn't mention how long the participants were exposed to the electromagnetic energy in each study. What if the true noticeability of the effects happens after long exposures but the studies did not expose the participants long enough? I'm not assuming that the studies were inadequate, but this information is essential and in my opinion should have been in this video. I am a big fan of Dr. Greger and NutritionFacts.org but this particular video is not up to their usual standards in my humble opinion. I hope he edits this video to be more complete… because many people who see this might be influenced and potentially steered in the wrong direction in regards to beliefs and precautionary actions that could potentially help people. Dr. Greger did make another video about cell phone usage being possibly carcinogenic (in that video's case, connected with brain cancer in particular)… which might show an openness to the idea that microwave frequencies could potentially damage human cells/tissues (other than through the heating mechanism). Anyway, God Bless… Peace and Happiness to all

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