100 thoughts on “Is Everything Better With Maple Syrup? Taste Test ft. Rascal Flatts

  1. 1:08 The very left guy needs to lay off the big macs and they need to rename themselves to the Rascal Fatts because of him.

  2. I haven't watched GMM for a couple months since I moved to China… and man… I still think you are the best channel on youtube, still the most entertaining to me <3 Thank you guys, I'm your fan forever

  3. Once a vid is a month old you should stop checking for new comments I put comments a week or a few days after the vid comes out and I would like you too see the people’s comments that don’t watch every single day but watch a couple days after like and love if you really agree

  4. 1:12 A friend of mine once said, that the whole territory of America is covered with LTE. I didn't really believe him, and now I now I was right:)

  5. I absolutely loved the song at the end. Hearing everyone harmonize and Gary's totally raw voice was awesome. I honestly don't really care for country so I can't say I listen to rascal flatts, but that was talent

  6. Anytime you have anyone else that is not Rhet and Link hosting a show, I will automatically thumbs down it and refuse to watch it.

  7. Oh my gosh, that harmony though, love all of you, great job, guys!! My anchovies will be coated with maple syrup from here on out, life changing moment!! 💕💗😂

  8. Rascal Flatts is one of those bands that I never think about in terms of my favorite country, but I like them a lot. Every time I see them it brings back memories.

  9. Just a couple of old farts, sharing dad jokes/"cool dad" hair & pouring maple syrup where they shouldn't… & I'm still subscribed

  10. Anyone else blown away by the fact that you can get 30 gallons out of one tree in one day? Wow. Btw, his place is beautiful. Wish I could afford to live like that.

  11. I know they are literally Rascal Flatts but I did not expect Gary to open his mouth and have that kind of voice of an angel

  12. Everything taste better with maple surup, because…. IT CAME FROM CANADAAAAAA
    Exept hot dogs and things that have too much on their own, that's wrong

  13. So, I'm guessing Rhett doesn't remember throwing major shade at Rascal Flatts while singing "All Night Long" all night long. Y'all can find that deep cut for yourselves. 😉

  14. The weenie references have my teenage brain laughing while my adult brain is telling me it's not funny…so I'll just keep laughing.

  15. Looks up rascal Flatts, finds this and goes how the crud did i miss this episode? Also 2:23 best laugh ever, super jealous but happy they got to sing with the band and Rascal Flatts

  16. I thought Rhett has allergy with syrup? On his outside body at least. But thought Rhett has let go syrup from his diet.

  17. at first i was like "i wonder how these people would react if they knew i wasn't straight" and then i looked them up and was like "oh neat"

  18. 2:38 "Hey, you. You're finally awake. You were trying to cross the border,
    right? Walked right into that Imperial ambush, same as us, and that thief over there…"

  19. Look, I didn't know what Rascal Flatts was and kinda missed the part in the beginning of "lead singer" etc. so consider my surprise when they start singing in perfect harmony at the end!

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