Is Everything Better with Peanut Butter?

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53 thoughts on “Is Everything Better with Peanut Butter?

  1. I really like blood sausage… it’s typical where I‘m from and i always enjoyed it. Liver too.. Rhett would not enjoy having dinner with me

  2. Link: The peanut butter is helping me! I bet it'll help yo-
    Link: what's going on over there?

  3. Just need to melt that peanut butter a little.
    I make sandwiches with peanut butter
    Pepperoni ham and cheese then melt the peanut butter and cheese

  4. tip. we have bloodpudding in sweden. usely paired whit lingonberryjam. why not try adding lingonberry to your blood experiments see if that covers it up. maybe fry it in a pan?

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