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  1. Gluten is not the main problem, archaeobotanists have found enough old grains now to prove we cannot process modern wheat correctly because it's a non safe hybride grain with a very different dna messing with our immune system.

  2. I'm quite happy to hear this, as I can finally start posting recipes of regular wheat bread knowing that the majority of people are not going to experience any problem at all. Many thanks for this video and for all the amazing work you do.

  3. Well, I was hoping this video would be a little more conclusive. I am bit miffed that these days going into restaurants the menus always offer gluten free options, but so rarely are there any vegan options. I have no problem asking for something vegan, and the chef is always willing to accommodate, but I just feel as the gluten free craze is more of a distraction from the real issue at hand. I need a shirt that says "I love gluten"

  4. Wow really interesting. Would love to share this with someone who believes they are gluten sensitive. It would just be interesting to see if she could get herself better by avoiding other triggers.

  5. I think it's all about your gut health to start with. If you don't have good gut flora you will get immune disorders resulting in strange allergies. I used to be sensitive to fresh fruits n veggies, but now that I'm vegan and eat high raw, high carbs, I am not sensitive to anything. Even eating the odd wheat doesn't bother me, which I used to blame my breathing problems on.

  6. I'm surprised of your recent stand on this. Personally, removing wheat from my diet was a huge game changer. My Crohn's disease got much better, but the more drastic change was the eleveted mood and the lost of brain fog I had most of the time. I didn't replace it with "gluten-free" processed foods either. 

    Here's another double blind study comparing modern wheat to ancient kamut for IBS symptoms. They noted significant improvement in gut functions as well as in inflammation markers:

  7. The results don't seem very conclusive of anything. And with most of the test subjects failing I don't think that celiac disease or gluten/wheat sensitivity is as pervasive as the current fads would have us believe, possibly only a small percentage of the population. As of now I find no more reason to avoid whole wheat as I do to avoid fava beans because a small percentage of the population suffers from favism and sensitivity to them.

  8. I thought I had a gluten intolerance, couldnt eat wheat, even meat and rice was causing issues. so I decided to dig deeper and cut everything from my diet that wasnt whole plant based produce. I slowly added things back and I eventually found the culprit, it turned out to be (carrageenan- was drinking that coconut milk daily) that was causing the problems.
    But, I would have never had known if I hadn't cut EVERYTHING, and for a good period of time too. I can understand how some ppl would be tricked, I would have been tricking myself into thinking it was wheat or meat causing the issue if I hadn't of done those steps, . ( just to be clear tho, Im not saying people couldnt be allergic to gluten, I just wouldnt be surprised if its something else causing the issues)
    Ive also read that bakers can add 'conditioners' to there bread but dont have to label it on the ingredients label because its not an ingredient, but rather, an agent to aid in texture and things. Maybe these unlabeled 'conditioners' are causing the problems.
    just my two cents.

  9. I started a gluten free diet and feel a whole lot better.  If I consume any gluten I can almost instantly (shortly after) feel my blood pressure start to race.  

  10. I really wish someone would do a study on gluten/wheat and skin issues. I never have any stomach issues with wheat or dairy, but I have skin issues from both.

  11. We need to remember that "wheat" was never meant for our food.   It was starvation food and even Biblically in the 'Lords Prayer" …. give us this day our daily bread ….. this was referring to "FOOD" not literal wheat bread.  Unfortunately, Allopathic doctors can NOT help you because they are not trained in Natural healing. Just like no training in vaccine reactions.l 

  12. The book Wheat Belly made a good case that MODERN wheat is a Frankenstien creation and may be causing all our troubles. Gluten from other sources (like barley) does not seem to adversely effect me like WHEAT does. I wish these studies would separate the effects of WHEAT gluten from the gluten of other grains instead of lumping everything under the heading of "gluten".

  13. Always knew the gluten free people were full of crap. It's too expensive and literally has no effect compared with removing meat or daily.

  14. i'm curious about the 2011 gibson study. rather than stating it 'may exist' it reads: "we found no evidence of specific or dose-dependent effects of gluten in patients with NCGS placed diets low in FODMAPs" http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23648697

  15. This week’s most popular video was about the debate over the existence of gluten sensitivity:

    Watch below or click the link to watch on NutritionFacts.org: http://nutritionfacts.org/video/is-gluten-sensitivity-real/

  16. I have been gluten free for 18 months, and can tell you 100% that it affected not only my mind, but my also my gut, and my skin. Bloody awful stuff, I say get rid!

  17. I believe irritable bowel syndrome can be caused after finishing a course of strong antibiotics. As it removes the balanced gut flora/fauna. Unfortunately doctors don't pay that much attention to gut colonies.
    I also agree that avoiding wheat seems to reduce dysfunction in some people. 
    Ultimately fruit & Veg are the easiest to digest if not the most fun to eat.

  18. Well when I eat wheat it gave me Leaky Gut in first place. Not Allergic but apparently sensitive. Meanwhile when I eat any cooked food I get same allergic type symptoms. Ahhhhh. When I eat cooked anything I get swollen throat lymph glands etc. not fun.

  19. Bromine toxicity has similar symptoms as gluten intolerance. Iodine can help you to detox from bromine, which is added to flours. When bromine, fluoride, chlorine are released into the body, after iodine pushes it out of the tissues, you will feel pretty bad – headaches, joint aches, metallic taste, anxiety, depression, and so on. 

  20. Dr. Greger thank you for the passion you put in your work! English is my second language so I will ask the best I can : Last night I read about "history of placebo effect" and I understand importance/trickery of it .
         Question: is there a study of top ten or twenty foods against any condition, double blind randomized placebo ? Example: random : beet,broccoli,garlic,turmeric,red cabbage,tobacco, cayenne pepper, rose and dirt against cancer or any other condition ?    This type of study's can be dun ? positive effects do they accumulate ? Is the Snow White…. White? (turmeric X black pepper 2000 times potency) , (green tea X Vitamin C X 13 potency ?) …ETC
     Do they make studies on multiple top foods at once ? thank you in advance!

  21. To all those people saying gluten free is a scam, or a hipster trend, or does nothing…lol. Simply lol. 
    There's nothing trendy or cool about explosive diarrhoea after accidentally eating something with gluten in it. 
    Just because you don't experience the same problems with certain foods doesn't mean the problems aren't very real for some. 

  22. I thought I had a gluten sensitivity but it turned out I had candida. It makes more sense because all my life Ive been able to eat all kinds of breads and cereals with no problem. Then this last year I noticed weight gain, bowl irregularities, and felt tired all the time, as well as my keratosis pilaris had gotten worse. Which come to think about it was something I noticed a couple of years ago getting worse. I was also getting sick more easily. Then I took gluten out and I lost 2 sizes in less then a week. And every time I had gluten I would puff up by the next day and feel like shit. I had some tests done and found out is was not celiac disease. It was candida creating food allergies and other problems. I wont be taking any of the meds for it. Instead im going vegan and taking caprlic acid caps( Found in coconut oil), aloe vera ,pau d'arco tea, as well as dandelion tea. We all have candida its just when we eat shit year after year that it can grow out of control.

  23. Definitely as for the people I know, their gluten intolerance is in there mind; since they are doing it for arthritis and other ailments that have nothing to do with digestion.

  24. I have psoriatic arthritis when I don't eat bread or pasta ect I don't have pain. if I do eat bread of any sort  my body swells up  and I have allot of pain I don't care gluten this or that , I don't even care if I eat a bread product again. when you find any little help that takes away pain its a gift from god. I enjoyed your video  I think there is allot of ppl who gone gluten free for no reason . its a fad I also see this in the psychiatrists they all the sudden will have 90% of there patients be bipolar in a year time . why it the favorite mental thing that year . food drugs and doc's are big money .. my best advise take care of that body while your young and praise god for every day

  25. great video as usual! i'd like to see a deeper look into the contaminates in/on grains like wheat, also contamination in production of wheat & grain products.  i have a gut feeling that candida has a lot to do with many people's ailments, from allergies to auto-immune disorders. it seems candida is going in a direction much like MRSA (antibiotic resistant staff infection) and becoming more resilient & resistant as well as wide spread. frankly out of control. we need to raise awareness about the dangers of candida in our raw & pre-cooked foods. how to protect ones self from candida, as well as how candida became a problem in the first place. also how candida affects other ailments and diseases.

    also i'd like to see a more whole explanation of the idea of GMO's. the differinces of selective breeding and gene therapy. from corn to wheatgrass 

  26. I went gluten free around 2 years ago after reading the book Wheat Belly which scared me into trying a gluten free diet out.  It basically explains that wheat has been so genetically modified, it no longer is mother nature's wheat.  The end result is that it causes havoc to your system without you realizing what those issues are until you actually go off it and see for yourself.  I did just that and if I eat anything with wheat in it, I get stomach aches, bloated, gassy, just very unhappy.  My husband and I are both gluten free now and we have been trying to do the same for our kids.  My son is now gluten free and if he has anything with gluten in it, he immediately gets stomachaches.  He just turned 10 and he's reading labels and pointing out to me when things are made in facilities that make gluten products.  It's tough to serve families that enjoy and don't enjoy gluten.  So what does all this mean?  I tried it for myself and know that I can't go back or my stomach will disagree and I have never realized I was allergic or had any sensitivity to gluten until now.  It's almost like your body got use to gluten but once you weed it out, your body realizes it's happier without it.  Do your own experiment and find out for yourself.  Probably takes around 3 weeks to see any difference and probably a few months of gluten free to try gluten and see how your body reacts badly to it.

  27. Is there a difference in 'gluten sensitivity' between the consumption of organic wheat, rye, barley, and non organic genetically modified versions?

  28. I watched hundreds of Dr. Greger's vids, and six months ago followed a diet of plant foods, no animal foods, and no processed foods, as per his advice. The reason was my weight and hypertension. I was sure I would get great results. Went back to the doctor a few weeks ago and guess what? Weight same, blood pressure worse. Went on a low-carb and high fat, ketogenic, diet and in 3 weeks lost 10 lbs. and blood pressure down to normal. No pain in my legs either, for the first time in years. Gluten sensitive, that's me.

  29. I had bowel problems for more than 2 decades (starting long before the gluten free fad) and even with several different diagnosis, many things tried and lists of foods to avoid, it didn't clear up, and I just assumed it was my lot in life. About 7-8 years ago I went on Atkins to lose weight and the bowel problems just got better until I got sick of that diet and started including some bread (sandwiches, bagels) – back in my meals again.

    When people finally started talking about NCGS, I finally felt like I wasn't insane and having been working to eliminate it from my diet (it's a tricky thing) and even now if I have an episode I can trace it back to something I missed (like I didn't catch it in the brand of tomato soup I bought cuz I was to lazy to make from scratch this weekend or apparently read a dang label).

    I don't care if it's gluten or wheat or pesticides on the wheat – whatever! I just want the pain to stop and to not have to practically live in the restroom for hours at a time.

  30. I've been experimenting with wheat-free diet on & off, and my current conclusion is that wheat does turn on digestive problems (and possibly other problems) for me. But i seem to do fine with rye, so, the culprit may not be gluten itself.

  31. I have several people in my family with confirmed celiac disease and they love the gluten-free craze. It gave them so many more options. However, they could also have just gone to a whole-food based diet, but they like their treats.

  32. What are you guys having for breakfast, if you avoid Gluten? No oatmeal, no cornflakes, no bread, no croissants, no buns… Essentially all the typical breakfast treats.

  33. This is one of the most informative videos on the topic of gluten-sensitivity I've seen thus far. It was a real treat watching it.

  34. I had fibromyalgia symptoms that got worse every year until I went gluten free to support a family member. I was surprised to find most of my symptoms improved within two weeks. That was 10 years ago, and I'm still gluten free.
    I think that it might be a combination of glyphosate residues, bromine, flour conditioners, the irritating wood fibers added as fillers in some flours, iron fillings added in fortified products, and possibly mold and mold inhibitors used to help the grains often stored in massive quantities in silos. It's easy to hide things in a white powder. So much doesn't have to be on the label.

    I also wonder about fast-acting yeast. I think we have designed yeast to multiply so quickly that our bodies could get overwhelmed easily, especially if we eat anything with dextrose or refined sugars, which they were designed to grow rapidly when exposed to. Baking and cooking doesn't kill all of the yeast, and now it's loose in our environment. I grew up near a huge brewery, and many days the entire neighborhood smelled like Brewers yeast for miles.

    I know I digest grains better when I rinse them and soak them overnight or sprout them before baking or cooking with them. However, I still can't have wheat.

  35. hello doctor, I appreciate all your efforts in this channel but if you do not mind, I want to suggest an advice, put in each video you make a final conclusion so we can keep the most important information in our mind at the end . and again thanks a lot.

  36. Inconclusive. Well, there’s something else that may explain gut inflammation associated with wheat products that I just don’t hear anyone discussing. Roundup is a pesticide that’s been proven to be a neurotoxin and it’s used twice on each crop of subsidized wheat in the U.S. It’s used on many crops but wheat is the one that it’s used on the most. They use it before planting to kill anything that’s alive in the soil that might compete with the crop. Then they use it again just prior to harvesting as a desiccant so the equipment doesn’t get gummy. At no point is the pesticide removed from the plant, as if that’s even possible.

    Roundup should be banned. Monsanto has seeds that are genetically modified to resist Roundup. They’re to be used together and, from what I understand, it’s mandated if farmers are going to use their seeds they must use Roundup too. This is what’s happening in here. I dunno about other countries but I’d surprised if it’s not this way everywhere in Europe too.

    I wish I had the study I read a couple of years ago that showed the effects of ingesting Roundup are the same as what people reporting gluten intolerance are experiencing. Look, Monsanto is a massive corporation and it’s highly likely they perpetuated this disinformation. If I’m wrong about this I’ve yet to be proven so. I’d love it if someone would do that for me but so far, nobody has. I’d like to see a study done on the effects of organic wheat vs American subsidized wheat that has Roundup used on it in people with supposed GI. Where is it? Why isn’t this being done?

  37. Exactly! My mom's case was just like that. She believed she was gluten sensitive but after going on a vegan diet with me, she discovered her problems were gone, and that she could eat whatever type of bread again :D. Guess it were just the animal products after all. Maybe the inflammation they cause make us more sensitive to other things? How some cosmetics do? Well whatever the reason is, everyone with non celiac gluten intolerance should try eating plant based first, before they settle on the judgement that its the poor wheat that's the devil.

  38. It's all in the gut microbes. Different people have different "communities" of gut bacteria which react to the food that is eaten. And those bacteria produce chemicals which directly affect the brain (as well as other body systems).

  39. I had a TON of food sensitivities, including wheat, and this is what helped me:
    Eat a high-starch diet of whole, plant-based foods,
    Get probiotics in the form of fermented foods, not pills,
    Drink plenty of water and herbal teas,
    Cut out all artificial sweeteners of any kind.

    Not a promise for a cure, but after doing this for a year I felt like a new person and now I have foods like wheat and soy almost every day! Warning: increase your consumption slowly. I tried doing it all at once and felt miserable, but after giving my body some time to adjust everything worked out well.

  40. I’m positive I have gluten sensitivity, and you won’t convince me otherwise. I went gluten-free because I suspected my bloating, stomach pain, constipation, and diarrhoea was down to it – and guess what, those symptoms went away. I’ve tried to re-introduce it recently, and my symptoms came roaring back. Went off it again, and once more, I’m all better. In my head, my ass. Suggesting that conditions like this might be psychosomatic is frankly just patronising.

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