Is Microdosing The Future of Marijuana?

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What is this product? It’s cannabis trim, psyllium husk, and it’s coconut oil. This small amount is a quote unquote microdose— do you consider this to be a health supplement? I don’t know how to answer that question. It makes you better and makes you feel better. And if it doesn’t, you don’t take it. Microdosing started with LSD. While many users prefer to trip balls, the creator of acid, doctor Albert Hofmann, also believed tiny amounts have therapeutic value. Decades later, microdosing hallucinogens has been proposed as a substitute for everything from Adderall to marriage counseling. Now, with legal weed spreading across the country, marijuana microdoses are the next frontier. How many pills per day are you packaging here? We make like 1200 an hour. Ethan Ernest is the man behind Mirth Control, one of the many products in this emerging market. Ethan smoked cannabis to treat his anxiety. After volunteering at Ground Zero in New York, he developed chronic bronchitis and created marijuana pills. So is this medicine, or is this a recreational drug? I tried to position it as both, because it was clearly medicine for myself. It’s like an open source Xanax. There’s no scientific consensus on the benefits of microdosing marijuana, but some people swear by it. Portland dispensary worker Lauren LeFranc uses Mirth Control to treat several health issues. This is our edible selection. A lot of these are like lower dosages. What’s the difference between a microdose and a low dose? Is it the same thing? It is the same thing. It’s just… it’s… they’re just calling it microdosing. I think it’s just, kind of like, becoming a little fad right now. Products labeled as microdoses contain 1 to 10 mg of THC. A typical joint has 35 to 90 mg. And some edibles on the market have up to 1000 mg. Initially, I did use it recreationally, but I also found that it had really great medicinal benefits. It seems like the link between recreational and medical is pretty blurry. It really is. Mirth Control is distributed by Nova Paths. It’s one of several low dose products the company offers. Some push the envelope with their medical claims. We’ve developed a product line in conjunction with a medical doctor who has been practicing cannabis treatment. The basic idea behind this is that there are certain terpenes or cannabinoids that have the efficacy that this is referring to. The name of this is just SLEEP. Correct. But you’re not saying that it’s effective for sleep necessarily…? Yep. And so, the consumer can, you know, translate that however they wish. And we don’t have to make claims that, you know, this is going to help you sleep within 20 minutes or whatever the heck it does do. Is there a disclaimer that says, like, this won’t necessarily make you go to sleep? Um… I think the disclaimer is more generic. It says “this product is not approved by the FDA to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.” This type of suggestive packaging is not unprecedented. Dietary supplement labeling often implies medical benefits with a disclaimer to avoid FDA scrutiny. Is there any concern about liability from somebody who’s taking a medication for one of these conditions whether it’s depression or pain or something else? That they’re going to switch to this— that’s, like you said, kind of unproven? Not a huge concern, because if it doesn’t work, I don’t think there’s a lot of chance that it would do any damage to them. It just wouldn’t work. How do you know that this isn’t a placebo effect? It could be. On the other hand, why is that not adequate for the people for whom it works? At the very least, clearly labeled small doses could keep users from ending up like Maureen Dowd and every other novice stoner who has had a nightmare experience after eating too much weed. So who is your target demographic with this product? Anyone that might benefit from it, ultimately. But in my mind, I said okay, maybe someone my age that’s new to cannabis. You’re taking just a minimum amount to have an effect.

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  1. VICE News traveled to Portland, Oregon, to meet Ethan Earnest, creator of marijuana microdose pills called Mirth Control, which contain a fraction of the THC found in a typical joint or batch of edibles. Earnest compares Mirth Control to “open-source Xanax. Watch Next:

  2. I like this because super weak weed just relaxes me in all ways and if i can get that feeling all the time i’d be satisfied.

  3. Not sure what to think about this, but what else are they going to come up with? Sensi-suppositories, real Gorilla Glue you can sniff, or a way to be super-badass by shooting into your veins? The list could be endless? Why not perfect what is the most safe, effective way to consume? And why not de-hipsterize the glam-factor and make the Truth about cannabis more mainstream, so more people would be willing to try it, or at the least accept it? If we want to see cannabis legal recreationally nationwide, the industry should change the look of marketing from “Stoner Culture”, “Health Spa”, and “Weed Worship” give it a more mainstream, acceptable look. Imagine walking into a Liquor Store and compare it to walking into a swanking canna Dispensary. Which looks more mainstream? I know this movement is just getting started and more truth needs to be exposed about the lies we’ve accepted for the last century, but the future is yet to be seen. I sure hope Big Pharma, Alcohol, and Cigarette don’t continue to get a foot hold! If they take over, prices and regulations will be out of control and nobody will ever be able to grow their own medicine!

  4. This is absolute bullshit. 10mgs of thc for 15-20$ per edible (that is the average cost here in Portland) is outrageous and this is just trying to justify ripping off the public.

  5. lmfao im cuban and here bud its like 10 dollars for half a gram of that brown shit yall call island weed… glad im no coke fan since its 80 per gram if you can find some

  6. Weed isn’t drugs, it’s medicine. Ever feeling alone, stressed, anxious? A lot of people commiting suicide because of that. I think there’s a possible way these microdose pills of weed can help those people someday to at least feel chill with themself and drain all those thaughts out of their mind, cause damn if you smoke weed, sometimes I don’t even remember what I said 5 secs ago

  7. I want my weed to be microdosed so its extremely potent!! why smoke an 8th of bud when you can take one puff and have the same effects!! boo ya

  8. Damn this video was terrible. Subject matter and product was great. But the interviews and video was just horrible. “Journalism” lmao

  9. I personally think there'a nothing wrong with marijuana… I don't use it, but it is used as an effective pain killer, or for anxiety, and it's less harmful than alcohol!

  10. This is for white people that wanna be high but don't wanna smoke weed. ☠️ smoking is the most enjoyable way of consuming for stoners

  11. This just seems like a scheme to me also. i'M 69 yrs old and HAD a slew of ailments. Not anymore! Was lucky enough to find the best place in the world to buy my CBD Oil because the quality is so far superior to all others and the price is lower! Was so impressed that I posted my own video about it here. It's called "Man Discovers Liquid Gold". Search for it and see what telling just 3 other people can do for you. And best of all… it's FREE to Join & No Purchase Necessary to earn commissions. Sorry 'stoners', their CBD Oil won't get you 'high'…but it'll help get you healthier! GUARANTEED!

  12. I have prepared it and used with good result for myself and other patient for chronic pain artritis and brain tumor. I recommenend the use of microdosis because you do not have the problem of psicothropic action. It has to be understand that diferent person react diferen t to marijuana even in microdosis, therte are person that with 1 drop fell to sleep inmediately, other as my self take it 6 times a day witout secundary effect.

  13. This is why Vice News sucks balls. The marijuanas THC is not even activated for bioavalibility unless heated for a period of time at over 125 degrees Fahrenheit, or extracted with heat. That's why some forms of THC oil are already activity, and can literally be eaten plain to produce a high.

    This product is a gimmick. Is marijuana potentially healthy to ingest small amounts of? Possibly, yes. Especially CBD. However, this is a waste of your money if you want to have ANY effect whatsoever than can be felt mentally or physically.

    This couldn't replace depression or anxiety meds, until the marijuana goes through the decarboxylation process (heating it up).

    I didn't go to college, and didn't study science much… But this is very basic knowledge in regards to marijuana! Vice, this is practically an advertisement for a companies pointless product. People would have placebo. Eat the whole bottle of pills and you wouldn't feel shit.

    I bet these guys paid Vice to make this lol.

    CBD is the way to go for dosing if you want the medicinal side of marijuana, without the high. I use CBD for different things… And it's amazing. And best of all, it helps dozens of symptoms, while also being HEALTHY. Most drugs we ingest to improve our lives come at the cost of making our liver or kidneys run circles.

    The only arguments I'd humor with marijuana are it's potential effects on the mind. Physichally speaking, it is extremely safe for all ages.

    Mentally speaking, there are potentially issues that can arise. There is talk of possible triggering of mental illness for those predispositioned to have it, but to my knowledge, no concrete existence has been proven.

    As a pro marijuana conservative, I'm always for more studies to be conducted, but as of now, I'd easily agree to legalize it. Even if it did pose health problems, who cares? We know for a fact it's safer than alcohol, so as a nation that prided herself on freedom and human rights to pursuit of happiness, we shouldn't outlaw a non poisonous plant!

  14. Hell yeah it is. Getting stoned to the bone is amazing but the mood and pain killing effects are great even in small doses

  15. No. No it's not. Nobody microdoses weed and if you do, you're stupid as that would have quite literally no effect. Don't waste your weed like that.

  16. what ive learned from the last 2 hours of watching weed videos on the internet is that seemingly everyone else has no tolerance for this substance lol.. and 800mg edible just makes me happy, that's about it.

  17. I tell people to microdose all the time…then they eat a whole brownie…SMH…less is more guys!

  18. 420 Mail Order USA that ships anywhere buy weed online at 420topnotchweed .com (I spaced out the .com because YouTube usually hides comments with links)

    Try this and forever remain high and in good shape.Medicated

  19. I’ve been taking the full spectrum capsules from evolution extracts which have some thc in them but mostly CBD. So I guess that’s like a micro dose of thc. I know it’s probably only a few mg daily but I feel better than I have in years, better than when I smoked a lot in college.

  20. That weird girl with purple hair is exactly what you'd expect in portland, the place is a shithole now.

  21. I tested 54 times the legal limit for THC in one's blood to drive at 270NG/ML. These blood test results came back from the lab 2 years ago. Since then, this case has played out. I had not had any MJ in the longest time in years…more than 24 hrs. I have had death threats and the media banging on my door-with the COPs {Officer Molloy of the Lynnwood (WA) P.D.}. I have over an hour of footage of this and 3 other Rouge Vigilantes and other partners have taken over the Law here North of Seattle. They have vowed to get me, and do things that are "illegal" both Civily and criminally. I recently returned from a heart attack and diabetic coma-like, horrific episode. The death threats continue.

  22. I have done extensive research into Micro Dosing LSD over a number of years with remarkable findings. It is not so much the drug changing and calming as much as it is the result of the LSD inhibiting many "worry -mones," and will rid the neurons and glands of excess adrenaline. The effects last about a week.

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  24. They lie about marijuana. Tell you pot-smoking makes you unmotivated. Lie! When you're high, you can do everything you normally do just as well — you just realize that it's not worth the fucking effort. There is a difference.

  25. They stuff trim in capsules and is that weed even activated wouldn’t it not work cause it’s not activated into THC

  26. I'm injecting BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY into my man meat, main vein right now. Can YOU see the COLORS??? lol hahahaha HOHOHOHOHO HAHAHAHA

  27. Imagine a society where everyone is dependent on a drug to be happy.
    I mean I get that weed can benefit some, and it does, sure. But you’re leaving your real self behind by always being high. This is what we will be passing on to our children. Is that expectable? Should kids grow up thinking it’s okay to always be high?
    Don’t let the drug pull you around by your brain until the next dose.
    Did you realize you might “need” it?
    Take a step back and look at yourself in the mirror. Take control before it controls you. That’s my opinion. Be Responsible, don’t abuse. Micro-dosing is a legal drug addiction. Im not trying to offend, it’s just good to be woke.

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