Is My Baby Allergic to Diapers?

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My daughter has a diaper rash that just won’t
go away. Is my baby allergic to diapers? You have to be careful with that diagnosis.
The baby may have a yeast rash due to ongoing moisture, which is solved by switching to
more absorbent diapers and changing more often. How can I test for diaper allergy? I can’t
live as a diaper-free family. Switch to a different brand of disposable
diaper with a different type of filler. Use disposable diapers with cotton inserts instead
of gel made from seaweed. I hate the idea of using cloth diapers. Especially
washing them. It’s only long enough to see if that clears
up the rash. And food sensitivity could cause a diaper-area rash, too. How? That’s about the only part of her body
not covered in food after dinner. If the baby is allergic to the food and it
all passes through relatively undigested, now the skin is in contact with it. Oh, gross. How can I find out if she has food
allergies or diaper allergies? Pediatricians can do allergy tests for both.
But food allergies will be worst around the butt hole, while diaper allergies are everywhere
the diaper is in contact. I could try cloth diapers for a week. Simpler
and better for the planet, I’ve heard. Some babies are allergic to the dyes and fragrances
in the diapers. Switching to more absorbent, plain jane diapers tells you if the problem
is the cute blue color instead of the gel used inside of it. So switching to Seventh Generation diapers
without fragrances, dyes and sea weed gel could clear this up in most cases. As would using disposable cotton inserts in
generic diapers. Both of which are budget busters. This isn’t a budget buster. Wait until she
starts college!

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