Is Trauma Making You Sick? | CPTSD and Longterm Health

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welcome to my podcast today I’m going to
talk to you about complex post-traumatic stress disorder and psychosomatic
illness is something I used to equate with hypochondria which is basically
hysterical illness which is like a neurotic illness, a thought up
illness, an imagined illness, and it’s it’s not . It is a manifested illness that is
as a result of the mind and body connection. Some could argue… in fact I
might even be in this camp, that really that includes all illness because I sort
of feel like most if not all illness is due to some kind of a breakdown
somewhere along the line. At least that’s how its been in my own life.
I’ve generally been very healthy. I’ve been a very healthy person but the times
when I have had illnesses they’ve been pretty severe and directly linked to
something going on in my life. As a child I was basically healthy, but the one
thing I had wrong with me was I had sore throats and laryngitis like chronically
for years for a good chunk of my childhood for most of my childhood where
my voice or sometimes I didn’t have a voice at all and you know it would hurt
to speak my throat was sore constantly and ironically my mother was a nurse and
this was just a really neglected and neglected thing but in retrospect of
course I looked at that and I thought how could that not be related to the
fact that the whole time that was going on there were all these secrets things I
wasn’t telling myself the truth I wasn’t playing myself let alone anybody else
about my my life about my family about the truth of my situation I am visib way
to cope the way to cope and of course the big one the big obvious one is that
I was pressed for years I couldn’t figure out
why I was so depressed because of everything looked so perfect in my life
and then universe is trying to get my attention with the depression I kept
going in saying I don’t know what’s wrong with me give me some medicated
again give me some medication because obviously nothing’s wrong with me my
life is perfect and I’m still depressed so we tried every kind of medication you
know nothing really helps we kind of got to some kind of cocktail that seemed to
sort of take away the worst edges of it so that’s what I was taking at the time
when I had this heart attack at 33 years old I manifested a heart attack they can
speculate on the reason that there is a very rare disorder that has to do with
fluctuations in estrogen levels and I would have fit the profile for that to
happen but I knew that really the reason that happened had it was related to this
sadness it was related to this sadness and the reason that I especially knew
that was that after the heart attack happened my life just unraveled as soon
as I needed the people in my life and I couldn’t hide my knees I couldn’t I
couldn’t it couldn’t keep the needs from you know I had to go ahead and have
needs it was a mass exodus my husband left followed by my parents and they
just made up all these excuses and reasons to leave and and did the smear
campaign and the whole thing and it was you know obviously devastating because
here I almost died and I’m really faced with the fact that my husband and my own
parents and my own brother appeared a wish that I had died and to this day it
seems that’s what they appear because I that was basically the end of our
relationship was when I survived and you know they started attacking me at that
point it went on for years of just them smear campaign attacking me and court
battle custody battles and all that stuff and we were you know never okay
again you can see it happening with all kinds of things even my husband he was
at you know very very family it’s very you know step stable guy I think that he
he he needs a certain amount of downtime he uses her on a rest and so he gets a
migraine headaches and he he thinks that there as a result of
not getting enough sleep and I almost think it’s the reverse I think the
handless gets the headache so that he has an excuse to go sleep so he has he
has to you know you can’t not he has to go lay down because he can’t do anything
else to her so bad bad injuries in my back but it had a breeze as well paid in
my back but I I feel I believe there is a connection between the sea PTSD and
that pain and I’m gonna start exploring that a little bit definitely the most
profound one the bull most profound and obvious one in that I had in my own life
and that I see in my kids his lives is the mental illness is with when it comes
to depression I was so sad I was so so depressed and really so confused about
it it had no idea why and of course now I can look at it and it just makes
perfect sense of course I was depressed of course I was but my son’s it’s the
same thing is true for them there they have all kinds of reasons to be to be
depressed to be anxious and it’s of my one son was self-medicating and when he
died you know I I don’t I don’t consider the drugs that killed him I consider
that he died from C PTSD he died because he was self-medicating his C PTSD the
the really disturbing thing is is that the trauma prolonged trauma and in
complex post-traumatic stress disorder is as a result of ongoing trauma day-in
day-out trauma so our bodies were built to have a system at alarm system so that
when we were out in the jungles fighting bears and tigers or whatever that when
there was we saw a bear on the horizon we would our blood vessels would open up
our pupils would die later heart would start pounding and we would be able our
Drennen would surge and all that and we would be able to run faster would be
stronger we’d be able to do things that we couldn’t normally do in our in our
regular state and this was in and we were designed to do that for short
bursts well what’s the problem the problem is what
happens when that bear or that tiger comes home every night there’s that
there’s a test called the Aces test which tests trauma triggers a test it
tests your events and your life things that go on in your life and ask you know
how many trauma events have you had and the amount of they can they can across
like they’ve done like 17,000 of these tests and have determined with complete
accuracy that that there’s there’s predictable rates of you know you can
your said to be sure to die like 20 years earlier if you have like seven of
these aces those things versus none or even four of them or something would
indicate these differences in in raise levels of cancer of different diseases
hepatitis and heart disease and all these things and certainly suicide is on
their suicide is a big one and depression is a big one and so those are
very real diseases you know that is there is absolutely everything it’s very
real about that but there is a definitely it is definitely linked to
the stress disorder and the ongoing day-in day-out
prolonged effects of stress on bodies and this coming from childhood this is
this is stemming from from early onset from childhood and you know I look at
that and I think to myself that you know I just I think about my son and how I
you know might have been focused on some of the wrong things you know I I wasn’t
treating hampered code with post-traumatic stress disorder were
treating him for a drug addiction you know every worse it’s gonna start
treating him for hepatitis but those were symptoms right those are the
symptoms of the disorder of the real root cause you know and I had addressed
you know I had gotten out of it trying to be runs dad but he and and I believe
I believe but one of the biggest causes for a lot
of people if a depression is the cognitive dissonance because people do
quite well that even even when they’ve gone through really horrible events
torturous by ion violence terrible even combat combat veterans and violent
crimes and really pre horrible things people actually recover quite well as
long as they can say what happened they can be validated for what happened and
they can get you know validation for that yeah it was it was wrong that
shouldn’t happen that wasn’t you know crisis and and all that stuff but the
cognitive dissonance of not having the trauma admitted validated even witnessed
cuz a lot of emotional abuse it’s not witnessed and if it is witnessed
sometimes the other witnesses if there are one or two there may be some other
sort of tacked on they may have a different position on having a toddler
or even even children in the same family have a different experience of trauma
you know my my brother and I for instance he was definitely happy used
definitely abuse but it’s not something we ever talked about and he he
definitely jumped on board with scapegoating me and now basically says
we had an idea like childhood and you know that so never never validated that
there was anything wrong with anything that was happening to new year that
anything that anyone did that there was anything wrong with any of that which
was pretty outrageous pretty outrageous abuse but that that can be that when I
had my heart attack it was definitely caused by infected I wasn’t telling
myself of the way I was acting like my life looked perfect everyone was acting
like it was perfect I was acting like it was perfect
but there was something that I wasn’t letting myself know and that something
became very clear when I had this heart attack and I needed help and everyone
just abandoned me then I went
aha I see that’s what the problem was I was around surrounded by all these
people that didn’t love me that didn’t love me my life was a lie I built a life
on an illusion and they’ve been abusing me this was abuse they’ve been abusing
me they’ve been neglecting me and abusing
me and they yeah didn’t care about me and strangely enough as awful as my life
got I mean it got really pretty chaotic chaotic and it was really hard for
several years because you know I just got brutalized in the divorce and all
this stuff and was really just left penniless and disabled and you know
completely isolated and it was really really bad
and I had to rebuild a new life with rather really nothing and but I did do
that but was interesting was is that the depression was gone but with all those
things wrong with my life the depression was gone because there was no longer any
cognitive dissonance now I knew what was going on I knew what had happened I
figured out about narcissistic abuse I figured out I might have my ex-husband
at this point he had a diagnosis that was giving he gotten his diagnosis in
2003 but I had ignored it and so I went back and dug it out and read it and
started researching it and almost said I was putting two and two together and now
now at least my life made sense at least it made some sense and then there was no
longer any any lie there about it but trauma ongoing trauma is an emotional
abuse ongoing emotional abuse so doesn’t it doesn’t have to be physical abuse and
the emotional abuse really is really no one no one escapes from that no one
escapes emotional abuse it’s really the most it’s really the trickiest thing to
navigate and there’s a book this book right here heartbreak and heart disease
this book is actually about almost about exactly what happened to me because ever
this is about manifesting heart disease which I did not have I had I had
something called spontaneous coronary artery dissection so it happened all of
a sudden but you can’t just having ongoing heartache and and sadness into
oppression can actually cause you to have psychosomatic heart disease can
cause you to to manifest heart disease and I really absolutely absolutely
believe in the mind-body connection after my after my near-death experience
I absolutely do because I know that I willed myself to die I know that I build
myself to live it I know that it will myself to die again and I build myself
to live again I type totally did that and so I completely believe in the
mind-body connection and so now when things happen and I’ve got or some
issues with my teeth I had like a it broke a bone you know different because
that I i definitely asked myself what’s going on in my life what’s you know
happening with my life and it has it had the broken bone happened on my son’s
birthday it has everything to do with my sadness and my grief over that I and I
definitely have some issues and some anger and some see PTSD that really
still sort through to deal with that and my anger about it and all that because
you know I’m not having any family support and all of that and feeling like
they’re responsible if they’ll never take any responsibility and all that
those are things for me to work through and things that could very well make me
sick and so I want to work through them I’m motivated to work through them
because that is you know potentially some place so that you know could really
be bad for my health and so I want to make sure that I that I address it
because that’s not gonna do anybody any good you know the damage has already
been so done to my son and I don’t need to be causing myself any more health
problems because I’m because I’m upset with with my my family and unable to
process that but anyway so so psychosomatic illness and complex
post-traumatic stress sitter both are very are related and they’re important
things to learn about and make sure that you’re not trying to stuff it comes from
my just abandoned feelings or not processing please I wanted to go there
that doesn’t work really very well very long at all to try and not go into your
feelings trying to avoid feelings and avoidance avoidance behaviors and denial
and justifications and minimizing all that
it doesn’t work long-term and the longer you do it the harder it is when you
finally come around and finally having to face the facts there is no way to the
other side but through and that’s that’s what I that’s what I know for sure and
that’s what I with my son in his addiction and my other so they both had
depression both had anxiety it’s related to this stuff and you know the
supplement he was just the stuff the addiction was just self medication and
so I was hoping that he was gonna be able to process going into you know
really looking at what had happened in his life and I really believe that was
the way that he was going to get through it to the other side and then the
addiction was just a way to keep continue to avoid going there because
life hurt it hurt a lot and it was dizzy didn’t want to go into the pain so I was
avoiding the pain and but leaning into the pain and going through it and
getting getting to the other side is the way to avoid is a way to heal the pill
complex post-traumatic stress disorder the only way that I know of and it’s
also a way to avoid a multitude of psychosomatic illnesses some of which
are fatal you know long-term fatal and you could cause yourself really a
lifetime of poor health and and also you know it can be it could be a lesser of
things too it could just be constant anxiety panic attacks and things like
that that are just make it make it hard for you to have a productive life and I
could have all kinds of manifestations it could be all kinds of reasons that
you may have may have developed those kinds of things as coping mechanisms in
your childhood you know and there you know there’s a multitude of ways that we
learn to cope children are very adaptive like for instance maybe when you were a
kid you were really neglected and ignored and that you had a baby you had
asthma and when you had an asthma flare up you got your mom’s attention you know
so maybe asthma became a way of getting attention and
there’s nothing wrong with that we need attention and you just did what it would
have just been a natural manifestation but then eventually gets fixed Nick it’s
fixed and because part of you and you tell yourself a different story about it
so anyway psychosomatic illness and PTSD complex PTSD are related and they’re all
related to emotional abuse and childhood the treatments for dealing with them all
are EMDR others so there’s several of them we can I might do episodes on them
in here but once the that I have done myself
I recommend EMDR which is eye movement I movement desensitization reconditioning
or something like that which is you basically hold these pallets and you
watch some lights and and you you think of the traumatic events and it kind of
read programs your your brain when are you thinking about these traumatic
events there’s the tapping that tapping therapy they might have heard about and
it also is when you think about the traumatic events and then you do this
tapping on pressure points and then there’s a multitude of other a multitude
of other therapies in a toolbox of things to try you definitely want to try
if you are if you are manifesting any kind of illnesses and especially if you
know you have complex stress disorder then you know you know you know what you
need to do you need to do so you need to work on some healing before you get
really sick so keep yourself well alright thanks a lot you guys and I will
talk with you soon please write some comments give me a thumbs up hey
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13 thoughts on “Is Trauma Making You Sick? | CPTSD and Longterm Health

  1. Yes. also eating as a mechanism of emotional repression. I suggest to check out robert morse, ND on youtube for detox. Weaknesses are also inherited The kidneys are the foremost detox organ and sit right under the adrenal glands which steer them. adrenal fatigue etc, imbalance of glands, its all connected.

  2. I attended an Ayurvedic school for some time (but didn't finish) but I can give alternate insight into your Heart condition at that time (according to an Ayurvedic view: however I'm not an Ayurvedic doctor, so take it with a grain of salt). According to David Frawley, the Heart is the seat of what is called the Chitta. (I'm doing this from memory without looking in my books). The Chitta is the deepest layer of our consciousness. Our pets connect to this deep layer automatically and know what we are really feeling…it's probably the reason for their psychic connection to us. So, the way an Ayurvedic practitioner might frame this is that you were having a problem which was affecting you on the very deepest layers of your mind, but you were denying it, so it therefore came out and manifested as a heart issue to wake you up to the reality of what was really bothering you. (I have a small book on the heart from a yogic perspective I can look into).

  3. While listening to your diasection of the path of your life & even though vast difference of experiences exist there is always some correlation. What stuck out to me after a spousal loss, meeting a person who I fell in love with who definitely is a multimorbid serial cluster of disfunction was ignoring all the signs. Even before I knew what a narc was it was at least asshole 101. But…I manifested my own cognitive disonance. Like believing advertising when product functionality disappoints. Not referring to my demands, far from it. But expecting reciprocal kindness was a delusion that actions proved were not to be found. Never giving up that she's the one dream. Fooled myself without even needing her help of gaslighting, triangulation & pathological lying. Yikes…..

  4. Also…I had years of psychosomatic issues. I read recently that in cases like that, the astral body is too closely aligned with the physical body, so whatever emotion you feel can easily manifest itself physically. And, this was in a spiritual book….it mentioned how if you use mindfulness or spiritual practices you can put these bodies back into proper alignment. I think CPTSD can and does do a lot of things to our subtle bodies.

  5. Thank you for your detailed videos. Sharing your knowledge with your personal stories is really helpful. Crying helps relive some of the stress for me, especially because we weren’t comfortable doing that in our family.

  6. Have you read the books by Alice Miller "the body never lies' and 'the truth will set you free'? Both excellent books on this subject. I totally agree, our mental health and well being affects our physical health. All addiction is an attempt to escape pain. I wish this was talked about more in todays society. Gabor Mate also talks on this subject. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  7. I think the traditional herbal remedies really help. So many people have to deal with a toxic load of stress from life and relationships and also chemical toxins. And have immune issues that show up as neurological issues or mental illness or obesity. Allergies, addiction. It's immunity and inflammation issues physically. Notice how the stomache tightens upnduring stress. All the bodily systems are connected and affected. And regular victors or psychiatrist don't really help that much. Like with autism and Lyme disease people get help with specialists. I've had a lot of help with the mood cure program and herbal remedies. Like fire cider and thieves and aromatherapy. The lotions with magnesium or bergomot or lavendar can take headaches away and relax people so fast. Epsom salt baths really do work. And bone broth. It's this big new discovery about the gut brain connection but it was always assumed and ancient wisdom. Fermented vegetables. Broccoli sprouts and niacin and c. Vitamin c huge for opiate addiction recovery. It's so important yo take extra good care of yourself when you've been through trauma. And it's so difficult when we've been programmed it didn't happen or isn't happening. These herbal remedies like elderberry and lemon balm and Passion flower and St. John's wort can all be easily grown in our gardens or even apt and it's free medicine. I didn't realize how medicinal herbs are. And flowers too! Like rosemary and really all of the culinary herbs. Thyme is fantastic and also cinnamon. Now they know about manuka honey they use it in hospitals. And also amino acids that are so helpful. It's what they used to use before the pharmaceutical anti deoressents were invented.

  8. Depression is a huge destroyer in those narcissistically abused. I think it’s a coping mechanism as well as addiction being a coping mechanism to escape and deal. CPTSD is still keeping me from sleep at night 1 year after NC. I have high anxiety due to horrible financial fallout after the abuse. So though directly out of the nightmare, I’m still dealing with the aftermath of the abuse. Very likely suffering from CPTSD now but no $ to be diagnosed with this. You are 100% correct on mind body connections. I don’t think therapists actually address this or it’s so hard to diagnose. Lives could be saved if the connections were better known. I don’t even think narcissistic abuse is in the DSM-5, but it needs to be. Why aren’t younger adults in the psych fields in college not studying this and learning about it? They should be!

  9. I think you’re talking about Broken Heart Syndrome, it’s an actual medical diagnosis. People often die from heart ache caused by trauma.

  10. I have severe auto immune disorders that lead to bed rest and severe wide spread pain along with sore throats and bladder spasms called Intertial Cystitis all related to trauma what a shock. Bed ridden for 15 years on and off. We have been so stressed our bodies on overload extreme sadness and lost everyone. Betrayal is an understatement.

  11. Psychosomatic or not this disease is real and is very disabling. Ace test I aced it. I 've had them all. And with all of the help and support we have received I can't imagine why we are physically worn down…Self medication is life saving sadly addiction is not a good coping skill.

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