Is Vitamin D Good for Diabetes

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Hello, I’m Ty Mason from,
researcher, writer and I have type 2 diabetes. Today I’m going to answer the question, is
Vitamin D good for diabetes. But before we get into that, make sure you
download my free diabetes management book which also includes diabetes grocery shopping
guide (foods to eat and avoid) by clicking the link below. I remember vividly as a child milk coming
in those waxy, cardboard-type half gallon cartons. Am I aging myself? On the side of those cartons would be a picture
with big letters VITAMIN D. I had no idea what Vitamin D was. I didn’t have a clue. All I knew was my mother told me it was good
for me and I had to drink my milk. To this day I still love milk, the blue kind
not the red. Vitamin D is often called the sunshine vitamin. Why? Basically because it is produced in your skin
in response to sunlight. That actually makes sense. I know what some of you are thinking, I was
told to drink my milk so I could have healthy bones! And that is true. Vitamin D is responsible for bone health because
it helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorus, 2 of the main bone building minerals. But Vitamin D is more than just for bones. A 2011 study by the Mayo Clinic concluded
that Vitamin D also played a positive role in cardiovascular health , cancer, multiple
sclerosis, allergy, asthma, infection, depression, psychiatric health, pain AND diabetes. The American Diabetes Association recently
published a study stating that a deficiency of Vitamin D has been linked to the development
of diabetes, both Type 1 and Type 2. Evidence shows that Vitamin D improves glucose
tolerance and improved insulin secretion. A study published in June, 2007 concluded
that insufficient vitamin D and calcium is detrimental to proper control of blood glucose. The study was conducted by Anastassios G.
Pittas for the JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM. The conclusion of the study stated Vitamin
D and calcium insufficiency may negatively influence glycemia, whereas combined supplementation
with both nutrients may be beneficial in optimizing glucose metabolism. So, is Vitamin D good for diabetes? Yes it is! Evidence is growing that while scientists
truly don’t understand why, Vitamin D and calcium play a major role in stabilizing blood
sugar. The question then becomes, how do I get more? One great way to get Vitamin D won’t cost
you anything. Michael Holick, a researcher for the New England
Journal of Medicine concluded that, 5:30 minutes of sun exposure between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00
p.m. at least twice per week on the skin of the face, arms, back, or legs (without sunscreen)
is usually adequate for vitamin D synthesis. The problem is our fear of skin cancer has
caused us to lather on so much sun screen, the skin cannot absorb Vitamin D. The skin
will not absorb sunlight through a window or glass. Drinking whole milk is a good source of Vitamin
D and calcium, but also contains sugars. So, I suggest, as always, consult your family
health care provider and discuss supplements. Vitamin D and calcium supplements are ready
available in most stores or online. Again, before taking them, consult your health
are provider. I hope this answered your question is Vitamin
D good or bad for diabetes. Don’t forget to get your diabetes management
book by clicking the link in the description box below. Let me know if you have any other diabetes
related questions. Thank you I am Ty Mason

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