Is Your Oil Cholesterol Free??

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Hi guys, so after our first introductory video
we have been getting a lot of questions and queries on nutrition. So today is the first question that I have
picked up is from Sonali Das, who is asking, “Which oil is cholesterol free?” So let us
have a look at the list of oils which are cholesterol free. Wow! Isn’t it surprising? Most of the oils that we use in our house
are listed here. So they are “cholesterol free”- Good News. Ok! So, what are the sources of cholesterol? Anything that comes from animals products
like meat, dairy, etc. are the sources of cholesterol and anything that comes from plants
doesn’t have cholesterol at all! They are “Cholesterol-Free”. Plant products do contain fat, it’s not that
they are fat-free, they are just cholesterol free. So which fat do plant products contain? They are MUFA and PUFA. I know MUFA and PUFA sounds too technical
which I will explain in my next vedio. But let me just explain and take you through
MUFA and PUFA. So MUFA and Pufa are healthier compared to other
fats available in the market that is Saturated fats and transfats. SO what are the sources of MUFA and PUFA? Nuts, legumes and some of our vegetables. They are
good sources of MUFA and PUFA and now that you know they are healthier fats, you cannot
go overboard. If consumed excessively it might affect our
blood cholesterol levels. So National Institute of Nutrition, that is,
NIN recommends 25-30g of fat in a day for an adult individual. That comes to 500 ml or half a liter of oil
per person per month. Now if we had to break it down even further
it comes to around 3-4 teaspoon per person per day. So, you can keep a tab on how much of oil
you’re consuming. And in my next video I will show you the sources
of MUFA and PUFA. Stay tuned, until the next video. Bye!

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  1. Mam, can i use in edible expellerd filterd sunflower oil . what is need to remove fats, in sunflower oil . i have checked found FFA WITHIN LIMIT AFTER FILTERD WITHOUT CHEMICAL PROCESS.

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