Isocyanate Exposure

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The application of insulating foams and finish coatings can present serious hazards for workers. These products contain reactive chemicals called isocyanates. Short-term exposure can cause irritation or burns to the eyes, nose, throat, and skin. Prolonged exposures can cause a much more serious condition known as isocyanate asthma. The vapours released when rolling or spraying can enter a worker’s body through unprotected skin, the mouth, and nose. The air passages, or tubes, that carry air into and out of the lungs are affected. During an asthma attack these tubes narrow, become inflamed, and may be blocked by mucus, restricting the amount of air that flows in and out of the lungs. Workers that become sensitized or allergic to isocyanates can have an asthma attack even if the airborne concentration is very small. This sensitization is permanent and in rare cases these attacks can be fatal. To prevent exposure to isocyanates you must be properly protected. Workers rolling isocyanate-based coatings should wear appropriate chemically resistant gloves, and at least a half-face cartridge respirator. In all cases the work area must be well
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6 thoughts on “Isocyanate Exposure

  1. Thanks for the explanatory video. I think though that you should consider the footwear and the clothes, if you are to splash the paint on the ground like that.

  2. This is the LIE that almost killed me. Isocyanates go right through carbon masks and is orderless and tasteless. It was so toxic it was originally for robotic manufacturing only, NO HUMAN EXPOSURE. I know I am a victum and was told these thing by several physicians. Promoting carbon masks is giving people a false sense of safety when none exists unless you are using a fully self contained fresh air system and that will only minimize lung damage but the chemical like the video first stated goes through the skin.

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