2 thoughts on “‘It feels like a parasite in my body’: How a routine knee replacement could cause big complications

  1. I know exactly what she is going through. I had LTKR in 6/2016. One month post op my leg broke out with a terrible itchy rash. I called my surgeon who claimed he had no idea what it was. Meanwhile the swelling and pain over the next year never subsided with no answers. Desperate I went to another surgeon who stated that I needed to consider allergy testing and a revision in the near future. I then took my search to HSS in NY and Rush University in Chicago. I tested positive for metal allergies to Cobalt, Chromium, Nickel amongst other metals. So now I have this poison in my body and if I was asked a simple question prior to my surgery I could have had a different metal used. Yes, I had reactions to cheaper earrings when I was young and never tied the two things together until it was too late. This journey has cost me not only a lot of money from doctor to doctor to travel expenses but most of all the pain and suffering with no real end in site. Doctors need to educated about the real and present dangers of metal allergies. Doctors need to take a patient seriously when they tell them something is wrong. I used one of the biggest orthopedic groups in a big metropolitan city but until they start accepting that this does exist I am sorry to say nothing will change unless more is done about this.

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