It’s Christmas!! || Vlogmas Day 25 [CC]

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Where is the light? There’s the light. Look
towards the light Max. No. OK. [Music: Holiday Brass Ensemble] Good morning, uh, merry Christmas
I suppose. I did- I didn’t have a plan for today’s video, I was just like “let’s do a
Christmas thing” they’re not listening. I was talking to you. Cait: Oh I’m so sorry.
Max: [laughs and makes kissy noises] Yes, they’re playing with a drone. I’m not gonna
do like a showy- a showy thing of everything I got because I think it’s flashy, and it’s
just not for me [Cait laughs] but [Max laughs] But surprise surprise the person allergic
to cold got lots of soft and warm things for Christmas, which I am very grateful for and
you will- you will see in videos because soft and warm, and that is my jam. Aren’t they
dreamy? Cait: No. Max: [laughter] they’re so cute. I love them. Cait: [whispering I
love you too. Max: [laughter] I could just watch them do stuff, but I’m not going to
make you watch me watch them do stuff. Cait: I don’t have batteries and I’m sad about this
fact. Max: I was gonna make like a Christmas box of batteries and stuff but I didn’t. Hello.
Amy: Hello Max: Look, a visit from the unicorn goddess [laughter from all] Merry Yule blessings
for everybody. Cait: Batteries. I can’t play with my drone. Amy: No! Max: Is there not
a remote control you can steal Cait: Probably Amy: Here you go Cait: Thank. Max: Can you
tell I was raised poor? [laughter] Cait: Amy, can you go to the kitchen? Max: I can go get
it? Cait: Do you wanna? Max: I don’t mind! Cait: OK. Max: OK, let me turn this off, I’ll
see you later. Cait: gently angle the remote control from left to right. Max: We seem to
have the drone maybe working. [Loud drone whirring, some screaming, crash noise] Max: Good. Good. [laughter] Cait: OK. [laughter] Amy: I think maybe this is an outdoor toy
[laughter] [Music: Christmas Village] Oh. I went to- and you walked past. Cait:
Oh no! [laughter] # Max: I did a bad job of doing a vlog earlier so we’ve eaten, but we
forgot crackers, so join us for crackers! Yeah! Cait: Nice. Do you want me to get stuff
out for you? Max: Yes please. Oh it smells good. Cait: A yellow hat Max: Oh my god yes.
I don’t know why. Cait: What do you do with a sick bee? Take him to a waspital. [groans]
Max: The worst part is I have to caption that. [laughter] Cait: It’s on. Max: Yeah. Cait:
Oh! We’ve won the right ones. Cait: It’s so bad. Max: I need to know now. Cait: How do
you make an apple puff? Chase it around the garden. Max: Hello. I don’t know how the lighting’s
gonna be for this but merry Christmas, uh, I can’t sign it to you because I’m holding
the thing. It’s been nearly a year and I haven’t got into the habit of picking a camera up
for everything that I want to mention, but I’ve eaten and it was good, uh, you can check
on my Instagram for a picture of the food if that’s something you wanna see. I know
I said this morning that I wasn’t gonna do the whole showing off everything I received
and I’m still not going to do that. I want to show off these highlighters my partner
got me because they are cute but also um, wait. This the nib bit and this is the bit
you hold it with because they know I struggle to hold pens so they bought me chunky highlighters
so I wouldn’t struggle. Goals. They’re so cute- partner and highlighters. If you haven’t
met them, then you’ve skipped to the end of the video for some reason or you missed yesterday’s.
This is the end of vlogmas [gasp] I’ve had the best time doing vlogmas, I’m not going
to lie. If I’m able, I hope you’ll join me again next year, As I’ve made 25 videos this
month, I’m gonna skip this Saturday’s and I think I’m just gonna see you in 2020. I
need to just not edit a video for a week, and not have to caption a video for a week
because I’m quite tired of listening to myself. I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas wherever
you are and if you haven’t, it’s just another day, try not to worry too much about it and
if- this probably isn’t going out in time but feel free to reach out to me if that will
be of any help. I hope you’ve had a wonderful December and I hope you’ve has a wonderful
Christmas and I hope that this has been enjoyable for you- it definitely has been for me, this
whole year has been fun, so I look forward to seeing you all in 2020. I’m tired and I’m
going to go and edit this for the final time this year, One of the Christmas presents to
myself is I’m going to invest in better editing software because all of my videos from 2019
since the very first one have been edited on windows movie maker. I know, any suggestions
for that would be much appreciated. I do not have a mac, I have a- it’s windows, and well,
I say obviously for windows movie maker, they don’t even make it anymore, I had to download
it and I’m not even sure it’s a legit copy. Davinci Resolve doesn’t work on my laptop
but I do have a desktop which is also not a mac as you might have seen but, yeah it-
I haven’t tried resolve on that because I just haven’t sat at my desk. but yeah, any
suggestions would be good, so I can treat myself to functioning software so I can put
some text on the screen maybe, or just do better, or better sound levels, I don’t know.
We’ll see what 2020 brings. so for the final time this year, don’t forget to like this
video, drop a comment down below, tell me what you want to see, anything you don’t want
to see, if you’ve enjoyed this years vlogmas, this year’s videos, um, noted about um, the
editing style in my can I wear masks video, I’ll put a card up there. Subscribe to my
channel if you haven’t already, and ring that notification bell so you get notified every
single time I post a new video. Videos go up every Saturday at 6pm UK time with at least
one video every single month, apart from this month, which was vlogmas. And now it’s over.

2 thoughts on “It’s Christmas!! || Vlogmas Day 25 [CC]

  1. Happy xmas Max!!! No videos till next year?!?! But what about your birthday??? 😂
    Ooh – & let me know of any video editing software recommendations you get please? Only I'm going to restart my vlog too….
    Fankoo!!! 💖💖💖

  2. Vlogmas has been a pleasure, but after 25 videos you've definitely earned yourself a bit of a vlogging break! Enjoy the rest of the holidays safe in the knowledge you won't need to caption them!

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