It’s Snowflake Season!!! || Vlogmas Day 1 [CC]

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It’s- help. It’s snowflake season! Yeah! [Music:
Holiday Brass Ensemble] Even though it’s raining, it’s snowflake season. Everybody’s favourite
time of the year, right? Well it’s my favourite time, kind of. Ironic, right? Well because
I’m allergic to cold, obviously, if you’re new here I’ll put a card up in the description
for you, but being allergic to cold I am obsessed with snowflakes because you should 100% keep
your friends close and your enemies closer, and Christmas time, or Vlogmas time, or this
time of year, is uh, when all the snowflake stuff is here, so- thank you. So let’s go
buy some snowflakes. Also because copyright I am not gonna talk, I am just gonna show
you stuff with a happy look on my face, so enjoy this, and then when I get back to my
house I will show you anything that I’ve bought that’s snowflakely- snowflakely? snowflake
themed, uh over the season! But I’m poor so it’s not all been today. [Music: Spring In My Step] So… I’m in a new filming spot for this video. There is
a surprise coming at the end of tomorrow’s video and if you make it to the end you’ll
see why I’m just standing awkwardly against one of my walls. You’ll see. It’ll be worth
it. So, on with snowflake season. I am back from the shops, and it is an entire day later
because it got too dark. It’s the time of year where snowflakes are everywhere, so you
walk past a shop window and they’ve got snowflake decals in the window because let’s be honest
now, snowflakes are the quintessential December window decal. They are like the easiest to
do, and the prettiest, and they make me happy when I see them. So… I obviously have bought
a lot of snowflake things. I said about the Cold Urticaria awareness ribbon and how it
is blue with snowflakes on. That was largely because there is a secondary one that is blue
with snowflakes on, but in February when I bought the ribbon, it was so hard to find
snowflake ribbon. Anywhere. Because it just wasn’t the season for it, it wasn’t coming
up to Christmas, it’s not what everyone’s selling at the time so that was the only one
I could find. Now I have ordered some more snowflake ribbon. Last year I missed the window
because I wasn’t quite as obsessed with snowflakes as I am now, but this year I can do it! So
it’s time for a snowflake haul. I want to start with something I got at the beginning
of the year, just to give you an idea of stuff, so it is my inhaler cover- case, thing and
I had to get this specially made because it was like May? time? It was- It wasn’t Christmas
so finding stuff stock with snowflakes on it wasn’t a thing, so. This is a thing that
you can now kind of find a bit better because it’s- ’tis the season. Snowflake socks! Well.
They’re like slipper sock things, they’ve grippies on the bottom and it’s kind of snowflakes,
it’s that pattern of snowflake that kind of- everybody uses where it’s just kind of geometric
shapes. I don’t really know, but it- it is a snowflake based design. Two more things
I already had, and I will put links to everything that I can down in the description, so we’ve
got this pin from Etsy. I’ll- yeah, I’ll put a link. And then this badge- this badge from
DoodlePeople who I’m a bit obsessed with and it is my replacement snowflake for when I
lose this one. Snowflake Washi tape! I should’ve- I should swatch this in my bullet journal
but I’m not going to because there isn’t very much of it. But ’tis the season for snowflake
washi tape. These are from the Birmingham Christmas market while I was there, and they’re
just two little snowflake hanging things which are going to stay up in my bedroom all year
round because that is who I am. You can even get them on snacks, uh, these are supposed
to be stars, but they do look like snowflakes kind of. I haven’t tried these yet, they sound
interesting, but they look pretty! This is gonna be my Vlogmas mug and you can’t do anything
about it. It’s got little snowflakes on it, and with the reindeer as well, they’ve got
little snowflakes on it. Snowflake jumpers! These are all thrifted by the way, a couple
of quid each and I’m going to wear them all year round because to me they’re not Christmas
jumpers. It has a snowflake on it. I’m not usually a fan of like jumpers with sequins
and beads and stuff on, but when there’s a snowflake invloved, oh I’m in. Lots of little
snowflakes! And it’s quite thin so it kind of pairs itself with being a spring, autumn,
summer jumper if and when needed. And it’s on the sleeves too. I just- it’s so shiny
and I love them, they make me happy. And this one you saw in the footage I took yesterday,
but it’s Hell Bunny so I had to, and it’s my favourite colour! I love green, and this
has green and snowflakes on it so you’re going to be seeing a lot more of this. Possibly
my favourite thing… It’s a snowflake blanket. That is- It has got tiny snowflakes on it,
I don’t know if this helps but it’s so soft and this was five pound in Wilko. I’m just
going to wear this because I am actually a bit cold. Of all the jumpers I have, I still
chose to wear the blanket. Good one Max. Finally… finally, finally. Can confirm that my story
did end up in the magazine, and I think they got my memo about how much I like snowflakes.
Look at it! Snowflakes all over it. I have more snowflake things on their way to me in
the post. They haven’t arrived in time for this video, but I think you get the idea.
I’m a bit excited about how many snowflake things that are on offer to me at this time of year.
Don’t forget to like this video, drop a comment down below of what your favourite snowflake
thing that I found is. Do you also like snowflakes I want to hear that too. Subscribe to
my channel if you haven’t already, this month is Vlogmas, there is going to be 25 videos in
25 days talking about Christmassy stuff, my usual stuff, it’s going to be a mix.
But there will be lots of snowflakes across the entire thing. And ring that notification
bell so you get notified every single time I post one of these videos. Videos are going
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