Jacob Dale Schrum, MD – Allergy/Immunology, Nemours Children’s Specialty Care Jacksonville

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I’m Dr. Schrum. Hi. I decided to consider pediatrics
probably my third year of medical school. And what I came to realize
is that the pediatricians that I worked with were
always the more happy people with a kind of a
brighter outlook on life. And small wonder, being able
to take care of children, it kind of lends itself to
a very positive attitude. As an allergist
immunologist, we take care of children with all
types of allergic disease– asthma, eczema, nasal allergy
issues, food allergies. We also– as a
clinical immunologist, we see children that have
recurrent infections that are potentially caused by
immune deficiency disorders. We as allergists are
trained in our fellowship to take care of asthma
of all varieties. So we also consider
ourselves asthma specialists. Although we say we
can’t cure asthma, we have excellent
medical therapy now that can dramatically reduce the
frequency of asthma symptoms, the severity of asthma episodes,
and also more medicines coming down the pike. My patients and
families have taught me to be a good listener. They have a very important
perspective on what’s going on. I’m probably at the greatest
satisfaction out of my job by seeing children
live better lives than when I saw them initially. When you see that change
in a child’s life, nothing is more satisfying.

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  1. Dr. Schrum is the most amazing Allergist that we have ever had! So much better than all the rest. He has the best bedside manner. He is nice, takes his time with you, listens so well and educates thoroughly. He stays up to date in his practice (which is a MUST). We are so lucky to have found him.

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