Janelle Devlin – No More Mom Fog (or Food Allergies)

By Adem Lewis / in , , /

One of the first things I felt was just that clarity of mind. And I felt that vocabulary words were coming to my mind that I hadn’t thought of in years. The mom brain has disappeared. The mom fog had lifted! Really, that clarity that I thought— Everyone says this is just called “mom brain” when you’re busy with little kids and it’s just normal. No, it’s not normal. It is not normal. It’s okay if you’re there but we can help with that. There’s there’s things we can do to help with that. So that’s where I was, so I noticed that right away. And then that four or five months in is when I thought, “I had a stomach ache in forever.” And— I had food sensitivities and allergies my whole life. I went and got retested. I don’t have any food allergies anymore.

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