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I’ve seen family members
beyond suffer at the hands of disease. I’ve lost family members
at the hands of disease. My mum is an example which I find
incredibly difficult to talk about. The reason why I’m doing this
documentary comes down to my mum. I’ve got no brothers,
I’ve got no sisters, I’ve got no father,
I didn’t know him. My mum was my mother, my father,
my brother, my sister, my world. And she’s now no longer with us. She actually had stage IV lung cancer. They said she had COPD and they
gave her an Asthma pump. Even if the doctor thought
she had COPD, I thought: there has to be another way! Let’s get to the cause of the problems
instead of treating the symptom. My mother saw this place
before it was built. We stood here, she said:
“You have to build this.” “This may be too late for me,
but you have to build it so that people have somewhere
to go where they can heal.” I vowed that if there is anything
I can do to evoke change, to try and help somebody, to say:
“Maybe there is another way.” That’s what we’re going to find out. We’re seeing an increase
in cancer and diabetes. It doesn’t matter now that you’re
10 years old or 80 years old. All ages are plagued with
very serious illnesses. It’s getting more dangerous and more
difficult to keep your defenses up. We’re chronically over toxified. Toxins in the medication we’re taking,
toxins in the food and water supply. These lifelong medications
have lifelong side effects in millions and
millions of people. There’s no question in my mind that
we’re not winning the war on disease. We’re at a crisis point! If something doesn’t change, all these
disease are going to escalate. Hello Jason! I’m going already. Crohn’s disease, that’s what I have. Oh, I’m so stupid… I can’t believe I’m crying so much. The majority of my life
I’ve spent ill, sick. I think it’s a very difficult
thing to live with. Just effected every single
aspect of my life. My number one problem is
Ulcerative Colitis. I don’t take medication because all of
the medication that they prescribed had steroids and I started getting
cataracts in both my eyes. I’ll tell you what this shows me: How many people that medical
intervention is clearly not working! All of this stuff is not natural and
shouldn’t be happening to a 26-year-old. Now on a daily basis these are
some of the medications I take. I’m now carrying 135kg, and
I cannot carry this weight. There are so many massive
issues to deal with. I have a very long list of ailments. I can say honestly I’ve not
felt well for 25 years. I don’t see that changing. I need to try, but at my age who
knows how that’s going to go. I don’t know if SuperJuiceMe is
going to work for everyone. But you can’t not try. I’m very overweight and I’ve tried
everything to lose weight. She represents so many
people out there. I need to do this, for my
health, for my children. The last thing I’m going to try
will be weight loss surgery. Please pick me, I’ve tried everything. To be able to be in a position
where there’s a chance that this experiment could
possibly help even one of them. Then it’s been worthwhile. In fact you can’t watch any of these
videos and not care deeply. Well, they’re here! The SuperJuicers have arrived, in
the middle of nowhere, in Portugal. Here at Juicy Oasis they are
going to embark on a journey of having nothing but freshly
extracted juice for 28 days as part of my big juice experiment. My name is John Zorrer,
I’m 29 years old I’ve got Ulcerative Colitis
which is an auto-immune disease. I’m a 29-year-old who should
be having the time of my life. I should be able to do
all sorts of things. I feel like I’m 60 years old! I can’t do normal things or
I don’t want to do them because I feel like I’m going
to be sick and it’s just not fun. My name is Estelle, I’m 26. When I was 17, I developed Asthma. I get really shaky after
I take my inhaler. I don’t see that as being a definite
solution or a cure of any sort. It’s going to help you with
the shortness of breath but it’s not going to
help you with the asthma, it’s just going to help you get through
the day not the whole month or life. Hi I’m Betsy Pauly.
I will be 52 next week I have a long list of problems. It started with lupus
about 23 years ago. I don’t know what it is to feel good. If you were to ask me today I
would tell you that I feel good. But my good is not your good. Because you can look healthy. I mean, you walk around,
you get the job done. I mean, being a mother you
always get the job done. I’m Roger Gale and I’m 67 years. I’ve got sleep apnea and so I have
to wear a breathing machine at night. I have hyperglycemia and
worst of all, I have lupus. I know that there are many people in
far more unfortunate circumstances but I’ve been relatively healthy
and active for all of my life without any illness, so it
comes as horrible shock to me. The worst aspect is that I cannot
do all of the things that I plan to do. My name is Sarah Crosby, I’m 22. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s
disease when I was 10. It can affect any part of
the digestive system from the mouth to the back passage. Unfortunately, I have it everywhere. I’m a big believer in the fact that
fruits and vegetables can help you. If that didn’t happen and my Crohn’s
got worse it would really hit home that maybe I will be on medication
for the rest of my life. My name is Lewis. I’m 22 years old. I’ve got problems with my weight and
being able to walk and things like that. I use food as a massive blanket. I use it when I’m happy I use it when I’m sad I use it as a reward I use it for everything. It’s so annoying because I don’t
want to be addicted to food. I’m Erika, I’m 33.
My weight is my first problem. I’m obese. Running around after the children, I
can’t really do that because of my size. We should be able to go out at
the weekend at the park. I can’t! I’ve got two beautiful kids
that need their mum. I feel like I’m letting them down. My name is Andrew Morris. I am 51. I suffer with a condition called
pulmonary sarcoidosis. I’ve also got asthma, atrial
fibrillation, sleep apnea and Type II Diabetes. It’s weird for people to understand,
but I can go to sleep and dream of waking up
and just not taking tablets. I originally planned to have 6 of them
but after seeing all their videos there was no way that I could only
pick 6, so there are 8 of them here they have 22 different
diseases between them. It’s going to be interesting to see what
happens, mentally and physically when they’re just living
on juice for 28 days. So if the the medical profession
seems unable to treat these guys, why do I think I can help? Well, I have a theory and
it all starts with a fish. Think of a fish living in natural,
clean, nutrient-rich water. The chances are it will
live a disease-free life. But would will happen to the fish
if you pollute the water? If you poured, say, cola into the bowl? Or some salty potato chips? Or greasy fatty foods
like burgers and pizza? What do you think is going to happen? Well, all living creatures have
a natural filtration system that can handle a certain
amount of just about anything. But if you keep adding more
junk into the water the body is going to
start to struggle. The poor fish is going to start
showing symptoms of “disease”. It might get a skin condition. It might get asthma. It might become fat or obese. Perhaps it gets a headache or a cough. It might get arthritis and
can’t move its fin so well. These symptoms are warning
lights telling the body there’s something wrong. So what’s the best way
to treat the fish? Medical intervention might suggest that you give it medicine
to treat the headache. Or a different medicine
to stop it coughing. Or further medicine to
help it move its fin. Perhaps more medicines to treat the
side-effects of the first medicines. That might treat the symptoms but even the medicines
add pollution to the bowl. It seems painfully obvious to
any rational thinking person what the solution is. Would you want to give
the fish more medicine? Of course you wouldn’t! The answer is so simple. If you want to treat the cause of the
problem, you need to clean the water. So that’s effectively what our
SuperJuicers are here to do. To clean the terrain where
their cells bathe to clean “the water” in other
words. It’s that simple! All chronic degenerative diseases
are caused by two major problems: toxicity and deficiency! We’re living in an over-toxic world,
and we’re living at a time where we’re also consuming foods
that are devoid of nutrients, and as that toxicity and deficiency
becomes manifested in our body it results in disease. We have to detoxify, and flood
the body with nutrients. We should address the toxicity and
replenish the nutrients in our bodies if we’re looking to heal ourselves. Once you understand the cause you
got the answer for the cure! The thing that got me into juicing was
the fact that it made so much sense. It was the perfect way to get “live”
nutrition going into my body because even to this day I still
don’t like certain vegetables. I hate broccoli with a passion! You’ve got to remember,
I was a junk food addict. So to go from that to broccoli, my taste
buds didn’t really want to know. I read a book that said that
all fruits and vegetables was full of over 85% pure
organic liquid fuel and it’s only this
fuel that fed the body. It’s rapid nutrition into the cells. The idea of rapid nutrition
really appealed to me. I thought: “If I can’t eat
them, can I drink them?” I’ll be honest, the thought of
drinking broccoli juice was even worst than the
thought of eating it! But you know what? When you extract the juice and
mix it with a little bit of apple a little bit of pineapple a bit of pear, some ginger and
if you try different combinations. I got so excited! I remember even to this
day, I called my mum I said: “Mum you’ll never guess
what! I’m drinking vegetables!” This has got to be good for you! It’s fresh fruits and vegetables
converted into juice right there on the spot! How can you do better than that? Do you see how simple this is? These plants contain all the elements
of life and growth in them. I tell you now, if there is a system
that can get me to have vegetables then I knew this would
work for anybody! I am absolutely ready for the journey. It’s a journey to health, to learning
about what nutrition can do for my body. This opportunity, it’s the mark of
a new start, of a new life for me. I’m kind of scared of a whole
month, it sounds like a lot! People have done it. I’m not someone
who usually has that type of drive. If you took the medication
out of the equation I could live a normal life. And that’s what I’d like. I think that’s going to give it to me. So, here we go! [MUSIC] Eurgh! Ooh! That’s all right isn’t it?! Thanks! It’s not as bad as I thought! I like it! The orange is disgusting, could
I have some more wheatgrass please? [MUSIC] Pow! I’ve been on the juice
for nearly 2 days now and surprisingly, I feel very good! Actually, I feel really good! I feel pretty terrific! [MUSIC] There we go! On the 13th of July 1962, I was born. And I feel now I’m going to be reborn. It’s my rebirth! That’s it! Thank you! Let’s turn that off. Craving food today. Craving a lot of food. I want food! I just want a quick high! I sound like a heroin addict! [JASON]: If the SuperJuicers are being
fed everything they need then why does Lewis feel like
a heroin addict missing his fix? They’re not missing food at all. They’re having more genuine nutrition
than they’ve had in years. They’re almost missing a drug in a way. It’s like an addict coming off a drug,
that’s the only way I can describe it. Imagine the big food industry is like
a squirrel who’s selling nuts. It wants to sell more nuts because, of
course, it wants to make more money. Normally in the wild animals won’t
eat unless they are genuinely hungry. So it can only sell nuts when
its customers are hungry right? Wrong! All it needs to do is cook the nuts and
add 3 highly addictive substances: fat salt and sugar! Now, something truly incredible happens! These new roasted flavored nuts
have become highly addictive. They create what amounts
to a false hunger. Your body is no longer
satisfied when you eat them. Your natural hunger
cut-off point is gone. Now, the squirrel’s customers
will keep buying and eating until they end up with
an obese squirrel. And the big food industry is
doing exactly same to us. They’re manipulating our food so
that we eat more and more and more. Big food is responsible for the biggest
addiction facing western society today. If you into any restaurant or you’re
going to any mainstream supermarket we’re getting poor nutrition
and we’re getting toxicity. It’s corn, and soy, and wheat,
and sugar, and salt, and chemicals. That’s primarily what people are eating. Add all of the preservatives and
additives used in food processing, from MSG’s, to artificial sweeteners
like Aspartame, for instance and also the preservatives are some of
the worst that you can get in your body. So we’re eating these on a daily basis. We’re eating a diet that is
very sparse on vegetables and replete with monoculture foods
that have been spun out of factories and dumped into boxes or packages,
and they do not contain life! Where is our life? You don’t actually know what
you’re eating any more. When you eat one item, it really is
composed of 25 different things. Say you’re having some sort
of fast-food hamburger that in the States are
made-up of 50% corn and generally, it’s
genetically modified. Then the other 50% comes from
upwards of 100 different cows. You have to ask yourself: “What
am I really eating anymore?” The biggest thing that’s wrong with the
food that they were eating before is that it wasn’t
genuinely feeding them. Most people are overfed
and undernourished. They’re constantly hungry because
their cells are genuinely starving! You don’t often think of somebody
being morbidly obese, and think that they are starving. But the irony is, that’s
precisely what’s happening. If I carried on the way I was
going, eating all the rubbish You don’t realize how addictive all the
white starchy refined sugar stuff is. I mean, this week I’ve not been hungry. I got the headaches, the
withdrawal in the beginning, but I can honestly say
I’ve not been hungry. If I go out to my favorite Chinese
all-you-can-eat buffet, by the time I get
home, I’d be hungry because it’s not feeding my
body what it actually needs. It’s feeding it for a little
while and then it realizes that it needs the vitamins, and the
nutrients and it’s hungry for them. Convenience and an instant gratification
lifestyle has become become the norm. So many companies have come in to
fill that instant gratification need. There’s a lot of money to do research, to figure out what’s going
to trick your taste buds and there’s a lot of money to figure
out the best way to sell things. So what happens is you basically
become addicted to fake foods. They’re packaged up in all
sorts of different forms and sold to us as being even healthy
and they’re anything but that! So, our tongue tastes it and says,
“Oh it must be good for you!” Well, its just shaped like
something that’s good but it’s not really good for you.
It’s actually really bad for you. And food companies, they know this. It’s
a billion, billion dollar industry. They know how to trick you! Anything that says “fat-free” is usually
loaded with white refined sugar. If something says “sugar-free”, chances
are it has artificial sweeteners in. You want to know why overweight
people are insatiably hungry? One of them is artificial sweeteners
and artificial flavor enhancers. For example: MSG. Now MSG itself doesn’t
really taste good but it makes you become
addicted to the food and it makes you want to
eat more and more of it. So that’s great for food companies. Because you’re going to eat more
they’re going to sell more. It’s perfect for them, it’s
just horrible for you. Sigh! Everyone wants to talk
about food today. Cheeseburgers and french fries. All-you-can-eat Chinese buffet. Boiled ham. Ice cream. Pasta. Bread and butter. A big stack of ribs with barbecue sauce. I just want a ham and cheese toasty… Chips, I definitely love chips. Apple danish pastries. ..not with normal cheese,
with soft cheese… Macaroni salad. Chocolate. ..the ham and the bread… Mashed potato. Steak! Ooh steak! I don’t want to keep talking
about this stuff. It’s starting to make
me get back to those thoughts. And those thoughts are
actually starting to leave! If I said to somebody: “Look a
banana is going to cause obesity, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s
disease, eczema, psoriasis, high blood pressure, cholesterol” and I say, “Look, all you need
to do is stop eating bananas.” they would just stop eating bananas. They’d find it easy,
even if they love them. But if you said: “Stop eating white
refined sugar, refined fats, or chocolate or alcohol
or things like coffee” there is an emotional attachment. Addiction to me is If the thought of never
doing it again fills with you with an “abnormal”
fear then your hooked if it doesn’t then you’re not. I usually have chocolate bars to cover
up my problems and my insecurities and having to deal with everything
face on is really, really tough. I feel like this is something I have to
do to be able to move on in my life I’ve been eating chocolate crisps, cola,
all that kind of stuff for 20 years. It’s time to treat my body with the
respect I should’ve given it years ago. The cost of our instant
gratification life is that we’re becoming
more overweight we’re becoming more unwell and we’re suffering as a result
of these diseases of lifestyle the diseases of nutrition,
and the diseases of toxicity. We’re seeing new diseases like Lou
Gehrig’s disease, scleroderma, lupus we are seeing an escalation
of Alzheimer’s disease we’re seeing an increase
in cancer and diabetes we’re going to see continued
escalation of obesity. Right now we’re at a crisis point,
and if something doesn’t change all of these diseases are
going to continue to escalate. And who would have thought fruits and
veg would make you feel so good and also bad as well. It’s not the fruit and veg that’s
making you feel bad at all. The toxins in your body that
are just getting flushed out. And boy, they have been
getting flushed out! I just did the cross-trainer
for 10 minutes and I started having a
small wheeze in my chest. It wasn’t like the really painful one
where I can’t even breathe anymore. I took like 5 puffs of the inhaler
before being on the treadmill. I jogged for a total of 5 minutes. As stupid as it may seem,
that has never happened! It’s crazy that today is Day 5
and that would be an effect. When I arrived, I realized that a few
medications I was going to bring are missing from my bag. I did get in touch with my doctor,
and she was even a little nervous, but she said since I’m coming
to a place like this, that I probably don’t need
to worry about it too much. Maybe this happened for a reason. I have been trying to get off my meds. I think this is perfect for me.
The answer to my prayers This is my CPAP machine, which is
Continual Positive Air Pressure. I have to sleep with this.
It’s my significant other. And for the sake of her sanity,
my wife sleeps elsewhere. [LOUD BUZZING] Right this is my CPAP. What it does is like
I’m taking a breath. It forces the air into me,
so I can’t help but breathe. I’m going to hit the hay! I have only been on juice
for nearly 5 days now and to be honest I’ve really been
struggling the last few days. My ulcerative colitis has
been flaring up, big time. It’s been causing me a lot of stomach
pains, cramping and diarrhea. I’m going to the bathroom
about 10 times a day. And it’s just very painful. It feels like this is getting
worse, before it gets better. For me, a sign that I’m getting better
would be more normal bowel movements and less pain in my stomach. I’ve been untreated for ulcerative
colitis for over 6 years ’cause the treatments they offered
started making me go blind. I don’t normally just cry but
this has been very emotional. I want to go home but if I was offered
like: “Do you want to go home?” I would probably go home. First of all I thought: “I wonder if you
can get any juice from the apple?” It’s called apple juice, this
is ridiculously stupid! We are so far removed
from doing it ourselves. We’re so used to buying
everything in a carton. We’re so used to the apple juice
looking like you’ve had a pee! There are two apple juices here. I’d like to do a visual so
you can see the difference. Now what’s happened here, is it this is
still alive, see the rich creamy head? What do I think of Andy’s
suitcase full of drugs? That says it all! He’s got two suitcases in his
room, one full of clothes. The other one full entirely
of medical drugs! There we have my tablets. I’m here for four weeks and
I’ve had to bring a suitcase because of the amount I’m taking. I’m hoping this journey is going
to get rid of most of it. And I can’t wait for that! I also take steroids. Now steroids come with a hunger factor. It’s quite scary how fast your weight
can increase when you start taking them. I’ve been taking them for 13 years and
I would not like to see my insides because the outside is bad enough! If I can get rid of the steroids, it
would be a dream, it really would. The thing that inspired me to
do this big juice experiment was my own ill health It’s hard to imagine now but I was covered from head to foot,
in an skin condition called Psoriasis an auto-immune disease where the skin
repairs itself faster than it should and produces these scales
on the outside the body. I had severe Eczema. I had severe Hay fever to the point
where I couldn’t leave my house. It wasn’t just small amounts
of hay fever, itchy eyes. I mean it was like the worst
flu you’ve ever had every single summer for
long periods of time, The thing affected my life a
great deal was my severe Asthma. I had really, really bad asthma. For my Asthma I was given
the blue Ventolin inhaler, the brown one, which was the
steroid based one at the time, I even got some steroid tablets. Not once did anybody even look at
what could be causing the problem. They just wanted to treat the symptoms. With our chronic diseases, we
manage them, we don’t cure them, and we don’t seem
to want to cure them! We lower cholesterol, we
try to lower blood sugar, we relieve pain in Arthritis, and we give medications
for pulmonary disease, but basically there’s no attention
given to trying to cure these. This is the injection I take.
It’s an immunosuppressant, although it takes away the
inflammation of my Crohn’s, the side effect is that I’m
open to every cold and virus and pretty much anything
I come in contact with which is why I was hospitalized
3 times this year! I got a virus in my heart and
my heart rate dropped quite low. The doctors didn’t really
know what was happening. They thought maybe I
was either really fit they said Muhammad Ali has a resting
heart rate of 32 beats per minute. I was like: “I don’t think that’s me. I
think there must be something wrong.” This is what at the moment I’m
injecting myself with every 2 weeks. I’d love to go back to only having
to take them maybe once a month. And you know, ideally,
nothing altogether. It would be great to be
free of medication. I’d love to be up to just and
delay having to take it so. Medicine, we know, doesn’t fix anything. It doesn’t correct anything,
and a medicine is a toxin. It usually interferes
with something naturally that’s supposed to take
place in your body. Not one single person will be cured
of heart disease, pulmonary disease, stroke, arthritis, obesity, diabetes
with our current medical approach. In spite of all the technology,
all the medications all the research and money
we throw at these problems we are not conquering chronic disease! I think the pharmaceutical
industry is disempowering. They give people a very simple solution here’s a pill, that’s it! You don’t
need to worry about anything else. Just the mere fact that they
think this is protecting them stops them from looking at what is
making them ill in the first place. “If you are worried about high
cholesterol or heart disease” “then ask your doctor about Lypintol.” “Lypintol is a prescription medicine” “that is proved to reduce the
risk of heart attack and stoke.” “Lypintol should not be taken by
people with liver problems.” “Your doctor can provide a simple
blood test to check your liver.” If you’re in the U.S. you’ll see a
plethora of drug commercials on TV. These drug commercials are targeted at
helping alleviate people’s problems and we have a lot of problems! “Some people can experience
allergic reactions to Lypintol” “some of which can
be life-threatening.” “Tell your doctor straightaway if
you have an allergic reaction” “that causes swelling of the
face, lips, tongue or throat” “or affects your breathing.” “The most common side affects include
nausea, nose bleeds, headaches” “memory loss, insomnia, nightmares,
and an increased risk of diabetes.” You know, if you tried to sell anything
under the sun that has side effects of liver damage, of kidney damage, of
new diseases or even cancer and death you wouldn’t be able to sell that! But they advertise these stuff all along
and the public buys those things. All they are looking for is
relief of their symptoms. We want a quick fix for
our modern problems. And the pharmaceutical industry
has promised us those quick fixes. But they’re not really communicating
the costs of those quick fixes. They’re drugging them, and
drugging them, and drugging them. And the drugs have side effects! I have to put my reading glasses on,
because the writing is very small. Wow! This is incredible! Right out of the chute,
endometrial cancer cardiovascular disorders, breast cancer And probable dementia. Wow! Memory loss, again, I presented with
it, that causes it, this causes it! Worsening, trouble breathing,
coughing and wheezing Dry mouth, nausea, stomach pain Lowered resistance to infections Confusion, shortness of breath Half of that is side effects Feeling sick, weight gain,
stomach ulcers Feeling or being sick pain Chest pain, coughing up mucus and blood Feeling, seeing, or hearing
things which do not exist Blindness Fever, headache Bronchitis, bruising,
difficulty speaking Shock Increase pressure in the skull causing
painful eyes, changes in vision Shakiness, nervousness Rashes Loss of bladder control, hair
loss and unusual thoughts Symptoms of TB may happen Headaches Pneumonia Cataracts Retinal vascular thrombosis Irregular heartbeat Feeling depressed including
thinking about suicide Psychosis, anorexia, osteoporosis Ringing in the ears Exacerbation of other conditions Loss of consciousness Feeling dependent or addicted
to this product Death Death! If these occur, please
inform your doctor. Right! So if I die,
I will tell my doctor. Death is a side effect! Ha! Ha! [JASON]: I want to make it clear
that I’m not saying that here isn’t a place
for medical intervention because clearly there is. I am not anti-medicine. For example, if you’re in a car
crash and your leg is broken, then clearly a few dream
catchers, an aura cleanse or juice poured all over your leg
are not the first things you need. What you’re probably going to
need is to go to hospital get some proper medical attention. And then after that you might want
some juice or other therapies to support the healing process. But the point is that you need
to achieve the right balance. If I have a chronic disease of
lifestyle, caused by how I eat how I live, how I react to stress
and the toxins in my environment I need to do something about
it that’s different different than going to the mainstream
medical profession. I need to address those causes and the best way to address those
causes is through diet and lifestyle. For the long-term
management of illness you want to wean people off their
medicines and start fixing the patient. [JASON]: The turning point that made me
move away from the medical profession was I’d been offered treatment
after treatment after treatment. Nothing was getting better at all. I think the real crunch for me came
when the dermatologist said “For your psoriasis, what I’d like to do
is put some coal tar treatment on you.” And I said: “Coal tar, that sounds
like stuff you make a road with” He said: “That is what it is!” I said: “You want to put it on my skin?” They said: “Yeah we’ll
put it on your skin put you in hospital for six
weeks and cover you in bandages.” It was at that point, I thought:
“There’s got to be another way.” Up until now I’ve never,
ever read the sheets. They’re there for communication
so people can read about things but they’re horror sheets! Now reading them, reading
the possible side effect as in: can happen on
an every day basis? That’s outrageous! No, I’m seriously considering
what tablets I take, now. [MUSIC] Yesterday my stomach was
acting-up just a little bit, but today I feel right
on form! I really do. [MUSIC] I love being out here in the lake.
It’s so beautiful and peaceful. Hardly anybody takes advantage of it. And when you’re hurting I think it’s the best thing you
could possibly do for yourself. It’s nice to get some alone time. Shoo-be-doo-be-doo! Cheers! I have degenerative disk, so my
lower-back has always bothered me. But I just recently had a
spinal-fusion in my neck. That was actually an
emotional one for me! I was able to do things that I
thought I’d never be able to do with the spinal surgery
and the shoulder surgery. So, it was awesome! Yeah, it’s good to feel,
I’m clearly healing. I can’t wait to do it again! I’ll probably cry again, too. [MUSIC] I still am fighting
a roller coaster battle. I feel like I should be
further along than I am. So it’s just been a really tough for me. Okay, Jon’s Colitis is not clearing up
as rapidly as I first anticipated so as part of the big juice experiment
I’m just going to add in extra juice to see if it makes any difference. It’s based on a study I’ve seen about
cabbage juice and Ulcerative Colitis. Now, John remains very skeptical about
whether this is going to work. He also doesn’t want to drink it cause cabbage is not the nicest
tasting juice in the world. But we are going to mix it
with a little bit of apple. I am blindly optimistic and
again it can’t do any harm but it would be interesting
to see if this works. It looks like a beer that has
too much foam on the top. It’s like not even going away! I guess there’s nothing to do
except for to try it, right? Wait, I think I might have to
actually do this with a straw because there’s so much foam in here. Can I take this foam out, or no? It’s not as bad as I thought
it was going to be it’s really not as bad as
I thought it was going to be. [CLAPPING] There you go. That’s what I did! I like red cabbage in salads. There’s
nothing wrong with that at all. It’s wonderful. Terrific even! Well, there’s a surprise! This journey is all about surprises and another one is I never thought
I’d ever drink a cabbage The mechanism behind all of our
chronic diseases is inflammation. Inflammation is the response to injury. Toxins do cause injury,
injury causes inflammation. If we take a look at what we’ve done
differently, it’s the things we eat. We’ve gotten away from real food. Everything is processed. I mean we don’t eat an apple any more,
we eat applesauce! And it’s loaded up with sugars and preservatives and other sorts of things that are potentially toxic And in my opinion, that dietary change
is the cause of most of these diseases. As we’re consuming modern foods we’re
accumulating toxins within the body. As we accumulate toxins within the body,
we’re becoming prone to illness. And that illness depends on
our genetic predisposition. It depends on where our genetic
weaknesses is in the body. Many of diseases are just
manifestations from the same thing. and the solution is about improving
the nutrient quality of your food detoxifying, and addressing stress
and emotional issues. It just stands to reason
and common sense if the majority of those diseases
are caused by diet and lifestyle then the simple answer, surely, is
to change the diet and lifestyle and then they’ll just get better. Since I’ve been out here I haven’t
had any symptoms which is incredible. I’m just kind of blown away by that. And I actually arrived with
medication the doctor gave me just in case my symptoms flare up. I used to be on it once a month and because my dependancy
has increased so much on it and the few days leading up to
the injection I get quite ill. So I know that it’s time to
take the injection again. But since I’ve come out here
I haven’t needed the injection. Tomorrow will be a week over when
I’m due it and show no symptoms. So, yeah, it’s going well. There’s only one place that we should
be looking for our long term health It’s the same place wild animals
look for health and nutrition It’s nature! We are the only creatures in the
world that cook our food. You don’t see a gorilla with a BBQ! If you were on an island you would find fruits, vegetables,
nuts, seeds and animal protein. Our bodies understand that. You can eat all those that you want
and you will be enormously healthy. Once you start mixing other things in it causes such hormonal
chemical chaos that your body just doesn’t
know what to do with it. If we got back to eating real foods real thing that were made
or grown on the land instead of produced in a factory we would have a better chance
to avoid these toxins and a better chance to avoid
the consequences of inflammation. We should be juicing because so many
people have impaired digestive tracts. And digestion is impaired because
of the diet we’ve been on. Along come your beautiful juices. They
go right into your intestinal tract. And those nutrients get
absorbed into your system. They’re going right to work
within about 20 or 30 minutes. There they’re feeding your body,
rejuvenating, giving you energy giving your body life. This is why you should juice! Juicing is the perfect antithesis
to the failures of the modern diet. I think it is the exact
opposite of a Happy Meal. It is the exact opposite of some
fast-food junk that we’re eating. We’ve heard “you are what you
eat” right? And it’s so true! We eat things that are dehydrated,
that are void of nutrients then we start to look and feel
dehydrated, sickly, void of nutrients. We eat things like fresh green juice that are a plethora of
nutrients and vitamins and hydrates the body,
then you start to look younger. You start to look fresher, you
start to feel more energetic and more passionate and
have more purpose in life because you’re actually
feeling better. Juices are very alkaline, so they
help you detoxify your body which is essential for weight loss
to help you reduce inflammation. And it’s the best way to
get energy and vitality. It’s going to make you
feel like a new person. You’re going to notice
all sorts of improvements you haven’t noticed for,
maybe a long, long time. I was walking with one
hand on my shorts. I can just slip in and out of these
shorts without undoing the buttons. It’s like, I should imagine,
putting on a dress not that I’ve ever done that! Even though, I know I’m going to have to
buy more clothes it’s a lovely feeling. It’s really brilliant! I know I’m doing well now. It’s brilliant. I’ve got space! I got so enthusiastic about juicing,
I saw everything start clearing up. My skin started to improve. My Asthma vanish within a month. I
mean, that was just me personally but within one month after suffering
with it for years and years and years ever since the age of eight, in fact. My Hay fever cleared up.
My Eczema cleared up. My weight just went down at a rate
I didn’t think was humanly possible. I got really evangelical about the
whole thing, as you would do. I set out on a mission to juice the
world and I wrote a book on it. I was giving it to everybody I knew. I said: “Look you’ve
got to try juicing.” Everybody was looking at
me like I had 10 heads! Nobody had really heard about
juicing at the time. I started to get letters and
emails from all over the world. One person would say: “Do you know what?
I did that juicing thing that you said.” “I did it for 7 days you know
my skin started to get better” or “My Fibromyalgia
started to improve,” and there appeared to be every single
common ailment, condition or disease that it was improving in some way. I honestly believe that freshly extracted juice has the potential to help millions
of people all around the world. It’s the most important thing you’ll
ever have happen to your body as far as nutrients coming
to your 100 trillion cells. Because juicing is an immediate
absorption of food values. I know what’s going to happen. It’s going to happen even
after this film goes out. “Where they going to get their protein?” “Where they going to get their calcium?” Let’s look at this logically. You get somebody like Andy who is
suffering so many different diseases. He is morbidly obese and
then somebody would say “Where are you going
to get your calcium?” as if this was an issue for him
at any given time of his life! The irony is that when somebody
starts doing this people panic that they’re going
to be nutrient deficient. If I wasn’t here and I
hadn’t been on juice I couldn’t do what I’ve just done! It’s like I came through the doors and
Andrew Morris’ spirit came through and my body was left outside. If juice diet is dangerous, what
I’d like for them to do is for a week, I’ll take the juice
diets and they can take my tablets. And then they can tell me
what they think after that. That’s all I’ve got to
say on that matter! Ten, nine, eight, seven, six five, four, three, two, one. Doing juicing is brilliant. It’s given me so much energy. It’s made me think about what I’m going
to eat when I’m finished juicing. Because you’re not
thinking about — well, you are thinking
about food all the time but because you’ve been so
long without the bad food all you start craving is the good
food which is really, really good. There are some people that will say:
“When they eat normally again they’re going to gain all the weight
back and they might get sick again.” Well that depends on what
their idea of normal is. We each remember that their normal
diet made them overweight, made them incredibly
sick to begin with. We’ve got this 28 days that, hopefully,
is going to see massive improvements. And when they leave, if they go
back to their old normal diet well of course, they’re
going to return to normal. In fact even worse because they were
going in an awful direction. When we have talks about lifestyle
changes and what we’re going to eat we’re actually talking
about very healthy foods. Salads, bean, and legumes, and rice and avocados and
just wonderful things. Most people would think you’re
here, unable to eat food you’re going to be craving chocolate,
and chips and all those awful things. No, I think because your body’s
getting the nutrients so it’s craving nutritious
food not junk food. You’re not in that vicious cycle. We’re all talking about
amazing food changes and swapping recipes for really
good healthy, whole foods. When they start to
eat “normally” again what should they look
for on the label? The label! If you find any food with the label
on, then maybe that’s the problem. whatever you’re going to eat you’ve got to ask yourself
this simple question: “Is it low human intervention food?” How many humans have interfered with
this food before it came to me? [TOILET FLUSHING] So I’ve actually felt really, really
good these last couple of days. Everything seems like it’s finally
starting to work itself out. I actually had 4 normal bowel
movements in the last 3 days which for me is incredible. It just seems like everything is sorting
itself out and I feel a lot better. People are even mentioning it to me like, he way that you’re sitting
and the way that you’re acting you just look better overall. And I feel better, I feel happy and I just feel like everything
is starting to work out and I think this Colitis can
ultimately go into remission or I would like to say “cure”. I’m just really happy and nothing is
going to change that at this point. Three, two, one, go! – Go for it.
– Go on Roger! My word, he’s flying! [MUSIC] Before we climbed up the stairs I took one puff before, kind
of to prevent to have to use it. That’s what I do when I run now,
I just have it a bit before. [MUSIC] Is it cold? – It’s awesome! Yeah I bet it is pretty freezing! – Come on bro! Daaah! S##t! That’s so cold! – Is that a fish? I feel weird because I’m in a lake and I’ve never been
in a lake until today. Makes me feel brilliant! That’s my English for you! It’s scary though. I feel fish everywhere, and
all kind of stuff! Are you going across? Huh? [SPLUTTERING] Are you going going across? If I don’t killed by a speedboat
in the meantime. I want to do it again. [MUSIC] I just pick an organic orange off the
tree, and juiced it and this is the result from one
orange, I’ve drunk half of it already. It’s absolutely delicious. Tastes nothing like orange juice
that you buy in a carton that’s for sure. [MUSIC] I’ve had loads of highs
and lows but mostly highs. And they seemed to outweigh the lows
so I just feels so much better. How do I see the future? Inhaler free, maybe? And organic, definitely! Everything is going to completely
change when I go home. There’s no way I’m going
back to the way that I was. No way! It’s just not going to happen. Everyone’s going to be healthy
when I get home we’re going to go out for walks,
we’re going to do things as a family rather than my partner and
the kids doing something then I wait at home for
them to come back. I’m actually going to go out and
do it and just enjoy my life. [MUSIC] [BIRDSONG] [MUSIC] I actually feel really good. To start off, if I was really
out of breath. I couldn’t catch my breath and then
I just carried on through I felt really good, surprisingly! Well, actually I’m kind of
impressed with my progress. I walk and I do the treadmill
a little bit at home but I never would have been
able to do this. I’m feeling great. And despite the few upill stretches,
I’m not too out of breath. We’re like we’re going to enjoy this
walk, take it easy, she’s my buddy. No pressure to walk fast or
be in the front. It just kind of sunk in today that
we’re going home pretty soon. So you want to enjoy the moment. I couldn’t walk 50 yards. I just done 10km! How weird is that? A few weeks before I came out here
I was laid off from work because I couldn’t walk very far. I stepped out a bit! And it really feels brilliant! I said I’d be bloody tired, didn’t I? So here I am, very tired,
or exhausted even! I’d love to do it again, though! You know it seems really odd that we have reached the stage
in 21st century medicine and we are still at the point that we call Alternative Medicine
anything other than medical drugs. Nobody even questions that. Surely, the number one doctor
is to first of all do no harm. So surely, we should try
plant-based medicine first and then if that doesn’t work
we should seek an alternative to what is obvious and the alternative should
be medical drugs. It shouldn’t be the other way around. I think when it comes to looking
after your health you have the power to do it. You’re the one that knows your
body better than anybody else. I think when we are really healthy,
life becomes about nourishing. Nourishing yourself on a mental level nourishing yourself on an emotional
level, nourishing your body. If you nourish all your defences and
you nourish all your systems and you nourish your immune system
and you nourish your brain cells and the body is detoxed, how
can you feel but better? When you look at the fact that
the food that you eat really creates the life that you
live, everything starts to change. Juice every day. This has got to be a way of life because that’s when you’re going
to notice your life changes. This is the bottom line to health,
start doing it on a daily basis. You’ll never regret it. It’s the ultimate way to feed your
hundred trillion internal cells. The ultimate way, there is
nothing else that duplicates it. You will never know how good you can
feel until you give juicing a try. One of the the main reasons
I did this documentary was because of my mother’s situation. I’m not saying for one second that
this is some kind of cure for cancer. Nor am I saying it’s
a cure for anything. But what I am saying is that
I strongly believe that the way that we are currently
treating lifestyle diseases is flawed on so many levels. In fact, it’s completely wrong. I just feel, if you just do two very
simple straightforward things you simply remove the toxicity
coming in, the rubbish and replace the deficiencies
and the body just heals itself. [MUSIC] That’s right, it’s Day 28
at the Juicy Oasis Camp! I’m your host, Lewis Bray. Day 28. Wow! It’s Day 28! I’ve been only on juice for 28 days
now and finally I’m there! Day 28, ridiculous! I feel on top of the world. And I feel great. I feel fantastic. I still feel fantastic. I’m able to do far more
than I ever could before. I’m really pleased with myself. The results from this experiment
has absolutely astounded me, and I’m going to be a juicer for life. This just four weeks out of my life
has changed the rest of my life. That’s all I can say. And I’m not being paid to say it. I see now things that I’ve
always wanted to do. I actually feel that I can do them. I’ve missed the kids like mad but they’re getting a happier,
healthier mom in four weeks. That’s crazy! And when I go home I really don’t
know what I’m going to eat! I’ve been only on juice 28 days. I feel great. 28 days, a month, four weeks. I’ve had nothing to eat. I haven’t… let me get this word right “mas”…”masqueraded”…”mastica” Anyway, I’m not going any
further on that word. I’m excited. I really am excited for the future. This month has given me a future. [MUSIC] The weight I was really, really
surprised with – 17kg, 38lbs. This was my last opportunity. It was either going to be a gastric
bypass or a gastric band. This is what I needed to finally go home
and sort myself out for the last time. This is, been one of the
best experiences of life. I didn’t think I would get as
much out of it as I have. It’s just been amazing. I’m so, so lucky. I’ve got the tools and the
knowledge from being here I know that I can do this at home. I’ve had high cholesterol
for probably 15 years. It’s almost half of what
it was a month ago. That was one of my big concerns,
and the blood sugar and that’s all within normal range. The blood pressure’s normal rate. And of course the weight
is an awesome plus. I lost 20lbs. I came with a lower back pain,
kidney pain, hip pain that I’ve for a very long time. Shoulder pain, neck pain. Most of pain had been for
well over a decade. A lot of went away the first week
and the rest, it’s all gone. I’m looking forward to getting
home and having everybody see. Even if I don’t say anything, they’re
going to see the difference in me. It would be impossible hide it. I have dropped 33lbs which
is really, really good. My overall health and how I feel
has just become much better. I don’t crave foods to
make me feel better. I don’t crave chocolate. So excited to hopefully
inspire someone who’s sat on the couch eating a packet
of crisp and wishing they weren’t. And I hope they feel: “Well if
he can do it, I can do it!” My conditions have changed dramatically. My Ulcerative Colitis, I would like to
say I’m going to cure myself of it but it was a really
long journey there. It took it took me like 20 days to
actually even start feeling better. But now I actually see the light. I truly believe that, for me,
specifically the cabbage juice it really has made a
world of difference. You know, I guess the message is
if you really want to be better take control of your health,
do whatever it takes And even if you want to
give, don’t give up. Drink your juice and you
know you’ll be fine. And I think, if you do that then you’ll be able to take your
health back and take your life back. Over the 28 days I lost almost 8kg. My cholesterol went down from
6.7 to 5.9, that’s good. My allergies have improved. For the Asthma part when I started
I was running 4 minutes, painfully and now I run about 30 minutes and
I’ve increased my speed quite a bit. And I walked 20km. So the results are great. I’m just more energized and motivated. My cramps and the inflammation
stomach has gone down so I haven’t needed the injection
at all since I’ve been here. I’ve gone from being
on all this medication for the doctors being
backed up against the wall to not being on any medication at all. So, I’m not as dependent on medication
as I originally thought or even the doctors thought. I definitely feel better for this experience. This has just been life-changing, 100%. I’ve been able to come
off all of my medication. Because of some of the
meds I was hypoglycemic. I have no hypoglycemia at all now. I have no shakes, no
fainting fits, nothing! And it’s life-changing for me. It’s wonderful. You can only do yourself
a favour if you try this. It’s the best food you
can put into yourself and the fastest way you can
get healthy, without question. I’m taking away fantastic experience
and a great deal of knowledge and what I believe is the ability
to maintain my long-term health. And while I may still be 67,
I certainly don’t feel it. My results, I was well happy! First of all this morning, I jumped
on the weighing scale and I found that I lost 38lbs,
which I’m really chuffed about! I arrived as a Diabetic, I’m
leaving with no sign of diabetes. The CPAP machine for Sleep Apnea
is now a door weight because it’s no good to me at all. If I didn’t change then I really
wouldn’t of lasted much longer. I would have probably added
another year, two years in it. But that would be it. I would have been dead and it
would be too late to juice. This four weeks has
really saved my life. That’s a juice! That really is a juice! The results have been phenomenal. Yes, the end of the 28-day
experiment for sure but I really hope this
isn’t the end for them. I hope this is the beginning
of a life-long change. I hope they picked up the tools they
learned while they’ve been here and they really take charge
of their own health and understand that their
health, from this point on really is in their own hands. To notice the big improvement in
such a small amount of time I just want to get home
and carry on, I feel amazing. 200% better, I feel great,
I feel energized! Now I feel like I’m on a course
to get progressively better and all these amazing results really
give me the momentum to do that. I truly feel like I’m
100% right now which I have not felt
100% in probably 25 years. That’s pretty incredible. I’m looking forward to trying to maintain a healthy
lifestyle when I get back and just keep healthy basically. I feel like my attitude towards
medication has changed. I know that I can go a month
without my medication and it’s kind of the start of
something beautiful, I think. So, I’m kinda delighted. My overall health has just improved
beyond all recognition. Health and happiness those are the 2 main symptoms
that I’m suffering from and that’s terrific for me! And now my journey has
really saved my life. There’s no “if”s, “and”s, or “but”s. It’s fact! It really has and a lot changed my life. This is absolutely fantastic! I’m on the start line of the biggest
half-marathon in the world. In June, I couldn’t walk 300 yards,
and I’m now about to do 13 miles. The library of information that I
have been reading for 10 years trying to get better. Every book that I bought and every
little thing that I went for I thought, “OK, this
is going to be it.” And this actually is it! The doctor was concerned that
I wasn’t on medication and he said that I will never be able
to cure my Crohn’s disease with food. He said that point blank. And then he followed up by saying:
“By the way, your results are there’s no evidence of Crohn’s
disease in your gut.” I’m not having any of
the pain or problems. The cabbage juice has really
been a miracle for me. Well, now there’s a funny old story! Once we had the interviews at the end of the 4 weeks Jason said, “What was I going to do?” And I couldn’t think of anything
else but staying, really. Now we’ve started, I’d really
like to see it through. Well, as you know, I had
2 suitcases coming out. One was for the tablets,
the other one was my clothes. Now, as I said previously
I was taking 40 tablets a day. But when I actually counted them up
it was actually 52 tablets a day. Now Jason did want me to go
home with just one suitcase and that was my clothes, obviously. But unfortunately, still I do
have to take two suitcases. One is my clothes. And a second one, well, the second
one, I actually have here and that’s my tablets, so, yeah,
I got two tablets a day now I’m on. So I’ve lost 50 tablets somewhere and
I’m feeling absolutely fantastic. So, yeah! Here we go!

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