Jay Leno Talks Cholesterol, Comedy And Life After Late-Night | TODAY

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46 thoughts on “Jay Leno Talks Cholesterol, Comedy And Life After Late-Night | TODAY

  1. I wish him well. Yes I am upset about the whole Conan thing. You should read his book, Lead with my chin and it will give you a whole new respect for him. He didn't go the Ivy League route like Conan did. He also has done many nice things for financially unfortunate people yet he doesn't publicize that because he's modest.

  2. I really think what happened with Conan wasn’t Jay’s fault. Jay simply did what he was asked to do from NBC. NBC deserves all the blame.

  3. my Cholesterol is so high, (been that way all my life), that the meter/scale doesn't go up that high. My blood pressure atm is a cool number team line-up, first time my numbers came up all even 200/100 with 100 bpm, not too bad for just sitting here doing nothing, most of the time is way higher. Triglyceride is out of this planet, oh my die,t same for many many, years, wild salmon, self caught/bought, all veggies, organic chicken, beans, nuts, fruits, tiny bit of jasmine rice, no fast food at all, well I did get and eat a bowl of Ivar's calm chowder the other day…5"11 198lbs 65yo. Hopefully Jay can shine some knowledge on this world wide medical issue…Cholesterol the enemy. Told wife to shoot me like a lame horse if I had a stroke, she agreed… I'm like geessh, don't agree so fast. Body in motion stays healthier in over-all, then idle body, keep moving folks…I do, has it help, I don't know, I'm still among the living that's all I know for sure. Maybe pot has kept alive…hmmm or maybe smoking pot causes Cholesterol, who knows…let you know when I get to the other side. … oh oh best part, no meds ever, well till last year.. when all I heard was these words out of a 45 min visit, 'You have an autoimmune disease which there's no cure" well big pharma got me now, almost blind from the meds now, from 20/20 vision…we are all doomed, guess it comes from drinking million year old water.

  4. Late night TV has been going down hill since Johnny Carson kicked the bucket. It has reached a new low with the current crop.

  5. Saw Jay Leno here in Houston/Sugarland in 2017……. I/We have never laughed so much. Clean show, no vulgarity, just FUNNY. Interesting stories. If you ever get the chance to see him, you will thank HIM for being there.

  6. Unfortunately giving the wrong information on cholesterol, watch this video to learn the Truth https://youtu.be/JkZvFjW82Mk

  7. Jay is right on! I haven't watched a late night show in over 5 years and it has gotten worse in the past 3 years with Trump derangement syndrome in full effect!

  8. I like Jay, but cholesterol is an important evolutionary trait that actually keeps you alive. Its the consumption of starches, fruits and sugars that is causing the problem. You need fat. Lots of it.
    Plant based diets are deadly.
    We did not evolve to eat them. We evolved to eat animal fats and lots of it.
    Look up Ketogenic diets.
    I am in my early 50's. I've lost 80+ lbs since May 2018 eating a diet of 70% fat 25% protein and only 5% carbohydrates and sugars.
    Fat my friends. Its whats for breakfast lunch and dinner.
    You cannot win an argument with 500,000 years of evolution.

  9. I absolutely love Jay Leno and I agree with his statements. That said, these are different times, and if he was still doing the Tonight Show, it would be hard to avoid the Trump material. It basically writes itself.

  10. Jay Leno IS great, which makes me even sadder seeing him on such a superficial, 10th grade level. He could have so much fun w/ Strzok, Q, Occasional Cortex…. Bill Hicks would be ecstatic, watching all those Marketing-infused talking heads sending themselves over a cliff.

  11. Eat fermented foods like Sauerkraut and Kimchi to fight cholesterol. Watch Dr. Rohnda Patrick on the Joe Rogan Podcast talking about heart disease.

  12. Still waiting for Jay to come back as a comedy host! No one currently is better than Jay in late night comedy!!! NBC just didn't have any smart executive to see the fact. What happened with Conan was definitely not Jay's fault! Conan's talent simply could not live up to Jay's level, period.

  13. Late-night talk shows are all now blatant propaganda arms of the Democrat party. It's not as if Republicans and conservatives don't like to unwind and watch some late-night shows, but now it just gets their blood pressure up, instead of being a comedic relief from the news and the daily grind. I'm quite sure this is reflected in their ratings. I'm guessing Leno used to get much higher ratings than all of them combined. No wonder he doesn't miss it. If he was in it now, he'd have to be on the Trump-hate bandwagon, even though he prides himself on being impartial. Now late shows are just trashing half the country.

  14. Sellouts. Cholesterol is not in plants. Eat plants= no bad cholesterol = do no harm= increase your quality of life=starve the pharmacutical companies=help the environment for starters. Jay Leno maybe a great guy buy he is also a paid spokesperson for AMGEN.

  15. Jay Leno = biggest d-bag in Hollywood. And that is from the majority of comedians who have worked with him or have seen him or have ever dealt with him the past 30 years.

  16. Jay Leno is a very wealthy man. Fine, he has earned it from a lot of hard work. But seriously, a paid spokesperson?

  17. Shut the F**k up you ugly old fart! You couldn’t stop making jokes over the Clinton/Lewinsky affair for years being part of destroying that woman‘s life. F‘ you Leno!

  18. 0:55 Have you Changed your diet? Leno: No.
    Jay, you need to eliminate sugar and flour from your diet. That's the narrative that needs to be promoted. Refined foods are a killer.

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