Jeff Kessler from Allergy Associates of La Crosse Explains Allergies and Wellness

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Allergy solutions brought to you by the
leaders in allergy care, Allergy Associates of La Crosse. Research is
showing in health risk assessments that many organizations are doing, nowadays,
are showing that allergies are the number one cause of productivity loss
for employers. Well, allergies can impact both your
bottom line in terms of costs that you have, an individual or an organization, to
pay for the costs of the allergies. It typically means more trips to the
doctor’s office for sinus infections, ear infections, respiratory infections. By
addressing their allergies with the allergy drop treatment, they’re able to
get at the overall cost reducing that significantly over time, so it ends up
being a very good investment of their healthcare dollars in reducing their
overall expenses. At the same time, improving their quality of life. For more
than 40 years, Allergy Associates of La Crosse has provided effective,
innovative, allergy treatment.

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