Jet Ski to Beachcomber Island – Fiji

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You guys, I am in Fiji
for my next adventure Look how gorgeous it is here We have a beautiful sunny day after a few days of overcast, so… I think it’s time to do some activities Or some…
Daventures! What I’ve got in the menu Is a jet ski tour I am super stoked about this Now, I’m hoping to get to a floating restaurant called Cloud 9 but… I don’t know, if the wind picks up… We may just have to settle for a private island Thank you! Thank you
Vinaka Well, I have officially arrived at Beachcomber Island didn’t get to go to Cloud 9 a little bit choppy today but, look at this place
It’s amazing And the water is awesome
Going snorkeling later Yeah, speaking of choppy It caused the trunks to ride up a little bit if you know what i mean And if you don’t know what I mean my trunks basically turned into a mankini and my upper thighs are probably sunburnt Yeah… But… Ordered a rum cocktail
the rum is awesome here This one’s called a Dora the Explorer Thought it was a little bit appropriate Delicious I like tuwtles Ooh… That was close It’s sad, but uh… have to get back on the jet skis
and back to the mainland Thank you, Fiji
This is awesome I wish I could do something with my hair WOOO Now THAT was an adventure Thank you so much for taking it with me Subscribe to see more I’ll be posting at least once a week Take care

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