Joaquin Phoenix & Extinction Rebellion partner on ‘Guardians of Life’ film

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(heartbeat) – Clear a path! – What do we got, who knows the history? – Wildfires approaching,
she was frantic, collapsed. – There’s more. Discharged from
four artery bypass yesterday. EMS just brought her in? – All right, somebody draw
labs and get a blood gas. – What happened? – Intubated on the way, CPR ongoing. – Very low pulse. – Doesn’t sound good. – It’s a clear post-op infection. – Pipelines all clogged and ruptured. – Temperature is rising out of control. – Gotta open this chest up. – She’s probably bleeding.
Probably in tamponade. – Sterile drape! – Take over. Betadine? – Need wire cutter. All right cutting wires, need some help! – Clean hands opening chest. – Gotta lower the body temp. (liquid squirting) – That’s a lot of blood. – There’s a lot more damage than that. – All right, somebody clean this up! (beeping) – Start internal cardiac massage. – Give me an amp of Epi. – An amp of bicarb. – Paddles! – Heart’s not moving. – Paddles! – How much? – Charge to a hundred. – Clear. (shocking) (charging) (shocking) – The heart’s not pumping. – Keep massaging. – Still nothing. – Still no cardiac activity. – Does anybody feel a pulse anywhere? – Keep massaging. – It’s not working. – We have systemic heart failure. – Heart’s not pumping. – They’re gone, doc. – You wanna call it? – Doctor. – We’re done. – We have systemic failure. – Time of death? Midnight. – One, one thousand. Two, one
thousand. Three, one thousand. One, one thousand. Two, one
thousand. Three, one thousand. One, one thousand, two, one thousand, three, one thousand. One, one thousand, two, one thousand… (heartbeat) (beeping) (steady beeping) (heartbeat)

84 thoughts on “Joaquin Phoenix & Extinction Rebellion partner on ‘Guardians of Life’ film

  1. Visceral. Please keep putting these out until people are truly affected and make decisions and changes in their lives to help reverse the damage. Even if those changes are small. Great short film.

  2. Unacceptable cruelty to put anything dying through that frenetic, ego-driven shitshow. Some decency please. Sit quietly, reflect. Stop with the gadgets and the hopium and the can-do nonsense. People die and so do planets.

  3. Absolutely brilliant.. Not only is man of the moment Joaquin a vegan activist he's an XR contributor too. That's the kind of celeb worth noticing. 🌱✊🌍

  4. I had tears in my eyes by the end! Let's hope it does the same for those who aren't effected yet by the data, the science, or the observable evidence.

  5. I can't bare to watch all the animals and sacred places die,life on earth will have lost all meaning for whatever life remains. The rich and powerful must be stopped,because they'll never stop on their own.

  6. I live in Australia and i can tell you now the fires are no where near as bad as that ridiculous animation. Probably 0.1% of the area portrayed.

  7. Another Hollywood luvee telling the rest of us how to live whilst driving around in their £100k Tesla and flying to Acapulco for their vegan lunch

  8. Thought it was about getting inside people to get their hearts working… Waking up… You don't have to wait for your body to die before youre spiritually awakened. And we can't wait for The Mother to die before we wake the fuck up!!

  9. Donate while the 1% truly responsible is watching ? who is behind amazon and extinction rebellion? this is propaganda. i don't say do not help, i say do not donate to those organisations that are the fucking system and kills the planet. be clever please.

  10. Small individual changes can add up to be transformative (food choices, energy use, etc.) but to truly make a huge impact must end abject poverty and have the fruits of green technology benefit everyone so that we can shrink our carbon footprint.

  11. I can’t not cry when I watch this… The future of all life on earth is hanging in the balance, it sounds dramatic but it happens to be true… Going plant-based is only the beginning, but if people don’t start there won’t be a beginning just an ending… And I love this planet and all of its species and I’m sorry humans are so young and dumb but we are and it’s time for us to wake up and not roll over and go back to sleep. There is precious little time left. Thank you Joaquin Phoenix and everyone involved in this project… As a supporter an activist for extinction rebellion all I can say to those of you who are already trying and already on a path where you’re doing so much all we can do is keep trying.

  12. i like the message but that was some incredibly mediocre acting/directing, people that dont affiliate with xr already wont be convinced by this

  13. It's so hopeful to see such messages of enormous significance made by people of Donald Trump's country. Keep going people, let's save the world. ACT. NOW.

  14. Esplêndido… Não possuo vocabulário para descrever o qual impactante é para mim, ver que não são apenas uma parte da população brasileira que esta preocupada como o destino da Amazônia, o mundo está. Apenas parabéns aos envolvidos o curta é magnifico.

  15. Thats a crazy cast you got there. Nice to know that good natured and intelligent people exist in this show bussiness shitty thing we ve been seeing the last years.

  16. How the heck do you expect to be taken seriuosly with science fiction videos? Everyone with half a brain knows how hunter-gatherers are the sustainable people on on this planet. You are not, your movement is not.
    Gail Bradbrook travelled to South America to do an Ayahuasca ritual…what a load of shit!
    The Ayahusca ritiuals were industrialised for tourists and this lost mental case took part is all that was.
    All you people need to understand;
    In industrial society, every single person is a crime against nature.
    The people who are not destroying our natural planet are non-industrial.
    What can we learn from them?

  17. We need a solution, please look at Rewards4Earth™ – it is the solution as pointing out the problem is not a solution, please help!

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