John McKeon talks with Dave Maruna Trane at the NAHB International Builders Show

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okay well welcome to day two of the
International Builders Show in Las Vegas and we’re now down at the Trane booth
and I’m here with the senior vice president of marketing David Murana we
had a really interesting day here yesterday with Matt Risinger where
we gave a presentation about some of the value proposition of the newly certified
tranquility products and clean effects so it’s gonna have a chat with Dave here
– Dave and maybe you might just start off by telling us why you felt it was
really important at this stage of your company’s growth and new strategy to get
involved in the certification program so obviously many people know that Trane is
trusted and one of the most reliable brands in HVAC but we’re always looking
for ways to differentiate our services and our products so we were very excited
to partner with Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America we now happily
tell everyone that we talk to that we have the first certified whole house
filtration system and our clean effects system not only helps families with
allergies, it a lso filters down to a point one micron which means people
actually dust less in their homes so it’s a very exciting value add for us
super super and obviously the certification program
that joint venture of Allergy Standards the international standards organization
and then that really crucial link up with community through the asthma and allergy
foundation and storytelling, physician activation. Did you feel that’s an
important part of it to have both the science and then that that engagement
the storytelling and making making the technology real that people can
understand I do I do I mean the one thing that both of your teams do
extremely well is help take complex scientific information about the human
body and health and make it simple easy to digest easy to understand and help
guide consumers to the best choice in the market super super well I said where
you’re really really impressive booth here today you’ve done a fantastic job
of setting up you can hear in the background as tons of meetings and
people explaining around the technology of the product. Do you feel that the
certification has resonated and hasn’t been a key theme of your booth this year.
Absolutely it resonates we just have to do more to tell the story more and more
and more because it’s a wonderful service it provides so much value and
people think about the home as a holistic solution we need to be able to
go in and make sure that that home is healthy and that all the
air inside the home is healthy the fact that resonates with me the most is that
humans spend 90% of their time indoors and because they sleep in their homes
70% of that is in the home so if we can make a change in the home we can have a
big impact. That’s fantastic that’s fantastic and there seems to be a
theme running out many of the trade shows that I’ve been to this year’s
Consumer Electronics Show and then now build the show kitchen and bath show
about healthy home indoor air quality and rather talk about technology of
products they’re really talking about people and putting the human that human
centered design and the way people actually live in those buildings at the
center of their messaging is that something you would agree with there’s
gonna be a key trend of this show I completely agree
my whole department has been studying the trends in wellness and if you look
at the global Wellness Institute for example they think that the collision
between wellness and building construction could be one of the biggest
growth markets for the next five to ten years. Okay well listen we’re gonna wrap
up here I know you’re very busy got tons of meetings here but maybe I’ll leave
the final word to you you had a fantastic expression you told me
yesterday about protecting things maybe if you could just close with that I’ll
give you the final word so I wish I could have taken credit for inventing
this line but if you think of the home it’s an important place right it’s where
you store important things that have value to you important things like your
family so let’s make sure those families can at least breathe healthy air. That’s
fantastic David thank you very much you

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