Jugo curativo para el asma de solo dos ingredientes muy sencillo de preparar en casa

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Asthma is a condition that hinders breathing, it also produces a sensation of choking, coughing and wheezing, this occurs mainly because the airways or bronchi swell and narrow making it difficult for the air to pass, a reaction that occurs because of allergens such as example pollen, mites, animals, etc. The good news is that there are natural juices that will help you avoid asthma attacks such as the juice that today we will show you. The necessary ingredients are: – 4 peeled and chopped carrots
– 2 peeled and chopped beets Before we start we must peel, chop and wash the ingredients very well, then we process each one of these in the juice processor, the carrots and the beets, if you do not have juice extractor you can do it in a blender just make sure to add water and filter the content at the end. When we finish processing the ingredients we will obtain this natural healing juice. This drink should be taken twice a day maximum to notice its benefits in the body. Carrots are a great food to dissipate excessive mucus, also provides vitamin C and beta-carotene that improves the capacity of the lungs thus decreasing respiratory problems, beets in turn provides nitrates which improve blood oxygenation and capacity pulmonary. Although this juice can be very healthy it is not recommended in people with kidney stones, otherwise do not worry if your urine comes out reddish due to the pigmentation of the beet. So if you have asthma do not hesitate to try this natural juice and tell us what you think. We hope this video has been useful for you, remember that your opinion is very important, so rate, comment and share and if you have not yet subscribed subscribe every day we upload new videos.

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