Jugo medicinal para tratar la bronquitis en casa de manera natural con ingredientes sencillos

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Bronchitis is a condition characterized by inflammation of the airways, which can cause symptoms such as chest pressure, shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing. This is presented by a virus that spreads easily through the air. Although it is a condition that is usually solved within a few days, today in Todo en salud we will show you a juice that can help you speed up your recovery. The necessary ingredients are:
– 1 green apple, chopped and seeded – 1 handful of parsley
– 1 small chopped broccoli – 2 stalks of celery
Before we start we must prepare the ingredients, picking them and washing them, then we pass each one of these by the juice extractor, the apple, the parsley, the celery and the broccoli, if you do not have juice processor you can do it in a blender just make sure to add water and strain the content at the end. When we finish processing the ingredients we will obtain this healthy juice. This juice should be taken two glasses a day, until you feel a complete improvement. The apple contains properties that fight the histamines that are triggers of bronchitis, the parsley helps reduce the symptoms of bronchitis, on the other hand the broccoli contains antioxidants that together with the celery that is a great diuretic will help to eliminate the radicals free and viruses that may be triggering this condition. As you can see this natural juice can be of great benefit, so do not hesitate to try it and tell us what you think. We hope this video has been useful for you, remember that your opinion is very important, so rate, comment and share and if you have not yet subscribed, subscribe every day upload new videos.

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