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hello my loves
Welcome to this new video in which we are going to talk about eggs,
Know that there is a thousand and one use eggs, it is very beneficial for
health, but before entering the the subject, if you are new
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I tell you about it in. Several contexts, for your intimate care, use of the
shell, boiling it, for your cosmetic care and much more
We often hear that it is necessary to limit its egg consumption because these would be
raised to “bad” cholesterol and would favor the incidence of cardiovascular diseases. It is
wrong! First, let’s put things in order
: the egg is not a source of “bad” cholesterol ! Of course, egg yolk is one of the foods
which contains the highest amount of cholesterol (about 370 mg per egg), but this one does not
not stay in the body. And for good reason, the cholesterol found in foods is
partially absorbed by the intestine (at about 25% height). It’s the liver that
produces almost all of the cholesterol blood (75%), dietary intake
is therefore negligible. Egg consumption does not could therefore be held responsible
a high level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood. “Bad cholesterol” is
the result of over-production of the organism from an unbalanced diet, rich
saturated fatty acids (butter, cream, cheese, yogurt, fat …) 
The egg, on the contrary, is a treasure nutritional! The proof in 7 points:
* Good for the line In addition to being very low in calories (about
90 calluses for an egg), the egg is one of the most complete food: it is rich
in protein (so rich in amino acids essential), vitamin A, D, E, K, B2
and N12, in minerals, magnesium, phosphorus and in potassium. He is also known to be
what is called an appetite suppressant. A true slimming ally!
* Good for the sight The egg is rich in lutein and zeaxanthin,
two antioxidants of the carotenoid family, known to protect the eyes from aging. 
* Good for the brain The health of our brain also depends on
what we put on our plate! Rich in vitamin B, eggs boost our
brain, help us stay focused and memorize! 
* Good for pregnant women Nutritious treasure, the egg contains all
the nutrients a pregnant woman needs and his baby. 
* Good for hair Eggs are rich in protein, vitamin B
and zinc, effective for rebuilding and repair damaged tissue. Masks to
eggs help with hair growth and reinforce them. Try our hair mask
with eggs, honey went Vera and lemon! * Against breast cancer
According to a study published by the school of Harvard Public Health in 1999, eggs and
their high content of carotenoids and vitamin A, C and E would protect against breast cancer. 
* All right Yes, you talk to a lover of eggs,
hard boiled eggs, soft-boiled eggs, eggs dish and many egg-based dishes:
soufflés, flans, quiches, omelets, pancakes, pasta with eggs …
Too easy to decline the egg, for happiness of my taste buds (and yours I am
safe !) Little tip: to know if your eggs are
fresh, put them in a glass of water. If they flow, it’s a sign that they are
fresh and of good quality. If they float … So here we are Thank you for watching this news
video until the end, I tell you a very soon for new videos
Kisses b

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