[K-POP NEWS] Hyuk VIXX still perform in concert after operation

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Korean pop news the epics– has undergone surgery for retinal detachment and recovered normally according to jellyfish entertainment at the end of august hyuk began to feel uncomfortable in his eyes after visiting the hospital he was diagnosed with retinal detachment retinal detachment is a condition in which the retinal part of the eye detaches from its normal position in the inner wall of the eyeball this condition is classified as emergency and can cause permanent blindness if not treated immediately if you up cancelled all schedules and underwent emergency surgery fortunately the operation went successfully however he will continue to attend vixx concerts on September 28th and 29th after sufficient discussion between the company the artists and the specialists in charge of the operation do not want to make fans worried Hyuk shared his latest photo and said that he was Pollock and okay thank you for watching ke styles

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