Kapha Dosha Remedies 👃🏼 💨 Double Inhale Breathing Pranayama

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hey guys my name is Clare this is Clareminded this is Kapha dosha remedies and we are going to be the doing the double
inhale breath pranayama whenever you guys are ready go ahead and
hop on your mat or chair whatever’s comfortable for you you’re sitting on a
mat you can use a bolster or a blanket under your hips appear on a chair
perfect we’re going to be doing the double inhale pranayama breath and this
is great for kapha season and kapha dosha remedies because the double
inhale breath you’re bringing in double the inhale so you’re bringing in double
to prana which means your body is getting super oxygenated and it’s gonna
give you some extra energy so it’s gonna counteract any lethargy because you’re
inhaling you’re bringing in all this life-force this prana that your energy
your attitude is just gonna naturally lift up so first I’m gonna demonstrate
what we’re going to do we’re going to do a short practice together and then we’ll
do the full set at the end so basically how we start we’re going to start with
our palms facing up just on our lap or our knees and the double inhale we’re
going to lift our hands with us as we breathe in so we’ll breathe in through
our nose and out through out mouth so as we inhale we’ll lift our hands up to our
shoulders to start and then the second inhale up to the top of the head bring
the hands and just very naturally your palms will want to flip over and then
exhale through your mouth flip your palms up inhale second inhale pulls your
palms over exhale through the mouth so one more time like that palms face up
first inhale second inhale exhale through the mouth palms face down so this is what the double inhale breath is
we’re bringing in that double oxygen so your palms will naturally want to full
as you lift them up they’re gonna naturally want to fold down and just go
at your own pace your own speed here so we’re going to do a round of 10 just
nice and slow just to get a little bit more practice of the double inhale
breath so palms facing up relax your shoulders lengthen your spine and then
gently pull your belly in just take one full inhale
and a full exhale nice and slow we’ll begin together double inhale breath two
more take a breath in full exhale out so that was just a nice little practice to
get acquainted with a double inhale breath so remember you can always is
either slow the breath down or speed it up as we do the longer set we’re gonna
do 50 in a row we’re gonna start nice and slow like we did in the practice
round and then we’re gonna pick up our speed about halfway and if you the speed
is going too quick don’t worry you can go at your own pace but focus on
breathing in through the nose the double and exhale through the mouth
as you go down so now we’re going to just take in to full inhales full
exhales and then we do a round of 50 together palms facing up to start relax
your shoulders full breath in full exhale out one more just like that starting nice and slow on our double
inhale breath picking up the pace a Last 5. inhale all the way up and
hold your hands in the air hold your breath at the top hold hold
hold squeeze mula bandha, sex organs, pull the navel in, hold your breath and then exhale gently lower your hands
down take a nice breath in relax your hands
on your lap for your knees pull exhale out we’re more cleansing inhale and pull
exhale nice beautiful job I know for me I feel
very alive and energized this Kapha dosha remedies are super amazing to give you some extra energy you might want to have some tissue nearby in case
your nose it’s a little bit stuffy it’s totally okay to do this even when it’s
stuffy it’s actually better because you’re increasing some movement you’re increasing oxygen so it’s gonna help clear any congestion that you got
going on in your nose so the double inhale breath pranayama is amazing
you’re igniting yourself with this extra prana and which is going to stimulate
your body your insides your organs and it’s ultimately gonna help lift your
kapha dosha up by bringing in the posing elements so during kapha season and
kapha dosha they’re made up a lot of earth and water which are very heavy and
dense but by doing the double inhale pranayama you bring in prana so you
bring in extra air extra air so that’s going to counteract that excess kapha
that you have going on by bringing in more air you’re gonna help lift that
earth and that water up so this is the perfect kapha dosha remedy for kapha
season thanks so much for watching and I appreciate you guys being here don’t forget
to hit the subscribe button like the video and let me know what you think
wishing you the best kapha season ever

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  1. Why are you so beautiful 🤔 I have been practicing a bit of Yoga and watching your vids. I feel Like I had some semi traumatic experiences in my childhood that now I got some neck and chest tension when breathing…your vids do motivate me though, thanks !

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