Kapwa Ko Mahal Ko – Appeal of Redden Lasala

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Redden Lasala was born with two heart defect, he is 7 months old when his parents
learned his condition. What is Redden’s condition? How can we help him? Let us watch his story. Rolly Lasala hail from Sorsogon, together with his wife-Jane,
and their one-year-old son Redden, they went here in Manila to be able
to get their child treated. When we were in Sorsogon, we live there,
he works as a farmer; sometimes we would go coal mining. While I was bearing him, because their livelihood in Sorsogon is in the field, I came with him during the first month up to
the seventh month of my pregnancy. I only stopped going in the field when
I was nearly about to give birth to our son. Then when I gave birth to him he was normal. When we got home after three days we didn’t see any symptoms; we only saw the symptoms when he had a fever
and cough when he was 7 months old. His lips and his nails almost turned black
when he had a high fever. When they got here they found out that Redden
had a heart complication and they were advised by the doctors
to transfer to another hospital. We went to Bicol Heart Center, we didn’t even bother to go home. We stayed in the hospital at Sorsogon for a week
then we went to Bicol Heart Center right away. When we got to the hospital, they told us that they would refer us
to a hospital in Manila. They went here in Manila, together
with Redden to get him treated. But because they don’t have any money, Redden wasn’t accommodated
immediately in the hospital. When we arrived at the Philippine Heart Center, we went straight to the emergency room. They checked his heartbeat and
it was 45 beats a minute. We got worried because his oxygen level dropped. The doctor there said that they would observe him first and they would not admit us yet, we didn’t know that time that the Philippine Heart
Center has an OPD (Out Patient Department). When Redden had a checked up, they confirmed the illness of their son. They said that Redden needs to be operated
while he is still young as early as possible because his complication-the pus will go towards
his brain which will cause his attacks. That’s why they didn’t hesitate to go to our office and
ask for help from whoever is able to help their son. I would like to ask help from those who are
kind-hearted enough to help my son. In order for Redden to undergo surgery, we never asked for Redden to have this complication, our only wish for Redden is to have a
second chance to live. In our unfortunate situation, we are very thankful that we are able to seek help
here at “Kapwa Ko Mahal Ko” so that he can undergo surgery and
to ask help to provide his maintenance medicines. Thank you very much. Hopefully, we could help Rolly and Mary Jane to support the open heart surgery of their
1-year-old son, Redden Lasala. The family needs to provide 52,000 pesos patient’s
share, he also needs medicine after the operation. Hopefully, we could help Redden.

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