KARDA DOMUZ AVI / WILD BOAR HUNT IN SNOW / chasse au sanglier dans la neige/κυνήγι αγριόχοιρου/ 2020

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wild boar hunting in Turkey Hunter: Ömer Özdemir Rifle: Özkanlar Semi-automatic boreless shotgun Cartridge: 12 caliber, 44 gr Züber magnum, 36 gr. Zuber palla Shock: Slug Barrel from a long distance, about 150-200 meters … I shot a wild boar … panicking wild boar headed towards me Although the distance is far from the shotgun I use … the boar was injured and turned towards me – valuable viewers … Rifle player Ömer brother shot the boar … a huge wild boar – It was too far when I hit her feet … I shot them all with the camera you view the wild boar i am coming yes, dear audience … as you can see, a notorious wild boar Dear viewers, Tüfekçi Ömer brother is coming now … He was on the other side of the mountain, when he hit him on his feet, you know? … -Yes of course -150 meters, maybe more -It looked like a remote, but not small … yes, a notorious big boar Look, it didn’t stop where I said stop (the other hunter) yes, he went up … -If he stood where I said …. -I had a problem with the paint of my gun’s trigger … my two shots were wasted … – a young notorious wild boar -This is the Dardanelles Strait this is the Dardanelles Strait -the fleeing pigs are likely to pass through here …. but if there is no dog after him … you said it comes this way anyway … goes down … it was exactly as you said – Muhittin (the other hunter) did not understand me Muhittin thought I was sending him wrong, he didn’t wait here whereas I was going to shoot Muhittin a pig today – Should I fix the wild boar? how many bullets have hit, you see .. When you said look at me soon, I opened the camera – Did you take it from your arrival? yes i did I couldn’t shoot the full shot of the shooting scene, the wild boar remained below but I shot your shotguns look at your teeth … I see it for the first time but the shot was nice Yeah, he’s already turned that boar into us. would continue if there is no other direction – he would probably come here again, although it probably continued, I could not be patient .. If there was another hunter upstairs I could wait got hit from here … DON’T FORGET SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL THANKS FOR YOUR WATCHING

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