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Over the years I’ve had the
girls in and out of hospital probably up to about 300 times. When they’re getting a bad asthma attack they
will turn blue. Their lips go blue. They sink in under their eyes. You can tell they’re struggling. One time I’ve rung an ambulance, and that
was for Alexandra, and she was just sitting here and sucking for air. She couldn’t breathe. I worry about the worst, that they might die. My biggest fear. And then is it my fault because I wasn’t there? The ultimate goal for all researchers who
work in the asthma field is, of course, to find a cure. In the meantime what we really have to do
is find new treatments, find better ways of managing asthma, so that people with asthma and children with asthma can lead healthy lives. Something happens, something triggers it,
and they can’t breathe. And you can’t help them. That’s the scary part. You can’t help them.

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