Kathy Power and Asthma medications.

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I was already on two inhalers and I had
an emergency one and I had a daily one and she wanted me to go on 4 more
additional medications. We signed up to get life insurance and I was informed
that I couldn’t get life insurance because my doctor said I refused her
treatment. So I went in and I spoke with the doctor and I said we’re trying to
get life insurance and she said you didn’t take the prescriptions that I
prescribed and I said well I found a cure, I don’t really want to tell
you too much about it because I know you’re not gonna believe me and she
actually wanted to know more and said well I’m curious and so I told her that
I was basically doing breathing exercises and I didn’t need my inhaler
anymore and my asthma is basically I’m not having any triggers I’m not having
any attacks and I’m not needing any medication because I’ve been diligent
with my breathing exercises. So she measured my breathing, how they make you blow into that thing she had me do it three times so she actually documented that my asthma is no longer. I forget the term she used chronic or critical or
something like, that but now it’s been reduced to recreationally induced sort
of asthma, occasionally I might need an inhaler so not life or death. She wrote a letter to the life insurance company I really applied the Buteyko and got
serious and it was amazing it’s absolutely it’s a miracle it’s
incredible. It is actually quite extraordinary what the body can do, if
it’s given the right resources if you’re breathing towards the optimal norm for
breathing the body can repair every tissue even the teeth, oh wow. We were
diligent about taping our mouths at night that’s one of the problems with
this approach it is counter intuitive. But I would agree with that. I mean it real
hard panicky feeling when you already couldn’t breathe to hold your breath and
tape your mouth at night. Now that was a mental, really mentally hard for me to to
get past that. But I did but the alternative was, hospital visits, another
emergency visit yeah. 3 visits all were a nightmare, they shot me up with I
don’t know what and I’m not kidding like that night I had another asthma attack,
was able to walk out of the hospital come home only a few hours later hours l
had another major asthma attack. I mean that’s no way to live. It’s no way to

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