Keep you asthma symptoms under control

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It’s hay fever season so please do remember
to see your pharmacist to get some hay fever medication, which is easily available over-the-counter.
For asthmatics it can often be a little bit of a wheezy season for them and asthmatics quite often can
have asthma attacks during the summer season. An asthma attack usually shows as a tightness
in the chest, an increased rate of breathing and the pulse feels a little bit faster too.
Do make sure you’ve seen your asthma nurse for a review and make sure you’re aware of
what medication you should be using and when you should be using it. If you do have an
asthma attack your blue inhaler is the one that can help during the attack, what this
one does is open up those tight airways and makes the breathing feel a little bit easier.
The proper way to use your blue inhaler is make sure you shake it before use, take off
the cap, a really good seal around the mouth piece and as you breathe in press down on
the canister. Each inhaler can be slightly different so do make sure you’ve checked with
your asthma nurse how to use your reliever inhaler. So remember, shake, breathe
and repeat if necessary. You can use up to 3 to 4 inhalations for those who are really
struggling with an asthma attack and if that’s not effective you need to be seeking medical
attention early. You can then go on to use 10 inhalations of the blue inhaler but you
must have ensured that you’ve got some medical attention on standby because we wouldn’t want
you to become acutely unwell with this.

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