Keeping Asthma Under Control: Using Telehealth at ACH Jonesboro Clinic

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If we have to go to Little Rock, it’s an all
day thing. This clinic being in Jonesboro, I’m back to
work easily. Only miss like an hour or two. He only misses an hour or two of school. It’s not an all day thing, not an all day
drive. We don’t have to miss anything. Parker’s 12. He goes to Rector. He plays football, baseball, played basketball
last year so he’s a very active 12 year old, typical boy. He was actually born early, so early on we
noticed that he started having problems. He kept ending up in the hospital with pneumonia. Anytime he went outside he had a lot of congestion,
problems breathing. He was about five when they finally said he
had asthma. I first started seeing Parker in October of
2018. When he first came us, his asthma was very
poorly controlled. They were living very far from us, so telehealth
was a good way for us to get a handle on his asthma. With every asthma visit through telehealth
we will do pulmonary function testing. The pulmonary function testing has a respiratory
therapist here in Little Rock doing the coaching and a nurse in one of our satellite locations
who will actually help them with the mechanics. So whenever we have that information to go
on we’re able to make the best decisions possible and adhere to our national guidelines for
asthma management. With each subsequent visit we were able to
step up his regimen and now his asthma is very well-controlled. It’s really interesting conversation when
people find out that Arkansas Children’s Hospital does have a clinic in Jonesboro. And they do offer telemedicine. Lot of people want to know how it’s done. When we arrive for our telehealth appointment
they check his weight, do all the normal stuff, check his ears, throat. They do his pulm-ox test and everything just
to make sure that, to see that his breathing is matching what we’re seeing at home. We’re getting the same care as the doctor
standing in the room. She sees everything that I see, the nurse
sees. It’s no different to me than we’re standing
there with the doctor. In general it has been very well-received
by patients and their guardians and parents. We have had several patients who really had
a lot of difficulty coming back and forth to Little Rock for their asthma care and that
would sort of hindering control of their asthma. A lot of parents have been thrilled that the
kids can come in, be seen in a telehealth visit and go back to school in the same day. And we’re able to do more frequent follow
ups because it’s not as burdensome on the family. It’s important to me that and I’m sure other
families that, it’s easier, it’s faster, and I feel like if need them, their here.

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