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My daughter is Casey. Ever since Casey was little she’s had allergy
problems. And, you know, a couple of times it would
get so bad she would have to go to the emergency room. And especially, you know, to see your little
kid there gasping for breath, you know after a while you just throw your hands up because
you don’t know what to do for the poor kid any more. She was officially diagnosed with asthma. We got a call one day. Turned out it was a woman named Cynthia calling
who was a Highmark health coach. It’s not something you expect from an insurance
company to call and say that they have, you know, this whole division and someone ready
to work with you one-on-one. She would give advice on things like getting
Casey to eat healthy and get exercise that’s appropriate for a child with asthma. It makes it a little more human. And you do feel good knowing that someone
actually cares. Hey, Trouble!

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