Kendall Regional Medical Center – Airway Remodeling

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– In the past there was a term used, which is airway remodeling,
which is felt to be from chronic inflammation of the
airways that resulted in scarring of that smooth muscle
and you have irreversible disease from the chronic inflammation. Nowadays this is treated with the use of bronchial thermoplasty by
applying, in different segments, in different times, you
apply radiofrequency waves through a wire directed
through bronchoscopy to a certain segment of the airway. It takes three different
treatments, and you don’t want to treat the whole lung at one time, because of the resultant inflammation that could present and
exacerbate their disease. So we pre-medicate patients
with prednisone prior to undergoing the procedure to prevent any worsening at that time. And we do the base of the right
lung at the first segment, the base of the left lung, and
then we do the upper lobes. It’s done in three separate
occasions through bronchoscopy. After that we follow patients and see how they respond to the treatment. Up to now my success rate with the treatment has been very good. Patients have actually
been able to be taken off of medications, which is the overall goal of this treatment. Reduction in hospitalizations,
reduction in exacerbations, reduction in needs for
high doses of steroids to maintain control of the disease.

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