29 thoughts on “Kennedy: There is an allergy to free speech on college campuses

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  2. If that Free Speech goes against Trump, then he would cry. OK, let me try my freedom of speech now & check.

    1) Trump is a Racist.
    2) Trump is a Dangerous Idiot.
    3) Trump is responsible for New Zealand Shootings

  3. oh please conservatives spout any crap they want, the problem is most people laugh and stay away from them,. there hurt nobody likes them, well most people think there a vile bunch. No law can change that. Remind me again who are the snowflakes.

  4. Trump wants free speech on college campuses? But he doesn't want fact-based news and doesn't like it.! The Law & Order candidate? That doesn't want Law and Order if it applies to him. And I can't stand this lady's? smirky big mouth.

  5. Free speech? LeBron was told to "shut up and dribble" because no one cares about celebrities and Fox News dittoheads agreed. Then Kanye West comes along and announces he's pro-Trump and now all of a sudden Fox News LOVES Kanye and doesn't want that celebrity to "shut up." Why does the right constantly put their foot in their mouths?

  6. So, which is worse….the five or six assaults a year that happen to people preaching hate,

    or the half-dozen mass shootings with double-digit casualties, committed annually by the people preaching that same hate?

  7. No allergy to free speech, it's just that conservative policies have screwed over the younger generation. So conservative speakers are not going to be popular.

  8. Yeah, Trump is all for free speech. That is why he tried to deny journalists entrance to his press coneferences, shutting down NFL players, LeBron James and shutting down parts of the Internet. He is nothing but a two faced POS.

  9. Doesn't this mean that actual hardcore Communists and Anarchists will get to peace to the young sponge minds of our youth? Every kind of whackadoodle cult will be allowed to recruit on school campuses?

  10. Maybe, but as a mom with a son in college, I am so happy to see real action on this. It is a media created fantasy that colleges are dominated by leftist kids. The smart kids just keep a low profile, because there is real subversion and avoidance of balanced discourse. It only cements the perspective that true leftist ideology is one and the same with old school communism … where free speech and free thought is illegal and everyone is controlled by one static , all powerful governing entity. And don't believe for one second that there isn't very real influence on our college campuses by less democratic nations , who want to stifle our greatest weapon….innovation.

  11. How much university funding comes from the US govt. How much comes from other countries ? I dont know how accurate these numbers are from the daily caller:

    Country Amount
    Qatar $1,024,065,043
    England $761,586,394
    Saudi Arabia $613,608,797
    China $426,526,085
    Canada $402,535,603
    Hong Kong $394,446,859

  12. Imagine the Trump presidential library. New York state would outright reject him. Then there's the prison sentences to be served. He will likely die in prison. Might be the first ex-president to not merit a official acknowledgment of his presidency.

    Maybe chisel marble walls of a FAKE NEWS Museum with every single one of Trumps Tweets.

    So the world may witness the insanity of our 45th president.

  13. Collage kids are just that – they should learning school stuff not trying to change the rules to suit a few cry babies ! Your supposed to have nasty things said to you it's called the real world / growing up 😉

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