Keskellä metsää eksyksissä ja astmakohtaus [Levi-Ylläs-Levi #2]

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Let’s start this off with chill riding and listening to the birds singing I guess I need to go down there because that goes around the arctic hill Yeah this is the right direction there is some climbing apparently in the beggining what am I saing “apparrently”, I have riden this before so I know But whatever, here it starts this is a rather long strech uphill then there is a slight downhill and then once again an uphill I don’t remember what the name of this arctic hill is this route basically goes around the side of it now we are in the short even clip then it goes a little bit more uphill I think so atleast after that we can enjoy a relatively long decent so that’s nice I’m not so much out of breath anymore all the asthma slimes are gone so it isn’t that bad anymore I have been thinkin that I have no idea what kind of video this will be. Because I don’t know what this looks like, I have never shot with this bike with this set up so I don’t know if this shakes too much to be even used in a video I think this will shake somewhat like if I had this camera in my head it would still shake I will test some different camera configurations later during this video the camera will stay on the chestmount however because I didn’t bring any different sets with me. I do have the other camera with me just to be sure if it is needed but… let’s see the second uphill starts right about now Now begins the… is it already from here? hmm interesting… Does the downhill start already? My memory is taking piss out of me if the downhill starts already I could have sworn that the uphill was longer Yeah my memories were totally correct there is still this small steep section when I was riding this for the first time this was pretty funny I was like “omg more uphill” now I can prepare for it this is pretty steep btw. Maybe the steepest part of the whole trip atleast the second steepest if not the steepest this is… pretty cancer for my thighs to get over this and it just continues this is one of the most annoying part of the trip does this still go up? god damn finally some downhill *some random finnish curse words* that was pretty fun… decend let’s skip this nothing interesting in this strech we got to a nice gravel road from here we are going to turn right the sign says 44km to ylläs that wouldn’t be too long at all but… but we will go with the original plan that we are going to sleep in pyhäjärvi wich is about over halfway maybe, who knows, maybe I will go further I will look how tired I will be here we go let’s take couple of pictures ah this is the best bit where you can accidentaly ride to a bog last time I got my shoes wet here but not this time it was a close one though Last time I was here I didn’t know what direction to head to but I think it was left so let’s continue to the left to the right, what am I even talking about anymore I don’t know when is the best time to eat I ate about 1h before I started this journey I do have lot’s of food with me so no need to save it but I don’t want to… stop my good flow so that’s another thing to think about currently the time is 23:05 So we are now 1 hour in to the trip I’m going pretty slow. 14km/h average speed so pretty chill is this the road where I turn left already? here on the right you can see a leaning sign.
Well I was dumb and drove right past it and I rode a good while to the wrong direction let’s see how long I will go… god damn, first contact with water sometimes when they say this doesn’t feel like a proper path COULD THE REASON BE THAT I’M HEADING TO THE WRONG WAY They aren’t wrong this hurts my soul to look at this…. I have no idea why I didn’t turn around After I turned the camera off I did continue this madness for quite a while. Then I got an asthma attack out of the blue just when I turned back. And I lost loads of time to the asthma episode thing Well this is the situation at the moment. I went “slightly” in the wrong direction I got a bad asthma attack back there I totally forgot to take my medicines with me Maybe next time I could take them with me So I don’t have to waste time so much.. Like atleast 30min wasted wasted time when I’m just trying to breath I thought of quiting this trip But then I thought that I have already started this so I might as well go all the way finnish “sisu” and that sort of stuff now we have almost gone past most of the annoying stuff there is one of the most annoying part coming… I can’t even come up a name for it it’s like bumpy up and downhills but it isn’t like a proper bumps. They are just really small and annoying ones but that part is so damn annoying so I can’t wait for that and that is about it I think then that is it for the annoying parts and the rest is pretty chill light uphills etc and that kind of stuff, pretty easy I’m glad there is no technical sections and that is why I though…. and that is the reason why I thought I will finish this but if I would learn how to ride my bike at the same time that would help me alot to clear these bumps damn there is so much mud I would like to tell you the time with this same update it’s 1:00 past midnight as said I lost a lot of time during the asthma attack onwards we shall go *some random finnish anecdote* I will give you an update when I have something to say or there is beautiful scenery I must say that I’m pretty mad currently because I wasn’t prepared for the asthma attack and that just makes my mad I felt like I was passing out and stuff so that wasn’t fun this is life and this is one of the biggest reasons why I use ebikes to travel is my asthma I don’t care about biking as a sport, more like a way to see more stuff and get around easier you can just imagine what it would be like if I would ride a normal bike when I get asthma attacks with ebikes too well I have now started talking about ebikes in general so I might as well say this so “what about the guys who are in good shape and the use ebikes. Isn’t that counted as cheating?” fuck off it is not it’s more like a… they might see cycling the same way I do, like they want to see more stuff but they don’t want to kill themselves by doing it so this is the best possible way to travel if you want those enourmous thighs then sure do it hah I didn’t even realise that I had put the pedal assist level higher when I got a little bit dizzy so after the asthma attack I put the pedal assist level higher and apparently I left it on and now I can’t lower it because the asthma attack took all the juices out of me random mumbling when I had the asthma attack I did have the camera here but I didn’t put it on because I don’t want any reminder of it or to show it to you either but just believe me when I say it’s really scary when you can’t breath and it feels like you are passing out let’s finish this with honor let’s talk again when there is something to see or I have something to say here you can see 29… or 32.. wtf 29 and 32 km to Ylläs. Don’t know. Something in between shortly we will arrive to a lake and I will check my water situation, if I need to fill up but that is about it. I’m pissed off and stuff xD

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