KiDS and diabetes in school

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Hey my name is Tom,
and I have type 1 diabetes So what is diabetes ? Diabetes means that the pancreas in my body stops making insulin or can’t make good use of it. There are two types of diabetes.
Type 1, which I have, means that my body does not make any insulin. Most kids have type 1 diabetes.
Type 2 diabetes is when the body makes insulin but does not use it well.
Insulin is very important When you eat the insulin in your body, breaks down the sugar in the food and turns it into energy. So I have type 1 diabetes
I inject insulin in my body every day Let me show you how the normal day
in my life looks like. Good morning Mom Good morning Tom, How did you sleep?
Do you want breakfast? By the way have you checked your blood glucose? I have to check my blood glucose a couple of times a day It’s very simple to use a meter.
First I’ll have to prick my finger As then pop the strip in the meter.
This meter will tell me if my blood glucose level is within my target range.
After checking it I inject my insulin into my tummy, arm or leg before having breakfast.
Here’s your insulin.Thanks mum It’s very important for me to eat healthily. I need to eat the right amount of fruit, vegetables, potatoes, bread and meat to balance my
insulin doses and exercise This doesn’t mean that I don’t get to snack.
Sometimes I get to have chocolate or candy but these are treats!
I go to school, just like everyone else my age. My teacher and classmates all know I
have diabetes will support me If need it My teacher always reminds me to check my blood glucose and makes sure that there is a safe area for me to inject my insulin.
I’m also allowed to drink as much water as I want, and go to the bathroom when I need to.
Oh, it’s lunchtime! Hey Tom, don’t forget to check your blood glucose level and inject insulin! I always check my blood glucose level before I have lunch. I can then eat and play afterwards! Sometimes I don’t feel good. Luckily my teacher always knows what to do. In our class we have a diabetes poster. If I show any of these symptoms that means my blood glucose is low. I have to drink a fruit juice and eat a snack or my meal if it’s due to feel better again and check my blood glucose level after 15 min. If I show any of these symptoms, that means that my blood glucose is high. I have to drink lots of water and check my blood glucose level after 2 hours. If my blood glucose is still high, my parents will be called. Knowing which symptoms I have is very important, so that we can take the right steps to make me feel better! Having diabetes doesn’t mean that I can’t do sport. I just have to check my blood glucose levels before exercising. Hey Tom! Come join us!
Yes, I’ll be right there! When I play sports, I usually need to have a snack before and during exercise! Hey mom!
Hey, Tom! Did you have a good day at school? Yeah, I’m starving!
Have an apple! Now it’s time for me to do my homework, so that I can go skateboarding outside! Ha! You’re just in time for
dinner! Before I have dinner I have to check my blood glucose again. After dinner, my mom lets me watch TV before going to bed, but not before checking my blood glucose again I drink a glass of milk to make sure my blood glucose stays at the target level during the night. So now you’ve seen what a normal day in my life is like! I can go to school and play with my friends just like any other kid. All I need to do to stay healthy is inject insulin, eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and check my blood glucose levels. If you want more information about diabetes and how to create a safe and supportive environment for children with diabetes in schools, download the KiDS information pack at

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