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Peanuts, milk, even chocolate. People can
be allergic to just about any type of food. In this week’s Building Blocks for Healthy
Kids we talk to a family living with food allergies.
“Huge big breath here and BLOW!” “I think like having allergies says anything
about a person except that you can’t eat like a certain food.”
Ten year old Declin Donahue has been living with allergies almost his whole life.
“When Declin was five months old he had an accidental exposure to peanut butter and
we nearly lost him.” Pretty soon Declin’s mom Susan realized
it wasn’t just peanuts. In his early years, Declin developed allergies
to all nuts, milk, eggs and wheat. “I would go to the grocery store every night
saying to myself I will find something that I can feed my baby.”
“OK big breath…BOOM!” With symptoms ranging from rashes and itching
to more life threatening symptoms like wheezing and swelling, doctors recommended seeking
treatment, learning more about the condition, and trying to live a normal life.
Last one. This is the one that’s going to be itchy probably, OK?
“And then with food allergies we actually look at the size of the skin test and that’s
helpful. We follow that over time.” “And in Declin’s case his skin test size
has decreased dramatically as he’s become older.”
With regular check-ups and treatment, doctors are able to better control allergies.
Declin has outgrown his wheat allergy and is working towards milk and eggs.
“He’s been able to expand his diet greatly. And so I think we’re at the tail end of
what foods he’s going to be able to eat, and it’s quite exciting.”
“Every time a food allergy goes away I think his life becomes a little less complicated.”
And for more information on some of the signs and treatments of food allergies, you can
log onto our website fox forty three dot com and click on the Building Blocks tab.

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