Kiernan Shipka Discovered Her Cat Allergy on the Set of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

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-It is so lovely
to see you again. The first time we met, my wife and I were huge fans of
you on “Mad Men.” And we were at the Emmys and we came over and introduced
ourselves to you. -Yes. I did not know who you were. To be fair I was probably —
probably 12 at the time. -Yes. -And then within the year,
I started watching “SNL,” and you were my era of “SNL.” -Well, that’s very kind to hear. I will say that
when we walked away, my wife said, “She definitely
didn’t know who you were.” [ Laughter ] -You made a lasting impression,
though. You guys were so nice. -Well, you did on my wife because you told my wife
that you liked her dress. And so from that point on,
you were her favorite. -So we’re good. -Yeah, we’re —
it all worked out. We’re good. -Fantastic.
That’s why I’m here tonight. -By the way, that’s my wife’s
favorite thing is that if you burn me
and compliment her, that, she is so happy. -Fantastic.
[ Laughter ] Now I know.
-Now you know. -Now I know. Yeah. -So congratulations on the show. This actually — same creator
as the show “Riverdale.” -Yep. -And takes place
in the same universe. -Yep.
-Did you know that going in, that they were the same world? -I did, yeah. I’m a big, big, big
“Riverdale” fan. I had actually just
binge-watched it right before I got this meeting,
very coincidentally, so I kind of had
to keep my cool when I met Roberto, the creator. But, yeah, I knew they were in
the same universe, and I think
that’s kind of exciting. -It’s great. And then you guys also shoot
in the same town. -The same universe.
Yeah, exactly. -You do shoot in
the same universe. So you actually had
an inter-cast softball game. -We did.
-You played each other. There are you
at the softball game. So who won,
“Riverdale” or “Sabrina”? -So we won in spirit.
[ Laughter ] -That doesn’t —
that doesn’t sound great as far as the scoreboard. -And “Riverdale” crushed us. But they had, like, tryouts. We, on the other hand,
just kind of were getting everyone in there. -Gotcha.
-You know, having fun. And, I mean, they picked
the best, most athletic people on that crew to go in
and just defeat us. -But do you feel
when you came out of it, were your spirits still high?
-We were victorious. -Okay, gotcha.
-Absolutely. -I like your attitude
as far as that goes. -Completely.
It was a fun time. [ Cheers and applause ]
Yeah. -A fellow cast member
who, of course, could not play
in the softball game is a big part of your show
is your cat, Salem. -Yeah. -And so you guys are obviously
very close on the show. Are you guys close in real life?
-You know what? One of the few actors that I’ve
not gotten along with — -Is Salem.
-In my career is Salem, the cat. Truly it’s just — I didn’t
expect to be allergic to cats. -Oh, you had no idea? -No idea whatsoever because — -That’s a weird and awful time
to find out. -You know what? That still is actually, like,
pretty much the exact moment that I found out when I brought
the cat so close to my face, and then the next day I had
hives everywhere beyond belief. -So how are you guys
working around that? ‘Cause that’s a problem. -Zyrtec, man.
-Oh, wow. -I mean, honestly.
[ Laughter ] I, at this point, like, I should
be sponsored by an anti-histamine company. But the other thing, too, is if you look in
the first two episodes, there are like two scenes because we shot them
simultaneously where I’m totally acting
on Benadryl, and maybe only I know that.
[ Laughter ] But it was a mistake to take it,
but my face hurt so much. And I was like,
“Uh, I got to do it. Oh, no, I have four hours
left of work.” And I was slurring a little bit. -Seems like they should have
written the cat out of the scenes
more than just… -I know, I know.
-…just drug you up. It feels like, yeah. -Yeah, it feels
a little old school, right? -It does, very, yeah.
-Yeah. -This is what they did
in old Hollywood. -Yeah, exactly. -“She’s having a reaction.
Pump her full of drugs.” -Yeah. Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -You play a witch on the show,
obviously. -Yes.
-Spoiler alert. -Yeah. Yeah. -But you also —
There are other sort of bits of spirituality in the show. Is this something you’ve done? Have you ever, for example,
gone and seen a psychic? Is that something you buy into? -So I went to see a medium
actually quite recently. -Okay.
For you or for research? -No, just for me.
Just for advice. -Okay, gotcha.
-For life stuff. -I kind of — I approach
all that kind of stuff with a little skosh
of skepticism. -Sure. -But I’m into it and I believe
it to a certain extent. I’m all about my crystals.
I bought some crystals. -Oh, wow. -I cleansed them under a moon because that’s what you’re
supposed to do for them to work. -That’s great. It seems like they should
be pre-cleansed. -I know.
[ Laughter ] -With the money you pay for
crystals these days. -Honestly, seriously, though. I was like — now, they were
like $5 crystals. They weren’t anything crazy.
-Okay, gotcha. -So I took it upon myself
to cleanse them. -Have you ever heard anything —
did the medium — has a psychic ever told you
anything where you’re like, “Wow, that’s –” -So he told me I was gonna
have a great year. And I was like — but if you
just, like, Google the person quickly beforehand,
maybe he could see that I, like, had a show coming out.
-Right. -And he’s like, “I think it’s
gonna be a year of great success and change in your career.” I was like, “Hmm.
-“I’m seeing Netflix.” -“I’m seeing you on Netflix.”
Yeah. -I’m seeing a red “N.”
-Yeah, exactly. -“If you do nothing,
the next episode will start.” -Yeah, exactly. So…
[ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Yeah, basically. -Obviously, you know, again,
we mentioned “Mad Men.” -You were the youngest cast
member on that show by way. Is it nice to be working with
people who are your own age? -Now I know what the adults felt
like on “Mad Men” all this time working with people my age. I’m like,
“This is what it was like.” No, it’s so fun. It feels kind of like
a college dorm in a certain way. -That’s great. -And it’s super fun,
and it’s great. -Considering based on “Mad Men”
your, like, middle school dorm was a bunch of people
drinking at an ad agency, this is great. -Yeah, and smoking
herbal cigarettes. -You deserve this.
-Definitely. -This is very cool. You were on — You had your own
billboard in Times Square. -I know. -And there are certain things that no matter what happens
in your career that are really cool. And so you actually went out and
you took a selfie of yourself with the “Sabrina” billboard. That’s really cool.
-Yeah. -How was that experience being
out there and seeing it and taking the picture? -It was not as effortless as
that photo makes it out to be, to be quite honest. Because it was one of
those rotating billboards. -Oh, a digital billboard?
-A digital billboard. -So it kept changing, and I kept just, like,
not getting the right moment. [ Laughter ] -Yeah. -And, you know, it would flip to
some, like, random, like, ad for a golf club or something. And I was like,
“No, I want it to be –” and then I was there
for such a long time trying to get the photo that
people started looking at me, and just being like,
“Who is this girl, and what is she doing?” -Well, then it looks like
a really desperate attempt to be recognized.
-Exactly. [ Laughter ] -“Oh, my God, you guys, I can’t time it out
with my billboard.” [ Laughter ] -Exactly. Basically.
[ Applause ] -Well, you nailed it. -Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. -And it is so great
to see you again. -It’s nice to be here.
-Congrats on everything. I really appreciate it.
-Thank you. -Kiernan Shipka, everybody. “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” begins streaming in its entirety
on Netflix this Friday.

100 thoughts on “Kiernan Shipka Discovered Her Cat Allergy on the Set of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

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