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There was this moment of, OK, we spent that
much money, and then we would visit the publishers and then we have three months to get signed,
or…game over. They always said you know, nice thank you,
but no thank you. Either we get an investor and we are able
to do this professionally or we don’t do it at all. It was absolutely desperate. When we were looking for investment everyone
was like why don’t you make some Facebook game? Too historical, no miracles, you know, no
magic. Why would you create a new game studio and
then make some normal, typical mainstream game? RPGs are the most complicated genre and the
way we do it, is even more complicated! If you kept forever thinking what if the player
does this and this and this you will never finish the game. Before we released the game we were like,
will anyone notice? That there is such complicated gameplay underneath? Get lost in medieval Bohemia and then eventually
talk to your friend and say how this awesome moment, or this awesome story and this awesome
part you saw there. I think it’s extremely positive to see there’s
enough audience to sell more than a million copies with a game that is not entirely focused
on action.

13 thoughts on “Kingdom Come: Deliverance Documentary Trailer | Gameumentary

  1. Hello everyone!

    It's time for us to release our next documentary covering the story of Warhorse Studios and the early days of development on Kingdom Come: Deliverance. We hope you enjoy the trailer and tune in for the full doc on Tuesday, July 24th. It will have both English and Czech captions!

    Also, we've recently secured a contract to make documentaries for the next TWO years. The first project from this deal will be centered around Larian Studios and Divinity: Original Sin. We've already traveled to Belgium and filmed it, so you should expect that later this Summer!

    Thanks for all your support and we hope you continue to enjoy the content we produce! If you could take a moment and share this trailer on social media and the doc when it's released that would be a huge help to us!

  2. Admittedly I came because of the Larian documentary announcement, but highly interested in watching this one next week.

  3. KC-Deliverance is honestly the most engrossing and rewarding game I have played since Warband came out, but in all reality its on another level. I am so glad you made this game and overcame the challenges.

    Thoroughly looking forward to your Gameumentary.

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