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(lively, melodic music) – This time of year is when we see most of our
patients with allergies. Certainly in the fall there can be a lot of allergy patients, but during the springtime we
see a great number of people. During the springtime we
actually get waves of allergies. So you can even think
of early in the spring, or late winter, we have
a wave of cedar allergy. And then, that can be
followed by oak pollen, and then some grass pollen, and then later in the
spring, some pecan pollen. These waves of tree and grass allergies give people symptoms over and over again. We see a lot of patients that
come in with a runny nose and sneezing and itchy eyes. But beyond that, patients
get nasal congestion, and that gives ’em the most distress, because that starts to
affect their sleep cycle. And when they can’t sleep, they get tired and less
effective at work and at school. For our patients, many people will benefit
by using nasal sprays, also by using eye drops. Sometimes people have been taking a lot of antihistamines at home, and that provides some relief. Many patients seek to get
improvement with decongestants, but those come with some side effects. So we try to steer patients towards nasal sprays like nasal steroids, some of the nasal antihistamines
are extremely effective, ‘specially for the congestion. Additional treatments
can be simple things, like nasal saline, or neti pot washes. Those are very effective for patients, and those that have the discipline to do them on a regular
basis get a lot of benefit. For patients that are
using a lot of medications and have symptoms year-round, or for more than a couple
months out of the year, allergy desensitization
can be very effective. For some of our patients,
that’s allergy shots. There’s been newly approved FDA
oral allergy desensitization available for some things. But in Houston, most of our patients are
allergic to multiple things. And if allergy desensitization is used, the allergy injections may
be the most effective option. Well when patients are using oral antihistamines or
nasal sprays at home and getting good relief, that’s fine. But if those symptoms start to increase, and they’re not getting the sleep, or it’s affecting their
school or work production, then coming in to see the doctor will give them other options to control those symptoms better.

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