Korean Men Answer Commonly Googled Questions About Themselves

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– Ooh, that’s a question
for me, I have no idea. (laughing) (upbeat music) – How Korean are you, out of 10? – I don’t know; I feel like
you should answer that for me. I look very Korean; people
tell me I look very Korean. – Physical wise, you’re like eight, I would say, eight out of 10 Korean. Personality wise I think you’re five. – Evan, I think, just look
wise, like you said physical, I think you look more
American than Korean, but personality wise six. – Six?
– Yeah. – We both fluently speak Korean. We both speak Korean in our households. I think we’re fairly right in between the Western culture
and the Korean culture. (playful music) We both do not wear make up. In Korea I notice a lot of guys actually do wear make up on a daily basis. Looking pretty is kind of like a trend. – Cosmetics for men is so
developed in Korea now. They have, like, something called pact, so it’s like your hands get
messy, they don’t want that, so BB cream, but like in
a little circular tube, and you just have to open
up and they have a mirror. They have that cushion thing. – Interesting, I did not know that, wow. – They have that specific lines for men. – Oh, what? In terms of why Korean guys wear make up, I think it’s more of a culture. The beauty standard is a
little different from here. Guys tend to look more prettier,
especially in South Korea. If you look better, if you’re prettier, you’re socially more acceptable,
that’s just how it is. It’s messed up, but that’s just how it is. – What ever boosts your
confidence, you know? It’s your life. – [Evan] Go ahead. – Yeah, do it. – You do you. (hip-hop music) – It’s a mandatory thing for,
two years, around two years. Even if you live in America
and you are a Korean citizen, you have to go back,
serve, and then come back. – That only applies if you
don’t have permanent residency. – If you’re a permanent resident, or you’re an American citizen,
then you’d have to enlist. – It kind of became a culture
thing, where if you don’t go and if you live in Korea, Korean men kind of just look down on you. (slow music) – I like cash. (laughing) I like cash. – As a gift?
– Like a passion item? – No, I think cash. – Cash? (laughs) (upbeat music) So, I’m a non smoker, I’ve never smoked cigarettes in my life. – I am a heavy smoker, I
mean I’m trying to cut down. That was one of my New Year’s resolutions, but I completely failed. I was good for like two days. I just had cigarettes around the house. I have an older brother and my dad and my brother both used to smoke. I think I just started as a curiosity. Boys and girls, ladies and
gentlemen, do not smoke. (laughs) Nowadays in Korea it’s really hard to smoke out in the
streets because there’s designated spots only for smoking. If you go outside of the boundary, if someone catches you,
then you have to pay a fee. – I think Korea is trying to become more– – A smoke-free lifestyle. – Yeah, so that’s good. (uptempo music) I feel like Koreans, they only go to bars. Bar and nightlife is such
a big thing in Korea. Difference between Korean
bars and American bars is American bars is, people stand. – Walk around. – You know what I mean, right? But Korean bars is like a table service, so you sit and talk for hours. – Bars or cafes and coffee shops. – Cafes. – And they just sit there and talk. – Yeah, that’s how we hang out. (playful music) – [Danny] I wear a mask some times. – I wear masks when I have to travel because I don’t wanna get sick. It’s just to protect myself. – On airplanes, too. – Airplanes is like the
place that you get sick. Everybody should wear a mask
when you’re on an airplane. Masks is part of fashion too. – Interesting, huh? (laughs) – Yeah, it’s part of a fashion. It’s covering your mouth,
it’s a part of fashion. – It comes from K-pop, I feel like, because K-pop idols when
they don’t wear make up and they’re going
somewhere, they have masks to, like, hide their identity. (delicate music) Traditional Korean way of saying hello. – Even if you’re same age, you would bow. – If it’s your first time, yeah. – Yeah, if it’s your first time, and you don’t know that person, it’s a complete stranger, you bow. Even if it’s still younger, you bow. – If I saw Evan for the
first time, for the show, I’m like, oh. – I’d be like, I’ll bow, and then once we get to know each other then
we don’t have to bow anymore. – But you do bow to older people. – Definitely. – It’s like showing respect. – Definitely. (puzzled music) – You go with your group of friends, you go to a drinking place, sit down, so I tell the waiter to bring us a bottle of soda to that table. – It kind of give them a sign. – Full on give them a sign, then they’ll, of course, look at you, and be like. (Evan laughs) Drink together, yeah, should
we go, or do you wanna come? (laughing) – Girls do say yes, and they say no, too. They’re like, “We’re okay,
we’re just here to chill.” They just wanna be friendly. – They’re showing you that
they have an interest in you. – Yeah, they’re just trying to be friends. They just wanna get to know you. These are great questions;
I mean thank you guys for searching us on Google. – [Danny] Right, thank you Google. – You googled it, we answered it for you. – Hopefully we answered couple
of them pretty accurately. (light music)

100 thoughts on “Korean Men Answer Commonly Googled Questions About Themselves

  1. About 10 years ago my best friend dated a Korean college student studying at our university in China. She was amazed by his skin care routine😂😂

  2. If sunscreen is included, Yes. But mostly no men really put on makeup except sunscreen in Summer. Mostly Korean serve the military service for 21 months . Wearing mask is part of fashion or preventing the alcohol smell after drinking alot(or even the day after if it lasts)

  3. So I’m Mexican But I have the habit like of slightly bowing when I meet people ever since I was young and I just noticed it’s an Asian thing . Am I the only one

  4. Ever since I got into kpop I have been so interested in Korean culture and stuff…

    Jk I don't like violence but stop it's ignorant

  5. One thing I love is how people assume korean girls are conservative cute and romantic but like there are so many one night stands in hongdae 😂

  6. 1:51 one of the search suggestions was "what do korean guys like in bed" hahaha
    looking forward to that video ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  7. Ok lm sorry but l can’t stop think this their skin is so smooth like omg l so jealous like these two guys their skin is smoother then mine what is your skin routine ?!? Plz tell me

  8. So men wear make up in Korea to be more socially acceptable…and then they follow with "That's messed up". But it is perfectly normal young women these day's are afraid to leave their home without a face full of war paint because when they go out without make up they will get judged and bullied and even asked if they are okay? ….but that is perfectly normal.
    Why the double standards.
    If it is fine for women to wear make up on an every day basis in society then it should be normal for men too. Just sayin.

  9. I actually didn’t want to comment anything about bts, i really didn’t but why does evan remind me of namjoon when he speaks lol

  10. imagine having a bottle of soju sent to ur table on your night out with friends and u look at who sent it and see Danny doing his signals at you

  11. All men should learn from koreans on how to take care of themselves. Go take a bath and put some skin care 👏

  12. Im really attracted to the way they speak. I mean Korean . It's somewhat similar to my language. I mean some words in Korean is pretty similar to my language .

  13. 군대 남자들 다갔다오는데 니 혼자 안갔다오면 당연히 보기 싫지 않겠니, 한국에서 이득볼거 다보면서 미국시민권가지고.

  14. Didn’t Korean men go to the army because they technically didn’t officially end the war with North Korea. They’re just “resting” so the men go to the army just in case there is an emergency.

  15. Actually , in korea , people not only wear masks for fashion purposes. Most koreans wear them to protect the respiratory tract from pollution and infection, and to prevent the spread of any pathogens they could be carrying

  16. I'm happy that young Korean Americans are now more and more identifying themselves as Koreans. Didn't used to be that way.

  17. What tf are these questions? "Why do Korean men smoke??" Like you can ask the same about every country

  18. korean culture right now is a reaction to the manliness that dominated forever. those fat head sheebal fuckers who these 2 grew up with as fathers.

  19. Looking good is a wonderful thing ,it gives you confidence and the fact that over the years this entire "burden " to look good has fallen on women is what toxic masculinity is .I mean i love it when people look sharp and clean and make an effort ,why shouldn't you ?

  20. I have a question how are Korean man raised in the USA in relationship. Like honestly, faithfulness, character behavior ECT.
    I'm a Mexican woman and I have this south Korean man asking me out oh a date and want to be more then friend for a while now. I have very bad luck with my own Latino man when it comes to dating end up getting hurt or cheated FYI also I have never dated out side mi raise. The Korean guy is very nice I'm just a little scared. Please can anyone help me out should I give this S Korea man a Chance? Thank you 🤗

  21. 한국에서 남자가 화장하는건
    10명에 6명 이상씩하지도 않음.
    10명에 2~3명정도임.
    노말 트렌드는 아님.
    단지,썬비비크림 바른다해도 연옌들이 많이 하고하니까 그냥 관리하는구나 그러려니할 뿐이지

  22. Personally, I do NOT like a man looking “pretty”. YUK!!!! I think a MAN should like a MAN. I ABSOLUTELY HATE a “pretty” man.

  23. all men should know how to take care of their skin. no one wants to get with a guy that doesnt even wash his face or wear lotion.

  24. What? We korean guys do not make up! Maybe 0.1% of men in korea do make up. We dont have any repulsion to doing a mask pack though.

  25. the hillarious thing is the one guy said he wears a mask to protect himself from getting sick. but if you look at the masks they wear, you can see that they are purely cosmetic and provide absolutely no protection.

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