Krankheit ist anders – Wie du das Modell der 5BN ueberpruefen kannst (Teil 7)

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This is all well and good,
but should I believe in the 5 biological laws
of nature, or rather in the established medicine with its thousands of doctors, billions in research funds, professors,
textbooks and studies? Disease is Different
How can you prove the 5BN to yourself? (Part 7)
[Hint: English version at] In this last part, we look
at diverse possibilities for vetting the 5BN. Completing the series,
we dig deeper into this theme, to show how it might
continue to progress. Previously, a patient
of conventional medicine had no chance to check their own condition
against medical theory, as it seemed to consist of the
invisible or the random: viruses, bacteria, genes – nothing that we could test
for ourselves without formal research
and large scale studies. You could of course hug someone
suffering from an infectious disease, touch athlete’s foot fungus
with your hand, or refrain from
brushing your teeth for years, or even parade about in winter
dressed only in shorts and a t-shirt, but even then, not falling ill
would hardly refute mainstream theories, as there
are so many of them. The new medicine however,
offers many ways for you to verify its claims, after you are
up to speed of course, while simultaneously identifying serious advantages
over the conventional medical model: 1) Allergies often took
a lifetime to deal with or required lengthy
desensitization processes. Now allergies can usually be resolved from
one moment to the next, if they are specifically triggered and the
underlying conflict is found. 2) We have often been surprised
by irregular recurring symptoms, and reacted with anxiety,
and by taking medications in response to a
perceived chaotic process, a defect,
or microscopic enemies. These symptoms can now be
accurately predicted to the day or even to the hour, once the underlying biological conflict
has been identified. The recurring symptoms can then
often be completely eliminated. 3) Previously, it was believed
that it was more or less luck whether you fell ill
or stayed healthy – a specific symptom prediction
was impossible. Now the symptoms of
the conflict-resolved phase and the epi-crisis
can be predicted by identifying a
particular behavior or symptoms of a conflict-active
phase in one’s self or others. 4) Previously, particularly
strong, sudden symptoms were regarded as misfortune –
as really bad luck that required the help of a doctor,
who through drugs and other measures
would restore your health. Now, with certain symptoms
that occur within the conflict-solved phase, one can compare whether the
associated specific conflict was previously present and resolved shortly before
the onset of those symptoms. By monitoring the simple course
of the Meaningful Biological Special Program, the duration of the
symptoms can be predicted without the need for medication
or help from other people. Naturally, one can always
alleviate symptoms with medications or other home remedies
until the SBS has completed. However, understand
that the drugs cure nothing, nor do they fight any enemies, but merely alleviate or slow
symptoms of a repair or recovery process. 5) Previously, it was simply
coincidence if a symptom appeared on the left,
right or both sides of the body. Now you can check the side
of each symptom and even possibly predict it, since the
5BN definitively states whether a symptom will occur
on the left or right side. See reference 6 for the rules
of the sidedness. There is little significance
in naming the associated conflict with everyday mild
symptoms, such as a cold or a cough, as you will probably
find several matching potential
conflict-shock events. The symptom has to stand apart
strongly from all others, by kind or intensity;
the stronger or more specific the symptom, the more meaningful
the verification. We can look at real examples
of all these possibilities in the following practice parts, which, with knowledge
of the 5BN, show possible approaches
to dealing with a variety of symptoms,
and thus provide a good start to your own journey
of discovery. Naturally, in New Medicine
as well, there are things that not everyone
can easily test, simply because they do not have
the right disease or lack the technical data,
such as a brain CT. But it is enough to be
absolutely sure over time, that the underlying model
is largely correct – even if certain details are not
personally verifiable, may still be wrong,
or not yet discovered. Of course, it is helpful
to engage with others to build a shared history
of experience over time. You have now received,
in about an hour, a first, rough overview
of the New Medicine and the 5 Biological Laws
of Nature. Of course, many questions
will have arisen that are still unanswered,
and more depth is needed to be able to conduct
a sound review. So, some things have been
simplified and other topics, from the point of view of 5BN,
not yet addressed, such as: The influence of handedness on
the body side of the symptoms, various psychoses, consequential conflicts
vs. metastasis theory, contagion belief
and vaccinations, the 4th biological natural law on the role of
fungi, bacteria and viruses, the tracks
in the moment of conflict, the outer and inner skin scheme
in the ectoderm, the detailed behavior of the tissue types
in the context of the biphasic, interaction of
concurrent special programs, the scale rules in
the territorial areas, the various special programs
in detail, drug effects on the SBS course, the 6 qualities of the endoderm,
and the brain level, with the Hamer Foci. With a firm handle
on the basics, many exciting topics stand ready
to explore such as: the skin, pain, heart, fertility and unfulfilled
desire for children, pregnancy & childbirth, obesity,
blood pressure, depression, sensory organs,
digestion, kidney, menstruation,
and much much more. For all these topics,
I refer you to other sources, to deepen your newly acquired
basic knowledge. One final note: Depending
on the literature, different names are often used for
the phases and prominent points of the two phases of an SBS. Instead of biological conflict, DHS or conflict shock is also used. Instead of conflictive phase
the short form – CA phase, active or stress phase
is also used. Instead of Conflict-Solved
Phase, PCL Phase is commonly seen – where PCL-A identifies
the area before the Epileptoid Crisis and PCL-B the area thereafter. Also used are terms such as
repair phase or, quite
misleadingly, “healing phase”, which is a hold-over from the
previous concept of disease, but is an incorrect term. The Epileptoid Crisis
is also referred to as Epi-Crisis for short
and abbreviated to EC. So nothing stands in the way
of further research! Thank you for listening and
for your interest in the topic! Epilogue:
Now that the basics
have been set, we can look at
the practice based on various
real experiences from my
immediate environment. Emphasis is placed on teaching
how each individual can use this
knowledge to examine the model
of the 5 Biological Laws of
Nature, and how this knowledge
can fundamentally change the way
symptoms and “illness”
are dealt with in the future. Script,
Ingmar Marquardt Acknowledgements:
My biggest thanks to Dr. Hamer
for the discovery and
exploration of these
relationships! Also a special thanks
to David Münnich, who enabled
me to get into this subject by
developing his website
and the 5BN documentation. And to Nicolas Barro,
whose excellent basic courses
and in-depth webinars provided
a profound understanding
as well as application skills. For the numerous feedback and the great ideas during the production of the videos I want to thank Thorsten, Marcus, Miko and Monika from the 5BN study group, David Münnich, Tanja Ibach, Isabel, Jasmin, Meike, Ingrid, Kurt, Bettina, Thomas, Mareike, Niko, Elisa, Monika Anzenberger, Benedikt and all the others who watched the videos before release
and gave important feedback! Ingmar Marquardt

6 thoughts on “Krankheit ist anders – Wie du das Modell der 5BN ueberpruefen kannst (Teil 7)

  1. Die Kommentarfunktion ist auf mehrfachen Wunsch seit heute aktiviert. Ich freue mich über einen regen Austausch unter den Interessierten, positive Rückmeldungen und konstruktive Kritik, werde selber aber derzeit nicht allzuviel Zeit zur Moderierung aufbringen können. Bei persönlichen Anliegen einfach die Kontaktmöglichkeit auf der Webseite des Projektes nutzen.

  2. Lieber David Münnich, VIELEN DANK für die einfache, gut verständliche, und (vor allem) IDEOLOGIEFREIE Darstellung des Systems der 5 biologischen Naturgesetze!!! Ich kenne die "Neue Medizin" schon lange, habe mich mal mehr und mal weniger intensiv damit auseinandergesetzt.
    Das Wissen um die 5 BN hat mir im Hinterkopf die Angst vor "unberechenbaren Krankheiten" genommen und lässt mich leichter und entspannter leben. Anfangs, als ich das alles kennengelernt habe, wollte ich natürlich aller Welt davon erzählen und habe versucht Anderen das Thema zugänglich zu machen. Ich bin aber oft auf Ablehnung gestoßen und habe gemerkt, dass viele Menschen sich an diesen erwähnten (oder besser gesagt eben nicht erwähnten Ideologien) stoßen und sich selbst die Chance nehmen sich näher mit diesem spannenden Thema zu beschäftigen.
    Durch diese kurzen und sehr eingängigen Filme hast du einen perfekten Einstieg in das Thema geschaffen! Ich hoffe sehr, dass ich hiermit Freunden und Verwandten einen Einstieg präsentieren kann, den sie akzeptieren und zulassen können.
    Ich selber habe dadurch Lust bekommen mich noch näher und intensiver mit den 5BN zu beschäftigen und mal lange hingenommene und ertragene Wehwehchen anzugehen und neu zu betrachten. Nochmals VIELEN DANK!

  3. Oh, im Nachspann habe ich gerade gelesen, dass der Ersteller dieser Videoserie nicht David Münnich ist, deshalb auch noch mal mein ganz besonderer Dank an denjenigen, der das hier fabriziert und eingestellt hat. WIRKLICH TOLL!!!

  4. Ich glaube mir selbst und dem was mein Leben aufzeigt. Nach dieser Erkenntnis kann ich jetzt ein ganzes Buch schreiben das dies belegen kann das das was Dr Hamer gefunden hat stimmt.
    Beispiel: meine Tochter leidete als Baby an Neurodermitis ich hatte einen Kaiserschnitt und eine schwierige Beziehung zu ihrem Vater nach der Trennung kam die tierhaarallergie wir hatten Katzen die ich nicht mitnehmen konnte und meine Tochter liebte die Katzen über alles…die Lösung und das Ende der Allergie kam als ich wieder Katzen halten konnte. meine Tochter wurde von dem Vater auf hinterhältige Art und Weise mir weg genommen seit dieser Zeit leidet sie immer zum gleichen Zeitraum an sogenanntem Heuschnupfen und immer an den Wochenenden oder Ferien wo sie bei mir ist hat sie eine Erkältung mal schlimmer mal weniger schlimm. Ich Finde an Kindern kann man es noch am anschaulichsten erklären. Und das macht es mir durch meine Tochter leichter zu erkennen woher meine Krankheiten kommen. Bzw. Ihr habt mir mit eurer sehr schönen und einfachen Erklärung sehr viel weiter geholfen. Super. Macht weiter mit eurer Aufklärung damit könnt ihr so vielen Menschen helfen.

  5. Danke für diese Videoreihe. Ich schaue sie mir immer wieder gerne an. Es ist einer der schönsten Themen, die man finden kann.

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