Kulture Hooked Up To Breathing Machine After Cardi B Reveals She ‘Hasn’t Slept’ To Care For Sick Bab

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Cardi B took to Instagram on Jan. 7 to share a video of herself holding a breathing machine piece up to her five-month-old daughter Kulture’s mouth during the second day of the tot’s cold. Cardi B, 26, has been lovingly attending to her five-month-old daughter Kulture, as the bundle of joy sadly suffers from a cold, and on Jan. 7, she took to Instagram to share a video that shows her assisting with a breathing machine. In the black and white video clip, the rapper is holding up a piece of the running machine to Kulture’s mouth and captioned the post with, “Second day”. We’re not sure what kind of machine it was exactly, possibly a nebulizer, but it’s definitely proof that the sick little girl needs help in clearing her airways. Cardi first revealed Kulture had a cold when she posted a few videos on Jan. 6 that showed her cradling the baby, who sounded very congested while breathing, and whispering about the situation.”I haven’t slept for 24 hours and I’ve been team working with my sister and my mom. My baby has a cold,” she said. “And she wakes up every 20 minutes. She don’t want nobody. We have to put her down for one second though she automatically wakes up. Such a hard, hard day.” Poor little Kulture! It seems like the new year has been a challenge for the sweet tot, whose father is Cardi’s estranged hubby Offset, 27, but we hope things improve soon! Cardi was nonstop over the past two weeks and even traveled to Australia to perform at a festival over the new year holiday, so she must be exhausted. Like any good mother, though, she is putting her baby’s health first! Courtesy of Instagram We wish Cardi and Kulture good health and a lot of happiness in 2019! We’ll update on Kulture’s health if any more information becomes available soon.

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