KurtzPel. Новая карма “Падший свет” . Первый взгляд .

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Why am I naked? ahhh, what’s going on? I’m Alexey Dmitriev, aka
Mastmage And in this video we will have
review of the new karma ” Fallen light ” let’s Go! So, I didn’t understand, but what, a new one
karma can only be purchased for a thousand KP? Noooo! And stop, we need to find
Krim. Cream! Ah, well, let me pass! Tax, op, op, so forty thousand. Yes, Yes, Yes! Mail! I think there was something there
about mail, where is this mail? Here’s the mail, right? And ? Did I buy something wrong? AAAA. Sensei! What if you pay more attention
look in the interface? Fallen light! Freya Shuhart. Callen, born in chaos. She is a Lieutenant in the kalen forces
and watching the war for power in ARTESIA. Later she decides to do
the course after receiving an urgent messages from headquarters. So, a hundred? Yes ? Open! That’s it, tough guy! Look at the weapons. Well, a machine gun right? Bazooka? Now let’s learn more! Dragon’s breath. Condenses the fiery
the dragon’s breath and releases forward. (duration
increases when used magic bullet) Next
talent and energy explosion. Launches several missiles,
next to the target, during being in the air. Then the shot gun
bullet, shoots a rifle a bullet that throws
back and stun the attacker enemy’s. So our camp.Atomic explosion! Compacts the power of the elements and
releases a powerful energy explosion. Further, the talents of the second level,
which I have until blocked. Fog trap:
fires explosives that creates fog. Allies in the interior of the fog
become invisible. OOP! The next shot of lightning:
fires a fireball (can be charged). Reducing recharge, this is
everything is clear. Talents in the third level. Ice trap: launches
an ice trap that activated after a certain time
time. When activated, freezes
the enemy for a while time. Next “bullet Time”, skill
rages. Releases all the power of the elemental
Buster for a short time, that-would attack with the entire
by force. The other talents are all of us
know. So, how to download? The first level of AP, we need
three or four hundred to the second level’s. BASKAYA! Well, that’s it for now. In the future, when I’m even more
I’ll play on this karma for hours , then let’s have a second video,
where I will be in more detail to tell you about combos about
some special chips. How best to get up on
ranks. Thank you for watching, if
I was useful to you,put likes, subscribe to the channel,
see you again!

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