La alergia a los animales | Un simple estornudo o un problema  (Mitos de veterinaria y animales)

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It is curious to see how even experts do not fully understand the subject in which they specialize, since it is very easy to say and repeat phrases, where they do not understand the context or if how it happens, one of them is focused on animal allergies, expressions As I am allergic to animals, among others, they only express ignorance and low understanding both of allergies and how an animal is composed, in fact saying this it is so absurd because the saying of animals includes the human being, something that could not be since if you were allergic to yourself, well you would be dead, my intention is not discredit the allergists, but if you expand and make known that saying this It is a fallacy, so here we will talk about the myth of animal allergy. the first thing is to explain that it is an allergy, this event is irritation and inflammation of a tissue, where the immune system is involved, since a part of them, immunoglobulins type e, or ig e, these by means of their receptors identify a chemical compound, which is called allergen, the problem with this type of interaction, is that these over-reacting immunoglobulins cause the release of histamine, a compound that in the body causes itching or itching, inflammation, and every time you have contact with the allergen, since there is an immunological memory, this reaction is increasingly intense, this type of interaction may occur sporadically, that is from one moment to another your body can produce them, which can also happen in reverse, where any animal can get to suffer. each type of allergy focuses on the organ in question where they have contact, for example if inhaled causes problems in the nose and organs surrounding, when ingested, contact on the skin, where depending on the organ will produce a series of related symptoms, for example when it is respiratory, there will be difficulty Respiratory, intensive production of mucus, sneezing, tearing, by communication of the respiratory tract with the lacrimal. the problem with them is that the reaction can be very aggressive, reaching the point of compromising life, this is because the inflammation can be so great that obstructs important regions, the most known is that the airways are compressed to the degree of not being able to breathe. there are endless of compounds that can cause them, such as the pollen of certain plants, the bites or bites from an insect, where certain substances that cause it are inoculated, to some food compounds such as nuts, strawberries, medicines and an etcetera does nothing but be the easy exit to this list, but believe me almost everything can cause this event, some of which are very dangerous, for example to uv rays or others that tend to be vital, in that sea of ​​compounds can be something of the animals, especially its dead skin that they are discarding, better known as dandruff. this is where you have to start identifying the myth, although it is true that one can be allergic to some animal, that does not mean that we are all, but his hair is not the reason, a condition of mammals and which is composed in the same way in all, that is to say keratin and if we were to it, 2 things would happen, we would die because of the presence of hair or we would stay hairless, but here comes a curious event, then why does it give us started certain animals or sneezing, that is due to the anatomy of the hair in each animal and its features, some like cats when they are stressed they have the characteristic that they release hair, a hair very thin that tends to float in the air and has the characteristic of having tips very thin that are stuck in the skin or in the mucosa of the respiratory tract, causing sneezing, started and tearing, as the region is inflamed, but the difference is that by having contact with the hair again, there is no more intense reaction, irritation and inflammation only occur because this type of hair is stuck, but Something to note is that some people are more sensitive to this event, so some they can cope and others can not because of the discomfort. another event is urine, this It is somewhat debatable, since the urine contains a lot of ammonia, nitrates and nitrites, These being breathed can cause a discomfort, whether or not you are allergic, promoting a nuisance, but this is in itself the compound because it can be very harmful, especially the ammonia, so we react in that way. What happens is that the skin they give off can cause an allergy, depending on the region where you have contact is that form an associated symptomatology, which depends on the species, since each animal, although It has similar proteins, with this the human being is included, we have differences, this happens for the recognition of the own thing to the strangeness of the body, which causes that in the transplants rejections occur, but being allergic to an animal such as a dog, ferret, cat, horse, iguana, chinchillas, cats and others, does not mean that you are allergic to others or much less at all. so it is necessary to understand each species to be able to differentiate between a common irritation, and understand that it should not be generalized, especially by experts since they emanate a knowledge that should be explained for people to understand, so there is no such thing as an allergy to animals. 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