100 thoughts on “Labour Leadership Hustings Live from Liverpool

  1. It probably wasn't the smartest idea to hold this in Liverpool, a city that cannot understand why Labour didn't win any of the last 4 elections. The Liverpool seats all delivered thumping majorities and would have done even if Diane Abbott or Dennis Skinner was the leader. The party treats Liverpool like a comfort blanket. Having grown up there, believing like everybody else that the Tories were universally hated because that is what everybody told me (family, friends, school teachers, etc.), it was a huge shock when I moved away and discovered that this wasn't the case at all. Not just in the South-East, but in ordinary towns across the UK. Expressing even qualified support, for anything the Tories have ever done, puts a person at risk of physical attack in Liverpool. It is as toxic a bubble as Westminster itself. In Walton, for example, Labour got 34,000 votes and the Tories finished second with 4.000. That's a bigger majority than Peter Kilfoyle secured, in 1997. Compare that with Nuneaton (a largely working class town, bombed heavily in the war and then hit with massive pit closures), where a 13,000 Labour majority has become a 13,000 Tory majority over the last 22 years. Liverpool wants the rest of the country to change course, not the Labour Party.

  2. I'm of your kin in South Africa and I must just say that this party is still beating around the bush about Britain's native population who have been in decline. Torries beat around the bush on this topic as well, so if you really want to win the next election find a message that addresses your unholy alliance of Muslims and Lesbians WITH the native British people.

  3. Jess Phillips laughed at male suicide rates. She will never get my vote. Kier seems alright and the best outta the bunch.

  4. This format is rubbish. I want to hear about the candidates ideas and for them to have a proper debate, not just trot out 40sec sound bites. This has no substance at all. How can I decide as a member who should be our leader if I can't see the quality of their thinking and how good they are at communicating and defending those.

    Stop treating your members like idiot children please Labour and give us a proper grown up format.

  5. The diversity in this panel is amazing 3 and half white women, 1 white man. Representing every voter of the labour panel in 5 people nice😉

  6. As a conservative voter with a respect for Labour. Labour will be out for 15 years looking at this lot.
    They haven learnt a thing and we need a decent opposition to keep boris messing up.
    The only person who can win votes is lisa nandy and she isn't the smartest.
    2 Brexit blockers
    1 militant feminist
    1 Corbyn replacement
    And a 13 year old child

    Do yourself a favour and start looking for the replacement for times after this it show.

  7. All people know of Labour in the past few decades are Blair and the Iraq war lies or commy Jew hating Terrorist loving Jeremy Stalin, you'll never win another election 😂

  8. Not once did any of these hacks offer a constructive answer to his nonsense questions. Just a bunch of retards spouting hot air

  9. I urge Labour members to choose Lisa Nandy. I have previously voted Tory, felt politically homeless in 2019 so voted Independent, but would vote for a Labour Party led by her in a heartbeat. She’s a star.

  10. Almost all towns and cities in England ravaged by grooming gangs have labour run councils, and they've mostly been labour run for decades while this went on. Does labour acknowledge how these gangs have infected the cities and communities they are responsible for, do they acknowledge the racial makeup of the victims and the perpetrators, do they acknowledge it as an act of racism against whites, do they acknowledge that political correctness and cultural sensitivities they themselves championed played a role in it not being investigated, and what are their policies on how to deal with grooming gangs going forward? You talked a tough game when the so called windrush scandal unfolded, yet you remain completely silent on grooming gangs.

  11. Lisa Nandy – the minimum wage does not "empower Socialism". It legitimises a low paid workforce and undermines Trade Union free collective bargaining. It's also no good boasting about your short period as shadow energy secretary as you threw away your chances of doing anything useful for the environment when you threw your appointment back into Corbyn's face and resigned as part of the chicken coup.
    Keir Starmer – the main problem with the Manifesto was your contribution of a People's Vote which voters felt was a betrayal of the referendum result. Also your call for unity in the party rings hollow after you undermined Corbyn by supporting Owen wassisname's leadership challenge.
    The thought of drama queen Phillips standing in front of BoJo at PMQs with her hand on her heart and sobbing hysterically fills me with horror.
    A tub-thumping performance from Emily but she doesn't have enough support from the PLP or the membership.
    Sad that no one acknowledges the huge party membership they'll inherit thanks to Corbyn nor the simple task they'll have facing BoJo – a man who hides in a fridge from Piers Morgan, is too scared to face Andrew Neil and was represented by a melting ice block in the Ch4 climate debate.

    My heart says RLB but my head says Starmer – will probably finish up tossing a coin.

  12. Jess Phillips is probably the only relatable person on the stage. But she cant become leader because we are not even sure she is the best candidate for a constituency never mind fighting to be PM. Women only shortlist if u didnt know

  13. Thornberry's got the X-factor. Love her cutting attacks, so amusing. But, we must be bringing socialism, to as far as the people need it. For us all, not just for "them".

  14. RLB is the best of them by far and has the support of a considerable chunk of the LP… jess phillips and kier starmer are complete and utter melts.

  15. I find Jess far too emotional & chaotic. RLB is too close to the defeated regime. Keir Starmer would have been good but he'll always be tarred as Remain by the Tory gutter Press. Ditto Emily. Nandy is our best hope for now..

  16. Is it just me or does lisa nandy seem like the only one who actually cares about anything and isn’t in some sort of power play.

  17. I can’t help but feel gutted that this is the best we can put forward! We lost against the Israel lobby and other vested interests when they managed to rob us of someone as decent as Jeremy, none of these come close to him in terms of decency, making people feel energised with some degree of hope. Nobody is gonna be singing OH JESSICA PHILLIPPSS are they 😂 I feel like these lot should be running for deputy and the deputy candidates running for leader!

  18. Oh lord, five seconds in to Jess Phillips' first answer and she's already bringing out the hypocrisy. You were one of the worst offenders when it comes to name calling!

  19. If Labour thinks appointing someone as cynical and sarcastic as Jess Phillips would be good for the country then go ahead – remain totally unelectable 👍

  20. "Progressive" at this point may as well be annoited as 'Stalinist at this point… and wasn't Hitler a Socialist?….

  21. Me my whole family of more then 30 people have voted Labour our whole Lives and now seeing these toffs makes me think that Labour isn't getting any closer to winning our votes back.
    Bunch of muppets.

  22. First 8 comments I can see basically all saying Jess Phillips is fake and lacks the ability to articulate herself. Glad to see most people find her just as pathetic as I do.

  23. It surely can't be Long Bailey, might as well just keep Corbyn. Labour needs change if it's ever going to be anything more than the protest group it is now.

  24. Labour needs to develop a long-term strategy to win. Listen to the people and move to the center. Be more positive about your message and lose the anger. If you want to win over Tory seats down the road, you can't achieve that by constantly bashing the Tories! Keir Starmer is the only one, policies aside, who looks like a future Prime Minister.

  25. I like RLB’s strong democratic socialist message but I am also trying to think how this will play with the swing voters Labour need to win. I think her style is possibly too firebrand. I still want those policies but there are ways to implement them once power is gained. At the moment it’s between LN and KS for me, but it’s early days and I need to hear more from all the candidates.

  26. Out with the travesty which is the far left Momentum & in with the new. It’s time for common sense to prevail! ✌️

  27. I feel as if the first candidate to speak was mistaking the Labout party with a faction within it, Blairism. Labour wasnt formed to be a centrist party.

  28. Honestly as a conservative voter at the election just:

    Jess seems like she's just having a go and a fake cry (wouldn't vote)

    Emily being the cocky sweary yelling candidate trying to stand out as (Boris is bad so I can't be that bad) wouldn't vote

    RLB continuation Corbyn and I don't sense any emotion from her bit of a dry voice so fails to transfer connection with me. wouldn't vote

    Lisa acting prime ministerial acting like she's the leader already and is calmly saying her plan going forward. She'd be a threat to Blue

    Kier… Seems a bit manufactured has qualities I saw from Nandy but (it shouldn't matter) but I can't ignore his stuffy nose voice ! – possible threat

  29. If only Emily hadn't made that White van blunder,
    she's definitely a strong woman, who can give Boris a matrons smacking.

    All others need more experience and need to up their game,
    They're all new MPs.

  30. Not sure how I feel about Long Bailey. She would be a fantastic gift to the Torys. But I still think a strong opposition is important, Keir Starmer is the only credible option

  31. Lol I would not vote for labour if you payed me the biggest joke in the uk labour 😂😂😂 you will Neva get back in power your all idiots

  32. Surprised by Lisa, she seems quite good. Although, I will still back Starmer. The number one priority for Labour is to unite, the other candidates will not be able to unite the party. I like Long-Bailey but she will not be able to win an election victory, Thornbery and Phillips are trash.

  33. It's such a pity that the labour party in they're arrogance still can't accept the people don't trust the European Government and so no candidates that actually wanted to leave Eurpoean Government. It's quite embarrassing viewing. The labour party used to be full of hard straight talking people, who understood the working class people as they were those people! A party to be proud of, with honesty and integrity! It's so sad to see what its become, so wet and left wing! This lot are just so fake! They offer nothing to tempt people like me to come back to the party. It just pushes us to look elsewhere.

  34. I cannot believe that these five are the best candidates for leader (and a potential UK Prime Minister) that Labour has to offer, but that said and judging solely on this performance Lisa Nandy sounds far and away the most sensible and levelheaded candidate on that stage.

  35. 18:17 – Sure, a 78 seat Conservative majority is definitely "the country crying out for an alternative government". Absolutely.

  36. The differences between the factions of the LP won’t become irrelevant simply by calling for them to disappear. They represent fundamental differences in the kind of society they want, even if they both call it socialism. The goal can’t just be get into govt and then argue about what to do, the electorate needs to understand years before an election what a future Labour govt would seek to do and would know how it would go about doing it, with evidence that it’s realistically possible, with the resilience to withstand unexpected challenges. Also that a Labour govt would be committed to governing and not riven by factional in-fighting to control the levers of power. And to exude professional competence at every level. The differences between factions such as cobynite momentum and the blairites need to be decided upon by the party so there’s clarity for what the party stands for at macro and micro policy levels. I don’t see any honest compromise possible between momentum and those they despise as red Tories

  37. Landwhales Phillips and thornberry are just hideous, angry fat women with feminazi butthurt. These creatures are filled with hatred for their voters..Phillips reminds me of a great milking cow ready to explode..if these two weren’t so nasty and hateful their huge girth wouldn’t be noticeable…

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