Labour Party Annual Conference 2019: Sunday Morning

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>>: Delegate please welcome Andy
Fox and the Platform Party. (Applause)>>: Welcome to this session of
Conference. We have a busy morning ahead of us with the debate on early years
education and skills with Angela Rayner. Followed by the health and
social care debate from Jonathan Ashworth. Also hearing from Mark Jake
addressing us for the first time as leader
of the Welsh Party and First Minister
of Wales. The results of yesterday’s card
votes, I will give you the results of
the card votes on NEC and CLP rule change
changes. Card vote 1, NEC rule change,
multiple constituencies, CLPs. 95.5, 2% for, 4.4.8 against.
The resolution is carried. Card vote 2, NEC rule change
BAME in representation and selections. 2. 74 against, that resolution is
carried. Card vote 3, NEC rule change,
CLP officers, 96. 91 for, 3.09, against. That
resolution is carried. Card vote 4, NEC rule change
local Government committees. 81. 4, for, 18.53, against. The
resolution is carried. Card vote 5, NEC rule change,
Labour groups, 84.01, for, 15. 99, against. The resolution is
carried. Card vote 6, NEC rule change
disciplinary powers, 72. 54, for, 27.46, against. The
resolution is carried. Card vote 7, NEC rule change
democracy review implementation, 97. 29, for, 2 2.71, against. That
resolution is carried. Card vote 8, devolved Cornish
Labour Party, 14.58, for, 85.42, against. The resolution is not
carried. Card vote 9, aims and values,
28. 47, for, 71. 53, against, the resolution is
not carried. Card vote 19, aims and values,
31. 42, for, 68. 57, against, the resolution is
not carried. Card vote 27, election of Labour
Party group leaders, 25. 43, for, 74.57, against, the
resolution is not carried. We will now take the report of
the Conference arrangements committee, so please welcome the
Chair of the committee, Harriet Donaldson.
(Applause)>>: Conference, formerly
presenting the report, Conference ballot,
meetings that took place yesterday evening, today we have debates on school, the NHS
and social care. These are found on pages 14-20.
Meetings lasted late into the night last night. I wish to
thank the delegates attending and to the party staff involved
and the hotel staff who helped to facilitate a finish well
beyond midnight. Meetings continue today, the
timetable for the meeting, can be found on
page 14 of the report. The late finish of the meetings
has had impact on the time of printing
of the CAC reports, it may result in
delays and with transcribing for which we do apologise. As well
as motions from the conference, we have timetable for debate today, the motion for women’s
conference on rights for migrant women, to
be found on page 21. Today’s ballot is the NEC
democracy review. This takes place between 1-4pm
in the ballot area. Details of NEC review and year
implementations are printed in appendix 6 of CAC2. CAC2 containses the results of
the priorities ballot, conducted yesterday, results of card votes on CLP and
institutional amendments announced this morning, found on
page 5. The results of card vote 2 are
on page 21. Emergency motions agreed for debate by the CAC are detailed in
appendics one or page 23, appeals held tomorrow for those who did not meet the criteria,
the CAC will consider scheduling for today emergency motions
appealed where we rested. Today, conference is to debate
the early years education and
skills, health and social care and justice and home affairs,
sections of the NPF report. Details of the reference back
submitted before the 19th of September are found on pages 9 of CAC2 and
to consider references arising doors the course of Conference
and taking reference back on details of
page 9 on CAC2. There is a detailed agenda for
today to be found on pages 4-6.>>: Thank you, Harry. Does
anyone wish to ask questions or make points on the Conference
arrangements committee report? We are looking for brief
questions or comments you try to make a speech I will stop you,
you have a maximum of one minute in which to make your point.>>: Thank you, Chair. Gill Murdoch. You made a reference, Harry to
considering appeals today, taking appeals where relevant. Does it include the one on the
Brexit emergency? You gave an assurance yesterday you would
consider that. Will it happen before the close of play today so we can be included
in the composite tonight if successful. We have your
assurance on that, thank you very much indeed.>>: GMB here I stand, once
again, absolutely, let’s say … last year I came here regarding
a Northern Ireland report. The year before it was in the
agenda but was not taken. Last year it was a minute from the
agenda, this year it is a minute from the agenda againment I was
given assurances last year that this would be corrected, it has
not been! Are we bog to continue to be treated as
second-class citizens? We have situations in Northern Ireland where we have our shipyard,
where we have people sitting outside …>>: Sorry, delegate, you are
making a speech, please make the point.
>>: I am making a point of what we have to speak about. We have trade unions here who
are members whose jobs are at threat and we need to have that
report. We need to hear what is going to
be said because without that report we don’t know. If a decision has been taken by
the NEC to once again disenfranchise us and not allow
us to stand in Northern Ireland. That is terrible, literally we
need a Labour Party which is inclusive
of ALL. Let’s stop the discrimination against the
people of Northern Ireland. (Applause)>>: I am sorry to be here again from
Brighton Pavilion. We have a question about the new
arrangements for reference, we would like to ask will the references
back be published so we can see the written statements sent in.
These are some, they are lengthy and they have been published.
The conference arrangements committee managed to publish
other documents that the delegates need to see but not
these. And we are happy to have three minutes for multiple references back,
whether on a subject but with works
pensions and equalities we have reference references back on four different subjects
as different as Universal Credit
and gender recognition. And also the gender pay gap. It may take slightly longer than
three minutes in one speech. (Applause)>>: Please forgive me, I am a
first time delegate. (Applause) I wanted to some clarity, I want
to move reference back to the conference arrangement committee report and
my CLP submitted an emergency vote on Brexit that was
discarded. I wanted to ask, how can Brexit not be an emergency? Can we take part in the
composite meeting tonight?>>: Thank you. I will now ask Harry Donaldson
to reply to the points you have made.>>: In answering the last
question, the issue that Brexit is already on the agenda in the
priorities ballot. So it is on the agenda. In terms of Brighton Pavilion,
thank you very much, we are to review your request republishing
and speaking times. Gill from KSAA, we will
timetable and you will have assurance the emergency appeal. But I have to say that emergency
appeals are not includeed in composite meetings but are happy
to discuss this at the appeal later today. and as far as Andy is concerned,
and your impassioned plea, I will be contacting the Shadow Minister
for Northern Ireland and will be ensuring terms in how to resolve
that matter going forward. That will be reported back. I will get back to you in due
course on that one. Thank you.>>: We will take the vote now on
the CAC report. All of those in favour of
accepting the report. Thank you. Those against. That’s
carried. Conference we now move to the
Wales Report. Delivered for the first time by the new leader of the Welsh Labour
Mark Drakeford. (Applause)>>: Conference, it is always
good to be back here in Brighton again. I’ve had the privilege
of attending Conference many times and over many years. Well over a decade ago at the
start of the 2000, I sat in the audience here in Brighton
listening to Rhodri Morgan speak from a text that I had
helped to write. He described a Labour Wales
where we had already abolished
prescription charges, introduced free
breakfasts for primary schoolchildren, taken hospital and catering services back into
the National Health Service. A man sitting next to me turned
to his neighbour and said, “For a minute, there, I woke up and
thought I was at a Labour Party Conference.”
(Laughter)>>: Chair, it has become
something of a tradition for Welsh First
Ministers, for Rhodri Morgan and Carwyn Jones to come to
conference to show just what Labour can do when in
Government. In Wales, we are protecting
people with lifetime savings and shouldering the burden of paying
for care. In Wales we are standing up for our steel
industry in the face of a Tory Government which simply could
not care less! (Applause) And in Wales, we work in
partnership with our trade unions to protect workers’
rights and in this assembly term we will put a social partnership
act on the institute book in Wales. statute book in Wales. I could speak all morning about
the difference a Labour Government has and continues to
make in Wales and how we are making a reality of 21
century socialism. But today, I want to explain
why a Labour Government in Wales can only do the things we want to do, can
only make the difference to people’s lives that we want to make if we also have a
Labour Government in Westminster.
(Applause) Conference, for the last ten,
long years, we have faced a struggle to invest in public
services, to reward hard-working employees, and to
protect the most vulnerable from the cruelest cuts handed down by Tory
government, obsessed by austerity and balancing the
books on the backs of the poorest in the land. That will only be put right when
John McDonald is Chancellor and we
have a Labour Government in power. A Labour Government committed
across the United Kingdom as we are committed in Wales to social
justice and the pursuit of a more equal society. and in Wales, we are determined
to play our part in responding to
those defining challenges of our time,
the defining challenge of climate change. We know that in Wales we have
all the raw materials to make the second
industrial revolution. We have wind, we have water and
we have waves but our efforts to
create energy from the sea our
frustrated all the time by this Conservative
Government, blindly wedded to the market, unwilling to invest
to create new opportunities in which the jobs of the future and
the future of our planet go hand in hand together.
(Applause) Now, it was terrific to hear
Jeremy say in Swansea only a few weeks ago,
that the next Labour Government will build the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon.
(Applause) A lagoon to send a message
across the whole of the United Kingdom and indeed across the
world. That is Labour Government’s working with a
Labour council to keep Wales at the forefront of the renewable
energy revolution and to help us to tackle climate change head on
on. (Applause) Conference, I turn to Brexit
with something of a heavy heart. Three years on and we are no
closer to resolving what we were promised would be the easiest negotiation ever.
Conference, ever since the referendum, the Welsh Labour
Government has called on the UK Government to do the right
thing. To recognise the national crisis
we are so clearly in and to do the hard work of putting our country back
together again. To work across parties and to find a way forward to protect jobs and
our economy, to heal the wounds of
division which are splitting this country
apart. Theresa May’s priority was
keeping her party together. Boris Johnson wants to destroy
that party and recreate it in the image of Nigel Farage. Not
a Government, not even a party but a single issue sect. They
have shut down Parliament and they have told the highest court
in the land that they would do it again if they don’t get their
own way. For Wales, this is catastrophic. The Welsh economy could be 10%
smaller as the result of a no deal Brexit compared to staying
in the European Union. a crash-out exit could cost up
to 50,000 jobs in Wales alone. It would decimate our
manufacturing sector, in just the same way that Thatcher decimated our coal and
steel industries. Wales did not vote for that. Wales did not vote to become
poorer and faced with a deep and
lasting damage this Tory Brexit will do to our
country, we say, it is time to go back to the people in a second referendum
where Remain will be on that ballot paper …
(Applause) … and Conference I can tell you
now, that my Welsh Labour Government will continue to stand up for Wales by
campaign campaigning wholeheartedly, vigorously and unapologetically for Wales
to remain in the European Union. (Applause)
(cheering and applause)>>: Conference, we do that
because we know that is the right answer for working people
right across Wales. Brexit has torn at the very
fabric of the things that we cherish and
that includes the United Kingdom itself. Those pursuing Brexit used and
misused this union for their own narrow
and ideological ends, to drive us away from the partnerships we
have developed with our European friends for over 40
years. Now we should be under no doubt
that the voluntary union of four
sovereign nations here this the United Kingdom is under threat in a way it has not
been during my political lifetime if
we do not act. Our nation and our country is at
risk of splinter, replacing one narrow nationalism with another. To survive it has to be Labour,
it can only be Labour that articulates a different vision for those
repelled by the poisonous politics of division and of
despair. Our task under a New Labour
Government must be to build a new United
Kingdom, one that genuinely works for all
of its four constituent parts. A new political constitutional
and economic settlement for this United Kingdom, founded on our values,
our 21 century values of solidarity,
equality and respect. If that is what we want to see
for our country, then we should want to
see it in our party too. As First
Minister and leader of Welsh Labour I want to work with you
and with others across the United Kingdom
in that task. Our job is to build those common
bonds between us where ever we may be.
Through fundamental reform of our United Kingdom, and by remaining
as proud and as positive members of the European Union, we can
offer up to communities throughout the United Kingdom an alternative to the
narrow nationalism and worn out
imperialism bleeding oi crass our politics
across our politics. We have bitter and painful experience in Wales of the vandalism
wrought by successive and care less Tory governments of the
past and of today as well. We have been at the sharp edge
of their economic and social destruction and dislocation. Brexit risks moving the ground
underneath us even further away if we can not offer up a vision of
something better, a progressive and social
democratic response to the easy answers of nationalism and populism
across the world. (Applause) Now, let us instead, ensure that
there is a UK Labour Government in
Westminster, working with the Welsh Labour Government in Cardiff to
build a brighter, fairer future for
every one of us where ever we may be. Thank you very much
indeed. (Applause)>>: Thank you, Mark, it is
always good to hear Labour values put into practice in
Government. Conference, we now move to our
first policy debate on early years education and skills. I will ask Angela Rayner, Shadow
Secretary of State for Education and Skills to open the debate.
But first a video. (Video) # I believe we are forever
something that is incomplete # We train ourselves with
muscles and the words of our conceit # I have seen, now I believe # The creaseless seamless strain
of your hearts # And one day causes us to make
a start # we believe #>>: Things are moving more
quickly than in the past. I think that the information
available through the internet and the
mobile telephone is creating a speed
that is taking us all by surprise.>>: If you encourage people you
will do more good than in any other way,
you are unleashing in them the life
force that makes them do other things. I think at least I can
do is to shine some of that encouragement back to them. If, on my gravestone, when I
died, they had the simple words: Tony
Benn, he encouraged us. That is simle justification for
what I had done. (Applause) (Applause)>>: Conference, it is a pleasure
to follow Mark. And what a contrast he is to the
three Tory Prime Ministers. They have achieved the
impossible. They have each been worse than the last!
(Applause) I chose the short film we have
just watched as Tony Benn encouraged me. I was a
careworker in my teen, threatened with outsourcing. I
had not heard of a trade union until then. But I found out and
we won. And by 20, I was a shop steward
and now I am here, obviously, 21! The Labour movement gave me an
education and a vocation. Conference, people sometimes
point to me as someone who had a
difficult start in life. , “She can do it, why can’t you?
” But it is not true.My life shows the opposite, any success I have had is shared, shared by
our movement and the Labour governments that provided the
council house, the minimum wage, the welfare state and the
Sure Start centre that enabled me to achieve it.
(Applause) Conference, I don’t want to do
better than the people that I grew up with, I want us all to
do better. That is why we will upgrade
social mobility to social justice,
turning the social mobility commission into the social
justice commission. And we will set that commission to work on
making the whole education system fairer through the
integration of private schools. (Applause) Myself and John McDonald will
set out further steps that the Labour Government will take.
Our first budget will immediately close the tax loopholes used by
elite private schools and use that money to improve the lives
of all children. (Applause) As a Chancellor, John McDonald
will re-make our economy for social
justice, by taxing privilege,
redistributeing wallet and reinvesting in public services and by creating a new
universal basic service. This is the heart of a national
education service, the fundamental belief that
education is a right for all, not just a privileged few. It
is the right that we will radically expand, as with
National Health Service, it will be there from the very start of your life.
Conference, Sure Start changed my life when I had my own son. I joined a parent in class,
no-one was more efficient than me at changing nappies and having a proper
bedtime routine. But no-one mentioned love. That is what I
learned at Sure Start. We know the importance of bonding in the
early years. Children who know they are loved go on to
flourish. So we will deliver a renewed
Sure Start programme, Sure Start Plus. (Applause) Conference, the next Labour
Government can transform lives like the
last Labour Government transformed mine. Alongside it, we will introduce
a new service, free nursery education for all two, three and
four-year-olds. Not childcare on the cheap to get parents back into work but an
early education service led by professionals, designed to
develop the whole child. Where ever pre-education is not
available, we will step in and provide it.
(Applause) Conference, we will end
university tuition fees! (Applause) Also, we have to further adult
education so life long learning is available for all a matter of
weeks our life long learning commission will report
outlining a new radical and necessary vision for the future
and further adult education. For the first time, our national
education service will set out clearly to all of our citizens
their basic rights to education throughout their lives. and I believe it is right too,
that we combine local accountability with national
standards. Let me give you an example:
Before I became an MP I was a volunteer
for the Samaritans. Some of you may know how it began, a young
girl took her life because her periods started. She didn’t
know what was happening to her. She thought she had a disease
… but if she had had sex and
relationship education she might be here today. That’s why I’m
determined that every child growing up today has the right
to learn about these issues, that is why we will set out clear national
guidelines and why we will stand by the teachers implementing
them. (Applause) There will be no opt-out in our
national education service for equality. Every part of the
system will be bound by its principles, united behind its
values and held to its standards. And when existing
institutions are not fit for that purpose, we will
transform them. Conference, that is why we will
scrap Ofsted! (Applause) Schools will no longer be
reduced to a one-word grade or subjected to a system that
hounds our teachers from the classroom. A new system of peer review will
deliver school improvement led by the experts in our schools
who can achieve more working together for the common good. A
new independent body will ensure that every provider from nursery
to colleges delivers the education that will be the right
of every citizen. and we will also protect that
right by ending the spiralling cost of
school uniforms. (Applause) Parents forced into debt,
children in clothes that often don’t fit and the Tories failing
for four years to keep their promise to act. So we will set a clear price cap
and stop the scandal of children priced out of school. (Applause) Conference, 50 years ago in the
face of the establishment opposition,
Jenny Lee founded the Open University.
(Applause) Struggling to complete the
campus before a general election, she went to the site
and personally spoke to the construction workers and told
them, “This is not another university for other people’s
children but for yourselves.” They worked through the holiday
to finish building it, it still stands today. That means so
much to me. I too needed a second chance
with my own education. So many of us will have been told,
“Maybe university is not for you. ” But if our education system is
not for everyone, the problem is not us, it is the system a! So we! So we will establish a
comprehensive co-operative university!
(Applause) A university with academic and
vocational teaching on an equal footing. Common ownership of
the production, distribution and exchange of
knowledge itself. We often hear about the value created by innovation or investment but
rarely that created by the Labour of
workers. Yet the resources of the new economy will not be dug
out of the ground as so often is found but found in the life of
the mind. That’s why I reject the Tories
saying we will just spend. No! We will invest!
(Applause) It’s an investment that will
earn dividends as the next generation pays back in full. We will reap a return far richer
than any sum of money, of human
potential realised. It is not just our services and industries
that austerity hurts but our people too. Conference, the Tories have
broken Britain but we will rebuild it!
(Applause) Thank you. (Applause)>>: Thank you, Angela, inspiring
stuff. We have notifications of references back from the
following organisations. Bristol West, Beckence field, Tottenham, Labour International,
and Brighton Pavilion. Delegates have one minute in
which to move their reference reps back. If moving more than
one reference back they have a maximum of three minutes in
total. The time limits will be
enforced. Before I call the delegates, are there any further
references back? OK. Can you come down. Please specify which sections
you wish to reference back.>>: Conference, I refer back to
the sex and relationship education on page 30 of the
national policy form report. It was gait to hear about the importance of RAC but I wanted
details, the National Policy Forum does not seem to have
considered policy ideas. There have been details
admissions from LGBTIQ individuals and I
have put some through from Bristol but they don’t seem to
have been considered for an issue important to the LGBTIQ
community and for the health of LGBTIQ plus young people, this
is not good enough, it demonstrates why the National
Policy Forum is not fit for purpose. Thank you.>>: Does the delegate from
Bristol West wish to move the reference back?>>: Good morning Conference, my
name is Alexa Collins, Beaconsfield,
CLP, references the last paragraph of the document. We in Buckinghamshire, or as I
like to call it the 1950s. The Labour Party cannot a straight face present a policy document
which charter say it is will provide education which is
available universally, tackle structure aal barriers and to
be inclusive inclusive, while continuing to do nothing about
ending the process of selection and the 11 plus in the areas
where it is still obligatory. (Applause) It is great that you will scrap
key stage one and key stage two but unless you scrap the 11 plus, this is
not ending high stakes testing in primary schools, not even
close. E reference the last paragraph and ask you to insert
the phrase to end obligatory 11 plus testing where it still
exists. (Applause)
>>: Thank you. Tottenham CLP.>>: Conference, on page 17, point 4
of the national education service charter, incorrectly
lists protected characteristics in the Equality Act. Neither sex nor gender
reassignment are listed. Gender is used as a substitute
for both but as the toxic gender
recognition act debate has said, both sides
are saying that sex and gender are not the same thing.
Everyone agrees. Sex is one of the main acts of
discrimination in our society. While those who have undergone
or propose to undergo gender
reassignment face discrimination as well. Both sex and gender
reassignment should be mention the to recognise this and to be
in line with current equality legislation. Please amend the paragraph to Cl include the correct protected
characteristics, regardless of age, disability, class, gender
reassignment, race, religious, sex, sexual
orientation or any other social or personal characteristic.
Thank you. >>: Labour International CLP.>>: Labour Number CLP, can I ask you
to come to the lecturn. Thank you. — Labour International CLP. Can I remind everyone speaking
to register their details on the way back. Thank you.>>: Labour International. I want to reference back the
section in the education and skills MPF
report. It is dealing with institutional
issues. I was concerned to find that
despite the fact that youth services and fostering services have been
decimated, have been privatised, that children’s centres have closed down, that
so much of Social Services has been outsourced and privatised to companies like
G4S. Yet in the education and skills paper, there is just one reference to
social work and community and family
services in local communities. if we are really concerned about
troubled communities and left-behind communities, surely we cannot
allow family and communities Social Services to be outsourced and privatised
and say and do nothing about it? I really do think that we need
to spend some time thinking about how we address the issues and how we
bring the services back into public
ownership and stop the privatisation and the decimation of children’s
services in local authorities.>>: Thank you. Finally, the
Brighton Pavilion, in no more than two minutes.>>: Brighton Pavilion. I am sent here by my CLP to
represent BAME members. With want to reference back
English for speakers of other languages, which is in paragraph 7 on page 10 of
the policy section. ES.L is the
only explicit reference for policy for Black, Asian and
minority ethnic adults and no many of any
provision for BAME bam children. There must abnational plan for
learners in schools with English as an additional language.
There must be national oversight of the qualifications relating to
EL expertise, including teacher education. Commitment to an inclusive and
equipmentable national education service requires an ambitious and
overarching plan for black, Asian and ethnic minority students, children,
staff, migrant learners and refugees, an approach and sufficient targeted
funding in order to go beyond levels of
restoring the situation. This is crucial in a time of
rising racism. Secondly we want to reference back the phrase: As part of the review
an expert panel considers how climate change and impact are
taught from primary school onwards in paragraph 3, page 33
under curriculum. Teaching climate change is vital. It
will have increaseing significance. Reforming the
curriculum should take account but the debate around
Brexit exposes divisions in how we understand migration, including climate
migration, climate refugee, belonging and Empire and how the
issues affect us all. They all need to be taught as part of a broader project of
decolonising and diversifying a curriculum that is part of an inclusive and
equipmentable national education service. There should be
funding for a future cross disciplinary programme to
support teachers in teaching the
sensitive topic to all secondary students. I urge you to report the
references back.>>: One more reference back.>>: Sheila Doray. 40 years of
teaching comprehensive schools. I move a reference back of
paragraph 4, page 13 and paragraph 3, page 14, reference to the discussion of
grammar schools we moved the reference back as we believed in
a national education service there is no place for grammar
schools. We thoroughly recommend the
document, particularly the emphasis on democratic
accountability of schools removal of academies and free
schools, bringing them back under local authority control but we want to reiterate our
commitment to the iteration of grammar
schools. 20% past the 11 plus, 80% of
children fail. Research shows that grammar schools do not lead
to social mobility. 2. 6% of children in grammar
schools are on free school meals, compared to 13. 4 in all state secondary
schools. Professor Todd of Oxford
University concludes that the policy is a failure in terms of social mobility. Few children pass, many children
fail . This is not a policy for the many and not the few. It
is the reverse. We must have a policy for the many, and not the
few. That is the abolition of grammar schools, I move the
reference back. (Applause)>>: We will now take speakers
from the floor. If you would like to speak for or against a reference back specify
that. If you are called come to the Speaker’s Desk first. I feel like an airline
stewardess here, and couldn’t forget to tell us your name and
the organisation that you represent when you start your
speech. You should stay in your seat and put your hand up to indicate if you
wish to speak you stand on your seat or
jump up you will not be called. You are only allowed to speak
once at conference, please do not indicate to speak in the
debate if you intend to speak in a debate later in the week.
Indicate if you want to speak. There is a delegate here. A delegate at the back. Right
at the back there. I will have to put my glasses on
to have a look at you! And the delegate … thank you. I will
call three speakers at a time. If I call you to speak, can you
come to the front, please. Thank you. While we are waiting for people
to register I will take another
round. Indicate if you wish to speak. Come forward please. Make your way to the front.
Thank you.>>: My first time speaking at
Conference. I am a councillor in Hull.
North of the country, we have had lots of cuts as there have
been in other parts of the country. Our youth services have been
decimated. I was a youth worker many years ago we had a youth
centre on every estate in the city. The work that the youth
workers do is special. It is not school, we have a special
relationship with young people. The youth services are very,
very important, particularly at this time. We hear of young people being
taken into this counterparty lines, I think that is happening
across the country. Knife crime and all of the rest of it. A break down in communities and
in families, family breakdowns due to all of the horrible
things that the Tory Party are doing with the cuts
and to benefits. So, I want to fight for a youth service that does a proper job,
that is not just something that reaches
a number of, a small number of people in
our communities. We can catch these young people
at an early age and we can help turn
their lives around. I can give an example of a young
person who came to our youth centre. A lovely lad but he got involved
in the wrong crowd and friends were putting pressure on him and
he ended up doing some bad things and got into trouble with
the police. As a youth worker, we spent time
with the young people listening to their concerns and supporting them and
helping them to go in the right direction in life and get a better education
and learn the values that we, as a
Labour, that we find so precious to us. So, this young person is now
actually working for the social care and
he is working for young people who are leaving care. He is
doing an excellent job that is one example of one young person
whose life we helped turn around. So I want to say we
need more youth service provision in our cities for our
young people at such a difficult time. Thank you.
(Applause)>>: Hello, Conference, I am
Yvonne Murphy, a first time speaker at Conference. Thanks to an all-woman
shortlist, two weeks ago today, I was selected at the parliamentary candidate for
Monmouth … (Applause) My job is to oust David TC Davis
and I will do that by leading a campaign of hope, compassion,
opportunity and unity. I have a secret weapon, we all
have a secret weapon, it is called a
Welsh Labour Government! Let’s not keep it secret
anymore! I’m proud to be a Welsh Labour parliamentary
candidate and I’m proud to live in a devolved nation run by
a Labour Government. Conference, when we speak here,
in Parliament, on the doorstep, in councils across the nation,
when we speak to the media and via social media, when
we chat with our friends and our colleagues, and our family, we must reference
the already existing Labour
Government in Wales. I call on every member of the
Shadow Cabinet today for you will be the Government of
tomorrow to sing out loud and proud at every opportunity
the achievements of the already existing Labour Welsh
Government. Let us unite in celebrateing
record levels of investment in education in Wales for an extra £1 extra £100 million for schools
in Wales . This is what life is like under
a Labour Government. We have a new curriculum that
puts creativity at the heart of all children’s learning. (Applause) This is the result of a Labour
Government. Imagine what we can do with a
Labour Government in Westminster. So, when we meet
people on the doorstep, let us ask them what
kind of society they want. My eldest went to university last
Sunday. It is that I am having momentous
Sundays at the moment. He joined thousands attending
universities across the whole of the UK thanks to a Labour Government
policy – education, education, education. (Applause)>>: Finally Conference, I would
like to say, look to Wales when you speak to people. Look at
our existing Government. Hold it as a beacon of hope as we
begin to heal not just as a party but as a nation. Compassion, hope, understanding
unity, education is all. (Applause)>>: Thank you Chair. I’m a
proud Unison delegate speaking. I knew I would get a cheer from
Angela! Speaking in support of youth
services, I agree with what some delegates have said in regards
to the prominence we have to put in our policies for it. We have
a great policy in youth services to restore a statutory youth
service that has not existed before. We have a rise in knife crime,
county lines and lack of safe places for the young to go. We
have to shout about this more. Education is not just about
grades, exams, it is about life skills, confidence, self-esteem. A
wonderful Unison report that came out last year said that since
2010 £400 million has been cut to the vital services for young
people. £13.3 million just in the last three years alone that is 4,500 youth
workers. How many young people’s lives
has that creased to help and to ceased to help. And now we see
the rise in knife crime and the poorest of society, the
vulnerable affected. We need the Labour Government to fully
invest in the youth service. To fully fund it. I hope it will
be considered and I hope that Conference will back it and
support our youngs people. They are not just our future but they
are here today as well. Thank you.
(Applause)>>: David Flack, comrades, I’m a
failure, I failed when I was 11. I sat a test that I never
understood. I didn’t know what was coming and puzzled over it
until I realised I was a failure. The man who invented that test,
Sir Cyril Burk was a cheat, a liar,
he falsified his data. The evidence on nobility in
education is tenuous at the very least
because I, through the Open University,
became a techier of 40 teacher of 40-odd years,
completed psychology courses and became a Master of science and
psychology and I can tell you now, probably the majority
of psychologists, not all, this are
some right-wing people, especially in the United States,
that will tell you that you cannot use ability as a
predictor of a child’s future performance. It is a social myth!
(Applause) Now, I would also like to say,
that I became head teacher of an SEBD
school, if you don’t know what that is, that is for other
children who have been failed by the system, not that they are failures, they are failed by bad
social conditions, bad education, and
when we come to the academy system, the
way that it operates through Ofsted and
the reductionist and imperialistic
way that we have a tick list about what is a good lesson and
what is not a good lesson, the reality is that those children
have been kicked out because they
have special needs. Now, it is mentioned in the
national policy report about SEND and so
many children are not getting the support that they need to
succeed in education. I’ll be brief but I do want to
say that the report does not mention social and emotional and behavioural difficulties, the children who
are cast out and largely into the private sector, I might say, as central
provision in education has been taken away
and they are affected more than most, even more than the other
children than in SEND. Please, put it back in. Let’s do away with selection, I
support doing away with grammar schools, they are the disease that
infects our educationally system. Thank you.
(Applause) educational system. Thank you.
(Applause)>>: Look the audience in the eye
but I don’t look people in the eye, I
am autistic, unfortunately but there you go! This is my first
ever Conference! I am here from Coventry North
East. I am speaking about grammar schoolses. . I went to a comprehensive
school myself. I did not do so well. But later on I went back as a
maturity student to university to get a PhD from the school of
education Birmingham University. To speak about Labour, I will go
back a long way, Labour was a pioneer
of the comprehensive system of education, however, it was spoiled by the
continuing existence of selection. That it was still
allowed. That 11 plus still existed, that
the grammar schools still exists. It was a project doomed
to failure. So I say we must carry through
this project now, again, with a second chance. Education is the
most important thing for the future of everybody on this
planet. In fact, it is as important as climate change, how else will we
understand climate change other than through education and
science? So, I will wind up and speak
briefly, I had not prepared a speech, I
fully support the referral back to abolish the grammar schools,
they are a toxics institution. (Applause)
Had was quick! that was quick!>>: Hello, Conference! My name is Seelaar Hibbard. I’m a councillor for Penge Wood
and a newly elected …
(cheering and applause) Newly selected parliamentary
candidate for Harborough. We are currently leading the
fight on hashtag close the loop campaign,
post 16-year-old disabled students are being denied access
to schools. We are demanding that the Government reinstate home- home-to-school
transportation. It should be a legal obligation.
Our disabled students are willing to educate themselves.
They have families who are willing to take them to schools but how
dare you have … things have to change.
Privatisation and schools in Britain, and the lack of
accountability is abysmal. It trickles down every day and
our schools every day, reducing the standard of education that we have in a
first-world country. It is a massive shame, we are
meanting to leading in the globe, not following. We need
to change things! Our systems of education is
broken. £7 billion has been slashed from
the education system since 2011. When we slash our funding in our
education system in Britain, we are slashing the hopes, the
dreams, the aspirations and the potential of our young people in
this country! (Applause) This also has to stop. As an
internationalist I will give you another flip of the coin. When
we do this we start to poach doctors and nurses from Third
World kiss where they are already suffering
from abysmal life expectancies, we
have to stop this and grow our own graduates. Thank you
Conference for listening to me! Thank you.
(Applause)>>: This will be the last
speaker and then we move on to the composites.
>>: Thank you, Conference. My name is Kasim Ali, a first
time delegate and speaker at the Conference. Although it feels I have been
here before, since I joined my extended family, the Labour
Party. I am looking forward to us together leading this country for the
better to make it prosperity for all of the children and everyone
in this country. I am speaking on behalf to support, to send
grammar schools and private schools, the reason I say this,
as a local councillors have seen
education in Chelsea and Kensington … as a former bus driver I know
education, what it is about. I was driving one day, down a
street in London I found out about
University College London UCL and I finally
decided in 2006 to enter that
university. I managed to do the university
with a scholarship and to do a degree
and Masters degree. I don’t have to wait for someone
to give me a scholarship to give opportunity for a person like me
of colour. Class is the issue, not the
colour of this country. If you are educated in Eton College, whatever it is, you can go to
Oxford, anywhere else, then you have the privilege, no! We must
give the education to everyone and end the system one country,
two systems. The services will give the
opportunity for everyone and everyone will
not be limited by wealth. Therefore, I am supporting today
at this Conference and the next
Labour Government led by Jeremy Corbyn
to end and abolish once and for all the
grammar schools and the private system. For that reason,
conference conference, it is an opportunity for to us lead the
country and the next leaders, council leaders,
everyone …>>: Can you wind up now, please.
>>: Thank you a minute. The point is for us, Conference this
is an opportunity. Please, please, please, vote for
us to support our brilliant Shadow
Secretary for education and hopefully lead this country once
and for all. Thank you. Thank you very much.
(Applause)>>: So, we now move to the
composite motions on schools, Battersea
CLP will move the first schools composite, you have three
minutes. Can I ask a delegate for Bolton
North East CLP to go to the desk
ready to second the motion. >>: Hello, Conference my name is
Lynn Jackson from Battersea CLP. My first time speaking but I
have been several times to conference. I am here to
support Labour against the private schools motion. Let me
give you some background. I am originally an educational
psychologist, the reason I became an educational
psychologists my parents from social workers. They ran
children’s homes. Growing up, I lived alongside and in the
children’s homes. I went to several schools. As I child I
could see how unfair it was, if you didn’t have a good
start in life as parents could not look after you, how come if
you were going to a school that was not giving you the care and
the support as I went to schools like that. So I decided to become a
psychologist. It is about giving every child the support
that they need to have the best chance in life. At the moment I
am working half of the week as an educational psychologist in Southwark, one of the most
deprived boroughs in London. The other half of the week I
work as a psychologist as an expert
witness in court, mostly care proceeding, this is important
for me to realise that what we have to do is to put all of our resources and efforts into every
day education for all children, not
the 7% who receive 300% more spending on their education. Boris Johnson is one of 20
Eaton, he is the 20th Prime Minister
educated at Eaton. His Cabinet, two thirds are
privately educated. So it is about not only giving children
the education that they deserve to make the best choices for
themselves in society but about making sure that the people at
the top are not that narrow 7%. So, I wept you to support this
want you to support the motion, to ensure that the election next
is no about the people versus the Parliament, which is how it
feels at the moment but about people versus privilege,
ensuring that we have equality. Let’s get …
(Applause) Let’s kick out the Eaton
educated posh boys and let’s have Jeremy Corbyn in there.
(Applause) And let’s build an education
system and a society, as it is partly the same thing, that is truly in the
interests of the many and not the few. Thank you.
(Applause) (Applause) Plause>>: Second on the motion of
integrateing private schools and asking
Conference to support the motion. We, a movement of half a million
people joined as we believe that the sole purpose of an elitest
education is to divide the haves and the have
not. To divide us from them. An eliteist education spits in
the face of our belief and world view that society is structured on merit
and one’s ability to navigate life based on their own talents
and abilities, not on those of their parents. The structure of
society is already heavily weighted in fayre of those with the favour of those with the
ability to pay. We should be able to balance the society to bring equity to all.
Some will argue that a policy as this does not have much truck
within the wider society, that this is an issue that most don’t
hold a definitive position on. If that is the case, why not
implement the policy now? If not now, when is the time to
change the systems of education so all children are given equal opportunities in
order to build a society with
fundamentally fundamentally principles. Why not move this
to build a society based on each cording to their ability and
each cording to their need. And if not us, who will? Let’s move
away from a politics of consensus, largely based on a
false consensus, supplied to us by media barons, establishment
politicians and big business who clearly reap the rewards of the old boys networks
established in formative years within private education. Let’s have belief in the power
of our own convictions that all children matter, all children
should be given equal opportunities and all children
are aware of how wonderful and
diverse society is, regardless of their economic background.
The motion is clear, we want to integrate all private schools in
the state sector to have the wonderful facilities and the
resources that these schools have available to all of our
children not just the privileged few. To ensure that the historic
benefits are returned to the rights of all. This is about an inclusive
education system for everyone. If Eaton is good enough for the
off spring of the rich, then it is good enough for our children
too. Please support.>>: The second composite on
schools is moved by SEA and the second by
South West Devon.>>: Melanie Griffiths from the
socialist education association. Over the last 40 years there has been talk about parental choice
and devolving power down to local
schools, it it has been smoke and mirrors. The Tories and others have
achieved an education system more centralised and more
fragmented than it was decades ago. Schools have been taken
from the local communities and given to semi-privatised Trusts, and ultimately, they are
controlled and financed centrally, policed by Ofsted and
the testing league table regime. Over the years, a semblance of
democratic structure in the school system has been
destroyed. That is what this is about,
democratic accountability of schools. The ideas in it have been
carefully thought out over the last few years and fleshed out
in the SEA document restoring a democratically
accountable education system. So what the motion proposes is
that all multi-academy Trusts are to
be broken up and the academies brought back into the local
authority. (Applause) The pre-1988 local education
authorities were not perfect but they were certainly better than
what we have now. Anyway, this motion is not about
proposing a return to the old system, local education
authorities were just councillors, what we propose is
something different. We are suggesting that each
local authority should establish an
Education Committee, consisting of elected councillors but also
elected representatives and a range of stakeholders in
education. And by stakeholders, we mean
students, parents, carers and staff. By staff we mean not
just head teachers but classroom and support staff. The assumption would not be that
senior leaders would speak for all staff. It would involve
truancy and if the system is to operate effectively in local
areas we would have to think about representation from local
businesses. So, what would these educational
committees do? They would be responsible for overseeing
educational services in an area. They would start to build up
central services again, bringing them in
house. Services such as cleaning, schoolmams, care taking,
educational psychologists, supply teachers, payroll and
personal, IT support. They would develop ways of ensuring that schools worked together and
access support and advisory services. We would re-establish
teacher centres and advisory teaches, setting up
local inspec rate services to work positively with the
teachers to improve the standards. If the demands are
implemented on the election of a Labour Government we would move
to a democratic education service where the schools are
accountable and supported. To reverse the marketisation and
the privateisation that is destroying the educational
experience of our young and establish a democratic education
service focused on the needs of learners, not the school’s place
in the league tables.>>: Can I call on south West
Devon to second the motion?>>: Morning Angela. Good
morning, Conference. Ben Davey, South West Devon,
CLP. First time delegate! (Applause)
First time speaker. (Applause) Father of two schoolchildren and
ex-teacher. Conference, education is our
gift from one generation to the next. We have allowed that gift to be
given away. Academies like Oversight, funds
can be miss appropriated, pay
settlements and not necessarily respected, MAT
CEOs are earning grotesque salaries.
(Applause) Stealing cash from our
classrooms. We have allowed the toxicity of
profit and Darwinistic market forces to infiltrate the very arena that
we entrust with the care of the most precious things in our
world, our children. This cannot go on. The Attll ee Government won a landslide
and message of hope, policies that inspire will evoke that
spirit once again. Imagine all children enjoying
schools that nurture, governed by creativity and compassion,
not profit? Conference, we second the motion.
>>: Thank you, delegate. We have time for a few more
speakers if you would like to speak, please raise your hand
and please remember to make it clear which motion you are
speaking in favour of or against. I have the delegate at the front
here. Can I take the delegate right
over on this right-hand side. Yes. Four rows back. You are
waving your hand around. Yes. This delegate on this row and
the delegate at the back in the yellow top. If you can make your way to the
front.>>: Sarah Hacker from Unite,
speaking Conference as a parent, school
governor and councillor I speak of someone with experience as to
what is happening in the schools. There is a crisis in
funding. Schools in England have had a 13 year real terms
freeze. An unprecedented period without growth. There is the
crisis of accountability. In the last decades school have
been transformed but not for the bin fete of children. Half of
all children in state funded schools are now taught by an
academy Trust. A select committee report complained that
parents and local people have to fight to obtain even basic
information about the children’s schools. These schools are
accountable not to local councillors like me but to
officials in Whitehall. As a recent educational policy institute report found academies
don’t perform better than maintained schools. We are
facing a crisis in respect of the wellbeing of our
schoolchildren. They are at risk of being turned into exam
machines, rather than experiencing awful the benefits
of a full well-rounded education that allows them to flourish. Creative arts are cut and hit by
many schools. Music, art and drama subjects are cut back in favour of so-called core
academic sits. Create civet a core subject, without it we will
not have a fully skilled workforce. We welcome Labour’s commitment
to a new education service in England that must combine democratic
oversight, universal standards and the opportunity for all to
flourish from cradle to grave. It is the least that our
children and communities deserve. Thank you.>>: My name is Lisa Robiarweb
from Central Devon. I want to apologise for my
rather Lib Dem dress but I really wanted to be noticed! I am a mum, I am not an expert.
My local academy, and it is the only school in our rural area,
so we don’t have much choice but it is a fantastic school. But
it has started to fail. Those things came to light very
suddenly. Guess what, nobody was really
scrutinising? Nobody knew what was going on? We could feel it
in the water but did not know. Then all of a sudden 74 job cuts
were coming up. Particularly in the areas of performing arts and
sport and we were really upset about it but guess what, I’m an
expert now. I realised we had no voice. How could I
communicate with the other parents? How could I talk to
them? I went to the website to find out who ran the school, we
could not find out who the members were, the top people
making the decisions. We had to go to Companies’ House to dig around to find out who had
made those decisions. I have two children there, the
school is almost bankrupt, the school’s commission woke up to
say he has not done his job and not been looking at this. We
have been lobbying to ask that they put us in the decision-making
process. They were to meet in September and apparently had
talked to stakeholders but we did not know who they were. So
we gave them a thought: Would you like to talk with the
parents and the communities, your customers about what we
think? Because a group of parents got together, because of
our passion for the school and the staff, they are going to
talk with us now. That is community activism! So, I would really like you to
support this motion because for us in areas where we have a Tory MP who has
not done enough on this, please support
it, and create a great future for our children in education.
Thank you. (Applause)>>: Good morning everybody. I am JohnWiseer from the Unite
union, a councillor teacher and proud of being a comprehensive
teacher. Conference, you don’t have to look past the Tory
frontbench, John Arne Riise, et cetera, to know why
private education is such a problem. How can it be right in 21
century Britain — Rees-Mogg, to have
a feudal education system where a privileged few receive tax
subsidised education on the back of ordinary working people.
Rather than abolish the aberrations the Government continues to push
further privatisation through academies and free schools. I
am not here to support the final composites and motions but to
speak up for comprehensive education! Comrades, I was a teacher and in
a Liverpool great comprehensive school for 757 years. I have seen the damage that the
Tory governments have done to the children and the teachers in
that workplace. The damage to the curriculum, turning our schools into exam factories,
failing our pupils on a massive scale on
our children. Education staff having their pay
and terms and conditions slashed and moral in schools never so
low. Chief Executives of academy
chains are paid huge salaries, more than that the Prime
Minister while public scrutiny is ripped from the
accountability of schools. Conference, my union supports a
national education service, presencive education must be
central to that. We must support this motion, we
must support our teachers, we must support our education staff, we must
support our governors, we should support our children and make
sure we get these Tories out because our education is the
future of our children. I support the motions. Thank you.
(Applause)>>: Chair, Conference, speaking
in support of both motions, I am the parliamentary candidate for
Bolton West. Julyie Higgen. Since 2015 we have had a Tory MP
who tells local people one thing
then goes to Parliament to vote different. He told the
constituents he would fight fracking then went to Parliament
but voted for it. He blames the council for cuts in police,
social care, the state of local roads, even though he voted for
every single cut to public services including a further £23
million cuts to councils this year. The people in Bolton West
are suffering from the actions of the Tories and it needs to
stop. Like the disabled couple having to leave their fully
adapted house that has been their home for 40 years because
of the bedroom tax. Like the couple who put savings into
their business that they lost completely when he was diagnosed
with cancer and they had to wait three months for any money to
live on and like the nurse who was likely to lose her job and
home as her disabled son could only get 1 hours of schooling a
week. An thank heavens for Unison
helping out with food parcels — 12
hours a week. How can we be the fifth company with more and more
people sleeping on our streets, the fifth richest
country in the world where people work all
week and then people have to go to food banks. The fifth richest country where
the children are lacking in schools,
the class sizes going up and teacher buying basics out of
their own pockets. The youth services destroyed, drugs and
alcohol support gone. We are again bringing up a generation
of young people with nowhere to go, nothing to do and no hope
for the future. It is wrong. A Labour Government will
transform the lives of young peopled a our communities for
the many, not the few. But we have to win seats like Bolton
West and with your help and support, I will win. Grammar schools
(Applause) (Applause)
>>: Thank you. I call for three more speakers. The delegate on
the left. The delegate root right at the back on the second
row. Dell gait right at the back and
the second row and the one waiving
at me waving at me now.>>: Good morning, Conference. I’m a national schools officer.
GMB is the union for school support staff. Our members
working in schools are mainly women. Many of them led the
biggest strike for equal pay this country has
ever seen. Last year, the women of Glasgow took on the council, took over the
city, withdrew their labour and won equal pay! Our union has been led proudly
by these women and we now have a Lewisham teaching assistant as
our President, Barbara Plant. I am a mum. I know the difference
that support staff make in the lives of our kids. It is those staff that are most
at risk when schools make spending cuts. The Tories take
no issue with imposing cuts on our schools. The likes of Boris Johnson don’t
rely on good quality state education to give them a step
up. Their privilege is handed to them. Their private school education
epitomises that. So whilst my son’s school writes to every
parent asking for money to plug funding gaps, private schools
get tax cuts through a charitable
status, my son’s school cuts teaching assistants and the
private schools have the best facilities and smaller classes. It is right that the Conference
is debating this at this weekend. I see the impact of
the failed academy programme on the lives of our members. GMB
members in schools across the south-east of London from
Plumstead manor to Charlton park are forced to take industrial action as
academy chains attack conditions and cut jobs
and all the hi the Chief Executive pay is spiralling out
of control. The injustice of inequality in
the education system has gone on too long. We will be at the forefront of
this battle that respects the rights of members and delivers
fairness for every child.>>: EthanWaller. A proud student of a good and
outstanding comprehensive school. One thing that I have always
been very proud of is my comprehensive education. We have seen the horrible
outcomes of what Tory cuts has done to our education system and it is outrageous, the
way it puts stress on the pupils. One thing I am proud of is in
our city of Southampton, my
comprehensive, Redbridge is the only one that offers a full range of not just E-bacc
subjects but option subjects so design technology, art,
photography, music, to ensure that our young people are
prepared for the future. If you look at these
multi-academy Trusts, what do you see? You see Chief
Executives taking out bigger salaries every year while the services are cut and what this
means is that students are being failed
and we must remember these are the future of our country. We
can’t put our country in jeopardy just to make sure these
bosses make money. In Southampton yes more pupils than
school spaces and this crisis is coming down on our Labour
council. Luckily, as we have a Labour council we are committed
to fighting to make sure that our young people get the places
that they deserve. The problem is that because of current laws,
the only way we can open a new school is to make it an academy
Trust. That is disgusting. So, Conference, please, I beg
you, support this motion, stand against private school, stand against
academies and fight! Fight together for a national
education service and a Labour Government led by Jeremy Corbyn
that works for the many and not the few. Thank you, Conference!
(Applause)>>: Hello. I’m Tom Barenger to the Nottingham CLP. As a member said yesterday it is impossible to be picked if you
don’t stand up. I want to speak on schools I think in the hall,
it is important to think about what we look like to people
outside of the hall a national environment
an Eaton alumnus Tory Prime Minister who
imposeed murderous austerity. A third Eaton alumnus Tory
teaching Government frontbench like a sofa, who if we went into
the next general election saying: With Labour in
power we will abolish Eaton! I think that it would get Jeremy Corbyn in Number Ten, John
McDonald into number 11 and Angela Rayner into the
Department of Education and that is exactly what we should do!>>: Conference, we are moving to
the health and social care debate. To get us started I would like
to invite marsh Serwotka, and
President of The TUC to address us.>>: Thank you very much, Chair,
Conference I bring greetings on behalf of the TUC and the
General Secretary, Francis O’Grady, to address this
to the outgoing TUC President and the proud member of the Plaid Cymru. Conference met the TUC and I
want to bring a flavour of that
conference with our greetings and I want to start by recognising a great speech by
Jenny Formby. Jenny told her story about what happened with
her at the NHS. I want to start briefly with my own story. I passed my own personal
milestone three weeks ago, 1,000 days
since a heart transplant, my fourth life-saving operation
carried out by the greatest creation of our movement …
(Applause) And let us be clear, it is the
creation of the Labour movement, our NHS. As Jenny mentioned
yesterday, that is an NHS that is a team, it is a team of
people from all different professions, the cleaners, the
porters, the radiographers, the physio
therapist, the doctors, nurses, the paramedics,
and the midwive, the community nurses who came tout to change
my dressings when most people are enjoying themselves. And
they are a fantastic team and we must say to the Tories, and to
Donald Trump, keep your dirty mitts off the NHS we will not
stand by and let you privatise our health service. But
conference, I want to bring you this message from the TUC. It is simple: Over many
life-saving operations and many months I stayed in Papworth
Hospital, I wanted to make the point about the people who
treated me, they came from all parts of Britain but they came
from Africa, from Asia, from Eastern Europe, from all parts
of the globe and they came to this
country and we hear right-wing politicians tell we don’t want
migrants, that they are not welcome here as the country is
full up, I say thank God that the migrants came to this country and we must
continue to welcome them at every single turn! I say that not just because of
the fantastic role that they play every day in our economy
and in our public services but this country is only what it is because of centuries of
immigration and the cultural enrichment that people come into
this country have brought. So we should say clearly, that
people are not homeless because of migrants, they can’t get a
job disappointment because of migrants, they can’t get into
the local NHS because of migrants, they cannot get a job
because of migrants, it is because of Tory austerity and
bad bosses, the length and the breadth of this country.
(Applause) And we should say as a Labour
movement that migrants must get trade union rate for pay, trade
union jobs and trade union membership and that is the
greatest thing that this movement can offer to people who
come to this country. Now, conference, I want to make
this point, there has been a lot of
newspaper coverage over the last few days, attempts to divide the
movement and to let Boris Johnson cling on to power tor to
get in through the back door. At the TUC we did something that
was a fantastic thing to see. We united and we united on a
position over Brexit, and we united for this simple reason, if we let Brexit
divide our movement, if we let Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage pretend to the
people of the Rhondda and Sunderland and Scotland and
parts of England that he in some way is an anti-politicians who
is on the side of the working man and woman, it will be the biggest
disaster ever. Conference, let’s be clear about
this. Let’s be clear about this. Boris Johnson will
pretend he speaks for the 52% who voted leave. He speaks for the 1% of the
elite rich and we speak for all of those across our country
whether they voted Leave or whether they voted Remain. So
the TUC was clear, we unite to fight a no deal Brexit, we unite
urgently for a general election, the biggest priority is to get
Jeremy Corbyn into number ten and to say to
the people of this country that only Labour and the Labour
movement can unite everyone regardless of which way they
voteed by negotiating, unlike Theresa May and her nonsense
over three years in power, a credible deal that will be put
by a Labour Government to the people of this country and that’s the way that
we can deal with what is something that I hope we all remember dearly, when in
Wales, the country of my bit, we see
the Brexit Party, winning an election we should all worry.
There is not a single person in the Rhondda Valley, the Merthyr
valley or anywhere else who will gain a single thing from Boris
Johnson or Nigel Farage, it is only a socialist Government
tackling austerity and dealing with all you have debated that
cab give hope to the people of Scotland, Wales, Northern
Ireland and indeed of England. So, in finishing, I want on
behalf of the TUC to bring this message, that if we don’t let
them divide us, if we don’t let Boris Johnson get away with it
and we remember what is at stake, we can win this general
election and we remembered last week what was at stake. We had Jeremy address the
Conference, the wonderful Laura Pitcock
address the conference conference, maybing it clear that a Labour Government
legislates for workerses’ rights, workers’ rights and we should
have in mind that when we put the X on the ballot box, the people sleeping
rough in every major city, the people
with the life expack tensey of 45, the
women in the hall where the life expectancy is lower than their mothers, the
people who have migrated to this country and we remember the
health workers, the education workers and the local government
workers fighting with councils having 40% budget cuts and we
remember this, the private sect or workers who keep the economy
going and under a Labour Government, the fruits of the labour labour should be in
their pockets, not in the pockets of
the tax-dodging billionaires who put their money in the caman Cayman
Islands. So, I stand here as the General Secretary of a Services trade
union PCS, a union whose predecessor
forbidden by law of the 1920 general strike
for affiliating to the Labour Party. Last week we took an historic,
to campaign for the first time ever for a Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour
Government and I tell you, I tell you why …
(Applause) I will tell you why, I have
members on strike today ten weeks on
strike in a Government department, mainly black women, migrant workers,
cleaners, caterers, security guards, porters and messengers,
privatised by the Tory Government and treated appal
appallingly, they don’t even get a London Living Wage. Some on
less than £9 an hour. We have had the most brilliant picket
lines and unlike the days I remember going a TUC conference
to be told off by the Labour leader we should not have gone
on strike over pensions, the difference here is that all of
the Shadow Cabinet have been on the picture line. They all
raised it in Parliament, all standing with the workers and
what is the result? The result is this, after ten
weeks, while there is a little bit to do, the workers were told by Ledley led abdrear Leadsom, that they
are to get the London Living Wage, not because of her but as they went on
strike backed by the unions and the Labour
party members of the country. So if they can do it, those and
many more can look to a future with strong unions, fighting bad
bosses in the workplace and a radical Jeremy
Corbyn-led Labour Government defeating austerity, that is
what the people of the country need. Greetings, from the TUC!
(Applause)>>: Thank you, Mark. I think that they liked your
speech! We will be hearing from the Shadow Health Secretary,
Jonathan Ashworth a little later. But first dealing with
references back from Brighton, Kempton,
Sheffield Hallam, Brighton Pavilion and Liverpool. Does
anyone else wish to move a reference back? Thank you. The delegate from Brighton
Kempton wish to move the reference back? Can I ask Sheffield Hallam,
Brighton Pavilion and Wavertree if you
are moving your reference back to move to the front.
>>: Hello. I’m a first time Conference
delegate. Received results of a mammogram
this year this week to say that I am
two years cancer-free thanks to the wonderful service of the NHS
and an immigrant team who did most of my surgery. First I
want to say as a first time delegate, I think that the
National Policy Forum report is a difficult document to engage
with. I suggest in future to have a structure so that we have
the beginning, what the policy was, what has been changed and
proposed, what has been adopted and what is under discussion. I
think that what I refer back to is dealt with in the second
composite but we wanted to say that we think that explicitly on
page 90 in the discussion around integration there needs
to be an explicit mention that we are going to scrap integrated
care partnerships and that the NHS will be run
according to Nye Bevan’s principles of
funding by us all on the ability to pay and
access on basis of need and equality. So we would like that
explicitly stated on page 09, in 90, the
second paragraph. >>: Sheffield Hallam, two
minutes.>>: Joe Simpson from Sheffield
Hallam. In referencing back the policy
subsection mental health, the paragraph ending the commission to monitor
issues, the 2017 manifesto pledge that
we would ring-fence health budgets to ensure that the funding reaches the
frontline needs to be developed and to cost a plan to deal with transition between
child and adult mental health services where vulnerable adults
have been falling into a void. There are steps outlined in the
2017 manifesto but this year’s report
lacks evidence of detailed work to
flesh out bones in the ideas previously
published. Sheffield Hallam has set up a
mental health advisory group and
examined the Labour Party policy and put forward recommendations
in a motion to Conference. We believe that making mental,
physical and social wellbeing should be an essential factor in
all policies. That it should be ring-fenced
and costed and needs to be central
because of hired staff and as well as
bodies.>>: Brighton Pavilion CLP, you
have three minutes.>>: Hi everyone, I am Val l
Night. Born in the second year of the existence of the NHS.
Have since I retired felt guilt that my generation is letting
this amazing service slip away. I have five grandchildren. I want them to have the same
health security that I have known all of my life. for that end, I read this
document carefully, I have been involved
in our party and our local party feeding into the policy
commission. I wanted to make the following points. I wanted to reference back
something regarding mental health. It says, sorrying regarding
BAME, first of all. It says in the document that we want to build on the commission’s
detailed work over the last year for help
in equalities. Unfortunately, all it says is
one line about BAME issues to do with the
health service. Our local party have stated that
they want to reinstate health cover
for non-UK nationals and remove the requirement for the payment by
migrants, refugees and asylum seekers and immigrants. So we wanted that to be given
further consideration in this document. As far as mental health is
concerned, we have also been concerned. We have referenced
back the fact that although the document refers to
lots of submissions about the mental
health services, all they have done is just mention that they
are going to give it further consideration. We particularly
want to support the idea that there is extra mental health
needs to be dealt with for young people and we would also like
the Labour Party to give more thought to the
community psychology paradigm that says when somebody has a
mental health issue, it is often not them that has the
illness but their environment that is toxic. So we would like to be given
more thought. We also feel that we should not
in the document be referring to the
position of sorts and others which is a result of the
privatisation of our primary healthcare services. We might
be able to make use of people trained for a couple of years
but the point is that they have been trained for a council of
years to stand in for GPs. That should not be what is happening
if Labour get into Government. We want to make sure that is
given more thought. I think that is all I will cover
as I only have three minutes. Thank you.
(Applause)>>: I will open up the debate to
speakers from the floor. Let us know if you wish to support or
oppose a reference back. You will not be called in you are
out of your seat or waving anything. The delegate in the red. The
delegate in the blue. Yes, that delegate with the
T-shirt on. And the delegate at the back.
With their hand up. If the speakers can naker way to
can make their way to the front, please. Finally Liverpool WavertreeCLP,
if you can take the lecturn, please.>>: Conference, Alex Scot
Samuel. I am here to reference back
paragraph thee on page 94 of the it gives a summary of the Labour
health policy that mentions privatisation and underfunding
which of course gets the most rhetoric. But it fails to mention several
key Labour policies which have been Conference policy since our
composite 8 in 2017, which was unanimously
supported by Conference. So the paragraph fails to mention. It
talks about reversing the Health and Social Care Act but fails to
mention that Labour is committed to repealing the Health and Social Care Act,
2012, and it says nothing whatever about Simon Steven’s toxic long-term plan
which Labour is committed to opposeing
includeing eliminating the accountable care, organisations and stems,
sustainability and transform transformation programmes,
integrated care, organisations, systems and partnerships. Every
time the media gets wind of one of these things he changes the
name of it. And it is specifically committed as per the NHS reinstatement bill
draft drafted by which was taken to a second
reading, that is what the summary of the Labour health
policy should do. Please support this reference back.>>: I will call for two more
speakers. Indicate if you wish to speak. The delegate over that side.
Yes. That delegate.>>: Comrades, there is no other organisation that cares for us
actually hands on, cares for us. Throughout our our entire live
but the NHS. Your church may support you from the early
years, the school is there when you need to learn and the union
is there when you start work. Our party is there when you
become politically engaged but the NHS
is there from the first breath until our very last. The NHS
never waivers in its commitment to our health and we as Labour
should never waiver in our commitment to the NHS and it
needs our support now more than every. Dedicated staff working overtime
is the norm in the face of greater demands and falling
resources. In their darkest hour when people need to attend for dialis or
chemotherapy, they are relying on the people suffering from
the worst of the Tory cuts and the privatisation —
dialysis. Like the ambulance workers in the south-east when
the private company bosses left them without pay for six weeks. We saw ambulance workers using
food banks to feed themselves and their families. Conference, this is shameful,
this Tory Government, they want more of the same. We in GMB are fighting
alongside of our ambulance members and I am pleased to say
that the majority of the patient transport service in the South
has finally been brought back in
house, into the safe hands of the NHS but the fight with the
Ambulance Service is not over. We will continue the fight
against the Tory privatisation of our public services which is
happening right across the UK. We need a Labour Government to
deliver NHS staff the pay rise that they richly deserve, to
scrap the Health and Social Care Act, and to build a
social care system that values carers and patients. We need a
Labour Government to end this decade of destruction, this Tory shambles and give our NHS more
funding that it needs and less of the photo opportunities.
Thank you. (Applause)>>: I’m from the Oval CLP, my
first time as a delegate. I have a multitude over the last
17 years of illnesses an disabilities. I owe my life to
the NHS and to the social care system. One part I find has failed us a
lot in the Oval, it is our mental
health service. I run a mental health support
group in Yeovil which is non-funded. My friends and comrades in the
group find long waits for
appointments, we recently wrote to our MP, being
a conservative, who pushed me in
the direction of charities, non-Government funded. Our mental health services react
reis reactive to patients, not
proactive. And only step in when it is a Conservatives. I ask this becomes proactive in
the future. There is no communication between our
physical NHS and the mental NHS. They are so separated and never
talk to one another. in patient reviews of our local
authority mental health service, heartless, judgmental, I felt
really bad already, if I was not now, and
don’t ever have a crisis on them, it is a post coast
lottery. I ask that this is put forward,
the mental health, to Conference. Thank you. >>: Thank you, delegate.>>: Hello Conference, Cathy Howell, Vice-Chair of
Abercrombie CLP, first time speaker. I’m 19 years as an NHS employee
but I got my first job as my dad as a GP when I started to answer
the telephone in the age four or five when you called your doctor
at home. I have seen some changes. Conference, the Tory
policy for the NHS at the moment is nothing
less than scandalous! One of the key words in the NHS Constitution that the NHS shall
be free at point of use is being used as
a smoke screen to hide destruction and disintegration
behind words that suggest the opposite. Conference, it is unacceptable
that primary care is being decimated at the same time that
communities are undermined and people simply cannot help each
other in the way that they would want to. People are left with no option
but to go to the ED. Hospital puts are cut in real terms in the way that it is felt on the
floor waiting lists are getting longer and even all of the best
intentioned people are being forced to think about how
services can be rationed. It is unacceptable that people are now being told that they have to be
in uncontrolled pain for six months or more before they get
surgery. They have no option but to go to
the A&E Department. Privatisation and competition is leeching hard-earned public
funds into the pockets of the privileged. I do not pay my taxes for those
people. The national sickness service
used to be a phrase that we used to talk about the lack of
funding for public health but under the Tories people are
literally dying. That is includeing staff whose
suicide rates are rising year on year. It is not a National
Health Service or even a national sickness service under the Tories, it is a national
shameful service and we must have a Labour Government to sort
this out! Thank you. (Applause)>>: Thank you, delegate. We now move to the composite
motions. First is social care to be moved
by Aylesbury CLP and second I by
Newcastle Central CLP. Can you both come forward, please.>>: Good morning Conference, I
am Michelle Pointer from Aylesbury
CLP. This is my first Conference, I’m
a first time speaker. From the outset of the coalition
government with Tory and the Lib Dem, don’t let them off, we have
seen our social care decimated. The most savage cuts across the austerity agenda have first and
foremost been within social care. People are not receiving the
care that they deserve, they are not able to live the independent
lives that they deserve and our careworkers are amongst the
lowest paid in the world. It is really not acceptable. We have, together, with my
comrades from the other CLPs in the
composite meetings have put together a
movement for the proposal of a national
independence support service. To be similar but different to
the NHS but at the same standing. Every person has the
right to an independent life., an independent life of their
choosing. The High Court, we in
Buckinghamshire had reason to challenge some
cuts at the High Court of our local area
Government. The High Court stated that they could not make a judicial comment on
the cuts because it was a political point. This
underlines the need for this sort of service to be enshrined in
law, that there is a universal right to an independent life. our careworkers need proper pay. We have people sleeping night
shift on peace process £2 an hour
approximately £2 an hour. That must stop. We have to bring it
in house and deal with this. Please, I urge you to vote in
favour of the motion. Thank you.
>>: Thank you, delegate.>>: Hello, Conference, I am
Pernita Goodfellow from Newcastle, the first time deal
get to Conference. In the past 20 years, we have
had 12 white papers, green papers, consultations, and five
independent reviews and commissions. The latest UN
report is damning about the state of our social care
system and the indignity suffered by millions of people
in this country. Doing nothing is no longer an
option. Conference, we urgently need to establish a fully funded
service as proposeed by Roffa Annedidae
pack that meets the needs of diverse service users, including
those with disabilities who are medicalised, children,
adults and pensioners. Conference, social care is one
of the most pressing and urgent injustices, suffered by
invisible millions who are the many and not the few. They deserve so much more. We
know that the few don’t need it because they can look after
themselves. Therefore, within a first term
of a new Labour Government, we propose that the Government
provides a universal system of social care and support based on
a universal right to independent living and therefore,
Conference, I urge you to support this motion.
>>: Thank you, delegate. Grammar schools Now to our
motions on the NHS. NHS 1 will be moved by Unison
and seconded by Shipley PLC. Please come forward. If Sutton and Chem and Wavertree
delegates are ready for the second NHS composite it will
help to us keep on track. Make your way to the front, please.>>: Dave Prentice, Unison, NHS
1. Good morning, Conference. The NHS, Labour’s greatest
achievement, the jewel in the crown of our welfare state.
Still free at the point of need. A beacon of humanity, a beacon
of human decency and contrast that
with Boris Johnson. Conference, what a disgrace. Just last week
Boris Johnson shamefully used the NHS as a cheap backdrop. He used our NHS as a cheep
political stunt. The hypocrisy, the hypocrisy
after a decade of Tory neglect, a decade
of cuts and creaseees, Boris Johnson,
posing and prancing through the wards, little wonder Omagh Salen confronted
him. And on that day … — Omar Salen and on that day
he called born out. And Omar had seen that day what we have known all of our lives:
You cannot trust a Tory with our NHS. Time and time and time again,
the Tories have slashed our NHS, pushing it to breaking point. NHS workers, far more than
extras in a cheap stunt, nurses, doctors, yes, and also cleaners, our nursing
assistants, paramedics, catering staff and porters, people I am
proud to represent. Boris Johnson, the staff at
Whipps Cross Hospital where he was, who he sought to use last week, they
saved my life. A cancer diagnosis 20 years ago
that gave me months to live but they
pulled me through. With their skill, their care and their compassion and that is why every
minute of every day I will fight to
protect everything our NHS stands for. Conference, our NHS is under
siege, to be sold off, privatised,
subsidiary companies, so I want to say from
the Conference floor loud and clear,
our NHS must never, ever, ever be sold
off to multinational companies, parceled off, a group of a free
trade deal with Donald Trump, it cannot be allowed to
happen. Our movement, our union, it will always stand up for the NHS, a
truly National Health Service, properly funded with decent pay. But, Conference, we know in our
heart of hearts, that so save the NHS
there is only one option, Labour has to win power. >>: Del great, start winding up,
please.>>: Divided parties don’t get
elected, so we tow to the NHS to leave
Brighton united with our NHS needs, with
our NHS workers, . What member need is a Labour
Government, so less of the denouncing, less of the deleting, it is a
road to nowhere. Let’s get behind the leader, Jeremy, let’s
get out there, to get the NHS back in our hands and our great
party back in power. I move. >>: Thank you, delegate.>>: Conference, throughout the
summer, the Labour party members, trade
unionists and members have been out in force day after day
showing solidarity with striking workers in
Bradford. In collusion with NHS England,
the Bradford Trust have been seeking
… one of the ways in which the boundaries of the NHS are blurred, putting
jobs and workers’ rights at risk, compromising the ethos of the NHS and paving
the way to more outsourcing and more privatisation. Be in no doubt this is part of a
concerted plan by the owe opponents, the long term plan to change the NHS
publicly owned into something that is little more than a hollow feel
good brand available for licensing by
profit seeking providers. We must return the NHS to core principles, a full ownership,
Powergen Cup funding and public service and it must be the first
priority of a coming Labour Government. I urge Conference
to support this motion. Thank you.>>: We move to NHS 2 to be moved
by sit on and Cheam CLP. Would you Sutton and Cheam, CLP. Please
come up. >>: Bonnie Craverren. Proud to
propose our composite motion for a universal, comprehensive,
publicly provided, owned, funded and
accountable NHS. The NHS is our finest socialist achievement.
We created it. We must return the NHS to the
public service Nye Bevan envisaged. Some may remember I propose the
NHS motion at Conference in 2016. That motion was
unanimously carried and it helped to create a part
of our 2017 manifesto. But, we need to go further. Since last I addressed
Conference, Trusts have sold off land and building at rock bottom
prices. This is daylight robbery and it is happening
across the country. With a growing population, this
is simply no surplus land. Labour must resolutely oppose
the asset stripping of the NHS and make the public aware of the devastation
being reaped now. There are plans across the country to
downgrade, ration and to remove acute services including A&E,
maternity, cancer and coronary care. Hospitals to be
downgraded or closed. As our formidable and
inspirational General Secretary, Jenny Formby
said yesterday, we must reverse all privatisation in the NHS. (Applause)
Yes, we want more money to be spent on the NHS but first we must strip
out the private providers and
shareholders creaming off a fortune from our
NHS. Stop poring NHS money like water
into a bucket riddled with holes. Stop the leakage, insource and and every penny goes to the
frontline services. We must also stop the
unaccountable bodies sitting over the top of hospitals and GPs who veto treatments that
doctors prescribe for patients. Took tor us should be free to
use their professional judgments to treat their patients and care
provided according to clinical needs, not ideology. So, we call for all NHS land
that has been sold off to be returned to the National Health
Service. We demand a legal challenge to
PFI contracts and a claw back of the unreasonable profits that
were taken. Austerity and NHS policy has caused over 120,000 extra deaths
since 2010 all happening under the NHS forward plans that were
rejected. They are being useed to privatise the NHS. NHS
England should be abolished and responsibility for the provision
and the management of the NHS transferred back to the
Secretary of State. (Applause) All NHS assets, services and
staff must be transferred back to the public sector. Social care must also be
publicly provided. Anything less than the re-nationalisation
of the National Health Service is simply not enough! It must be the incomeing … it
must be the incoming Labour Government’s top priority. We owe it to our ancestors and
to our grandchildren to fight for our NHS, the finest creation
of any nation, we must not be the generation to allow it to be
taken away. It is our duty to ensure the motion to ensure the
future of the National Health Service, our lives depend
on it, I move. Thank you. (Applause)>>: Conference, Alex Scot
Samuel, Wavertre eCLP and doctors in Unite. I am here to second the
brilliant motion which in my view is one
of the best, most progressive and
radical motions on the NHS to come to
Conference for many decades. I have been a critical friend to Labour health policy for over 40
years. I speak with certainty in saying
that. I feel confident in saying that if you unanimously support
composite 2 on the National Health Service and make it the
centre of Labour’s manifesto at the election, we will win the
general election because the NHS is so
important to everybody in this country. As a blind dib EthanWaller why diabetic with mobility problems
I use a lot of NHS services, I have seen
the horrendous damage that the Social Care Act 2012 and Simon Stevens’
long-term plan. He was Blair’s health adviser
and went to Minneapolis for the predatory
united health and is here putting into practice what he
learned there and at Davos with the Long Term Plan. Not only has it done what you
have heard already from Bonnie but it transformed England NHS into 44 Americaniseed health corporation
corporations … and we can’t allow this to
continue. NHS workers have become the
health police and migrants are no longer welcomed in the NHS as Mark
Serwotka said. We will reverse this if the
motion is passed and the relevant sections
of the Immigration Act and do it as per
the NHS reinstatement bill which goes far beyond current Labour
health policy and we will completely get rid of
outsourcing, including the dreadful
outsourcing of support services, mostly by
American and English management consultancies which reinforce the neoliberalism
that has taken over our NHS. Conference, Hancock’s half-baked
NHS business must not continue a minute longer than it needs to.
Please, unanimously support composite 2. Thank you. (Applause)>>: We have time for a few more
speakers before we hear from Jonathan Ashworth. Can you indicate if you wish to
speak? The delegate there.>>: Hello, Conference, the
united Union. Oddly enough this is my first
time business speaking but I have spoken at other places.
Conference, there can be no doubt that social care and support is in
absolute collapse. Billions of pounds are stripped from children’s and adult’s Social
Services through the business Tory Government’s austerity
programme of the last nine years. Comrades, many within the
movement are calling for the creation of a
national independent living support service. This is a service that is for
disabled people, affords them the right to independent living.
Comrades, we are asking for a separate service to the NHS but
working alongside it, mainly as the fact is that the NHS meets one type of need, social
care and support meets entirely different
needs. So, for disabled people and a
universal right to independent living and a service funded through a
progressive tax system, and free at the point of need. It
must be free at the point of need, comrades and the service to be
delivered as a co- co-production between disabled people and the
government. Disabled people need a say in the creation of a
system that gives us independent living. Comrades, independent
living is not a treat, it is not a luxury resource given to
disabled people. Independent liveing gets disabled people to
the start line of the race, that is what it does. Conference,
support the creation of a national independent living
service. Support the right of disability
people, who deserve to be a part of the race of day-to-day
living. Please support this motion.
>>: Thank you, delegate.>>: Thank you. Gayle Cartmel speaking in
support of NHS composite 1, quiet unite. Our sister, Jenny Formby, in her
wonderful speech paid a heart felt tribute to all NHS workers,
without them there is no NHS. Privatisation, cash starvation
has left many underpaid and overworked, not a cliche but the
truth. That is why in February, March,
April, June, July, August and September of this year, Unite members balloted and
have taken strike action, among them
security staff, house keepers, hospital cleaners, porters, pharmacy assistants,
bio medical scientists and health visitors from the length
and the breadth of the of Britain, Southampton,
Newcastle, Birmingham, sully hol, Tayside, Frimley and barking, security workers
striking for stab jackets, health workers
striking to break a three year pay freeze. NHS workers
striking for the essence of the NHS against privatisation. Workers providing NHS care and support services, they don’t ask
for sympathy, they want our solidarity on their picture
lines and demonstrations and support for their strike funds. It is time to call to account
every MP or councillor whose political
dogma sees hospitals as cash machines in a dodgy deal with
Trump. It was Cameron who said that the
NHS was safe in our hands, he lied. Labour created the NHS,
only Labour can savour NHS, only Labour
truly respects the workers who now desperately need our
support. It is time to show them that we all care. So,
Conference, I want you to answer this question, who cares? We
care! Whose NHS? Our NHS! Support the motion!
(Applause)>>: Thank you, delegate.>>: Good afternoon Conference, I
am Kay Morrison, another Irish Labour
voice an we need more. I have attended Conference a few
times but this is the first time as an Epping Forest delegate.
It is an achievement. The south of October is Mental
health Day? Did you know that the suicide
rate has increased from over 11 deaths
per 1,000. Rates among young people and in particular young
women seem to be on the rise. Within suicide is too. One
suicide is too many. We know that during the year before their death, people who take
their lives have asked for help with the mental health that
support is either not enough or simply is not there. I am not going to talk about
employers who don’t make reasonable adjustments for staff
with mental health conditions, I could mention a
Labour-led local authority which seems to make a habit of dismissing such staff –
shocking! I am pleading for parity inses
in services, NHS funding, NHS
priority identitiesing — parity so that mental health
conditions are treated as urgently as physical conditions,
physical disabilities. Thank you.
(Applause) Just because you can’t see it,
does not mean it is not there! (Applause) I’m includeing all mental health conditions, we need heightened
expertise, more focused training from bipolar to Perry mental health
from young people’s mental health to dementia, dementia
really must be brought in house NHSwise. We must get serious
about mental health, that is about
prevention, early intervention and treatment. We need genuine I quality,
funding, rejigging of the NHS, our NHS
… so that it is able to deliver
for everybody, not just the few! Free at the point of need.
Support NHS one and two. Thank you. (Applause)>>: Thank you, Conference, I now
call Jonathan Ashworth to close the debate.>>: Thank you very much Chair. It’s been a terrific debate,
hasn’t it? Really good speeches. Dave Prentice has delivered the speech I am about to deliver but
I thought the best speech about
how important a free National Health
Service is was not actually delivered today. It was a
speech delivered yesterday. I think displayed tremendous elconsequence, great dignity,
fortitude, I thought that Jenny Formby
spoke with absolute courage and what a reminder of the
importance of our National Health Service.
(Applause) So, it has been a great debate. I am here in my Shadow
Minister’s listening debate. And we were listening carefully
to all of the discussions and contributions that were made and
we will continue to engage with all of you and our policy making
through the process. But I wanted to start by
mentioning what happened a few days ago. A seven day old baby girl was
left waiting longer and longer on a
busy hospital ward waiting to see a
doctor. Her father was anxious, tired, disthroughout but totally distraught but determined to do
all he could for his daughter. When Boris Johnson swept trough
that hospital with photographers in
tow on a PR stunt, this father confronted
him. Any other parent would have done exactly the same. (Applause) In that raw moment Omar Salem
spoke for a nation. When a child is left waiting
longer and longer for the care she needs, it matters not just
to her and to her family but it matters to each
and every one of us too. It matters that 4. 4 million people are on the
waiting list for treatment. It matters that 600 20,000
patients wait over 18 weeks for treatment. It matters that 79,000
operations get cancelled. It matters that 18 18,000
children’s operations get cancelled,
children’s operations. It matters to each and every one of
us that we are bottom of the league for cancer survival and
34,000 of our friends and family wait over two months just to begin cancer treatment. I am pleased to report that
Omar’s daughter is doing well and stable and the family send
their thank force the support and the gratitude that they have
been shown. (Applause) Their family’s example, so
powerfully reminds us that it matters we
get a Labour Government to savour NHS! save savour NHS! A Labour
Government to prevent the medicine shortages of the Tory
no deal Brexit and a Labour Government to fight a trade deal
with Trump that will sell off our NHS! It matters that we get
a Labour Government to end austerity to bring waiting lists down, stabilise
our A&Es, to provide the best cancer quality care that the
patients deserve and it matters that we get a Labour Government
that will commit to really improving
mental health services and will we will
make a pledge that no child should ever be denied the mental
health care that they need. (Applause) We will rebuild child and
adolescent mental health services, we will provide mental
health support for the schools. We will reform the mental health
act. Invest in eating disorder and suicide prevention services. It is true parity of esteem for
mental health, a slogan for so long, will be a reality with Labour!
(Applause) Every year 3,000 people lose
their lives because of drink or drugs. I’ve shared with you my
own story growing up with a father who had
a drink problem and died because of it. It coloured all of my life
growing up. You have given me tremendous
support, you really have. You know that I care about this
issue, I have ran three London
Marathons for an alcoholism charity. I mean, don’t worry, that is not
my suggestion for funding the health service in Government.
It would be a lot of running I don’t want to give John McDonald any
ideas but whether it is alcohol, drugs,
opioids or gambling, we are facing an addiction crisis in
society. (Applause) I will not walk by on the other
side. We will properly fund addiction recovery services and
it is time we were brave and took a public health approach to
drugs as well. (Applause) Now, look at the state of our
… we have lost 4,000 bets in the
NHS because of the Tories. Operateing theatres alone,
ceilings fall in and sewage pipes burst. Mental health patients and
diagnostic equipment is outdated. We have the lowest numbers of
MRI scans in Europe. Family doctors are expected to practice in decrepit buildings
in Portacabins with slow IT that crashes all the time . This is
what happens with a Tory Government cutting NHS budgets
by billions! (Applause) Ens patients deserve better. So in patients deserve better. In We will invest in better
technology and equipment, done through public spending, and not by PFI. (Problem with sound) local
hospitals and health centres are the part of the fabric of
society. They are valued. But often where our children are
born, or when we try to say goodbye to
loved ones, the services are shut down
and something invaluable vanishes
… we need more capacity not less.
I can tell you, closures because of Boris Johnson’s austerity,
will be halted, suspended, decisions
reviewed and … now, earlier this year, I was
inspired … I was inspired by a young woman
called Greta . Climate change is one of the
biggest health creaseees crisis we face. Air pollution kills up to 40,000
people every year. Meanwhile, today’s NHS admits 27
million of CO2 per year. As Health Secretary, I will
declare a climate emergency across our NHS. A Labour
Government … (Applause) Will deliver the greenest health
service in the world as we rebuild hospitals, to invest in solar panels and
energy efficiency and moving to a flee
of lower emission ambulances and guarantee patients and staff a
right to green space with an NHS forest, 1
million trees planted across our NHS estate, a tree for each
member of staff, a Green New Deal for the NHS, the greenest
outservice in the world with labour. Now, the NHS staff, they are
really our greatest asset, don’t they make you proud, the
NHS staff? Absolutely. Don’t they make you proud,
Conference? (Applause) But it makes me angry to see
them taken for granted, forced to do more
and more with less. We will guarantee fair pay,
increase training and professional development
budgets, will legislate to save staffing and to train 24,000 extra nurses
and midwives to we will bring back the training bursary as
well! (Applause) And as we have heard in this
debate, for those who work in our NHS from across the world, whether the EU or
beyond, you have our thanks, you have our support, you have our
solidarity, your rights will be protected and in a
Labour NHS you will always be welcome too. (Applause) Now this past year I have also
stood shoulder-to-shoulder with union members on picture lines, whether that
is Unison members in Bradford, campaigning against the transfer to subsidiaries or
Unite strikers in Lincoln, and I can
tell you, we will deliver a an agenda for
change for public health staff and
block the back door privatisations as well,
Conference. Now we all now how difficult it
is to get a GP appointment. You have all done it. Ringing, you
cannot get through, pressing redial after redial. And when
you get an appointment, it is weeks away. What is the point
of that? That is because the Tories have
cut 1600 GPs. But I can tell you, a Labour
Government will expand GP training places to 5,000 a year, helping
deliver 27 million extra GP appointments there for you and
your family when you need it. (Applause) More doctor, more nurses, more
midwive, that’s a Labour promise, that’s what we will
deliver in Government! (Applause) And as we have heard in the
debate with the motions, patients want
coordinated, care but you have this fragmented mess, where
every year billions of pounds flow from the NHS into private
hands. It means patient transport
services go to a firm who subcontract,
leaving patients stranded and staff like
the magnificent GMB members in Brighton who go weeks without
pay. It sees cancer scanning services traded like a
commodity. It allows an outfit like Virgin
Care pursue our NHS. Well, I am telling you, I am
calling time on this racket!
(Applause) Healthcare should be delivered
on the basis of human need, not driven
by markets, profits and competition! Privatisation will
end … (Applause) Care will be planned, decisions
democratically accountable and national care service will be built, the
Health Secretary’s responsibilities
returned and yes, we will repeal the Health and Social Care Act legislateing to
reenact Bristol, to a comprehensive,
universal National Health Service!
(Applause) I have more but I don’t want the
Chair to tell me to wind up. I thought you might like that. All of my life in growing up, I
have seen poverty … (problem with sound) inequality, deprivation, condemns people
becoming ill quicker and dying sooner. As socialists we cannot
settle for this. So, competing the health
inequalities will be my mission. We will start by fully funding
public health services, we will
prioritise children’s health. We will have a help in policies
rules, if it is not about Department of Health, housing,
benefits, and education, so on and enshrine in law a commitment
to defeat health inequities, for a
new future generation, healthier, happier, longer
lives, that is our goal, that is our mission. But we can no the fully tackle
the inequalities … Holly Warboys was 19, a life of
promise and opportunity ahead of her. Holly died, struck down by an
asthma attack. She did not have a full inhaler
as she could not afford one. I cannot possibly imagine the
heartbreak her family must have gone through. But I know this,
people should not have to pay to breathe …
prescription charges … (Applause) Prescription charges are a tax
on illness. So, yes, I can confirm that the
next Labour Government will abolish all prescription
charges! (cheering and applause) So, Boris Johnson, this coming
election is a fight for the future of our
NHS. And it is a fight for each and everyone of us in every
community. It is a fight for a fully-funded
NHS, a fight for a National Care
Service, a fight to end privatisation, for more doctors,
more nurses, for the health of every child first, for free
prescriptions, for the best quality care for all, a public and universal
NHS. This is what we strive for. This is what we are
fighting for! The next Labour Government will rebuild our NHS!
Thank you. (cheering and applause)>>: Thank you, John, I am sure
you will all agree, that was a really
inspiring speech. We now move to the votes. Initially by a
show of hands. If it is unclear we will move to the card vote.
We start with the references back on the early years
education and skills report. Bristol West on page 30. All of those in favour. Can I clarify that we are
starting with the references back? So this is the reference
e ring-fence back on the early years education and skills report, Bristol West,
page 30. All of those in favour. Ed is does somebody want to raise a
point of order? Do you want to come up? It is page 9. Page 9. Shall I start again? We will start with references
back on the early years education,
Bristol West on page 9. All of those in favour. Thank you. And those against.
That’s carried. So, still on the early years
education and skills report and on
reference back. 33, all of those in favour. We are referring to the page in
the NPF report. Can you put your hands down for
a second. So, this is just on the
references back on the early years
education and skills report in the NPF document. Early years an skills
referenced back on page 33. All of those in favour, can I
have a show of hands, please. Thank you. Those against.>>: David Joyce, the delegates
are not sure what they are voting for. Not every delegate has the
national forum document to hand, therefore it is unclear what we
are voting for. This is my fourth conference and this has
happened every single year. There needs to be a clearer
process of what we are voting on, how we are voting and if it
goes to a card vote, how the system works so everybody in the room is clear and there are no
conspiracies and stitching up on each vote. Speaker
>>: My point of order is the same. People don’t have the
information in front of them and the which
document you should be looking at. It goes back to a opponent of
order at the beginning of the conference today. You have not got the details of
the facts in the document, so you don’t know what you are
talking about, you can’t rememberment remember. The vote
about to be taken is in reference to the last paragraph
of page 33 of the NPF document. That detail is about 11 plus. That is what you
are voting for now. >>: Thank you. Delegate. , delegate. I have moved to do a card vote 2
on Beaconsfield. So we move on to Tottenham. Conference, there is no point in
shouting from the floor, I cannot hear you when you u shout
together. We are taking a card vote on
Beck ons field. It is card vote 29.>>: Conference, can I call for
order, please. Please return to seats after
your card vote. Thank you. Ed is if you have voted, please can I
ask you to sit down, so I can resume.>>: If you have voted, can I ask
you to sit down, so I can resume. Thank you. Conference, please take your
seats if you have cast your card vote.>>: Fellity Erin, a newly elect
elected. Point of order. We don’t know what the point is. So you are saying, Tottenham.
But we don’t have anything to reference. And there is nothing (problem
with sound) we don’t know what it is that we are voting on.
Thank you. (Applause)>>: For clarity it was what was
moved earlier and the delegates discussed.
>>: Chair, can I referencence you to page 9 of the report. It says that the Chair will
summarise the conference and in the next
round of speakers. (Applause)>>: It was said that we will
summarise in the next round of speakers if there was disagreement between the
speakers. That was done this morning. Can we move to the vote for
Tottenham?>>: Conference standsed a downed
until 2.15pm. now stands adjourned until 2.
5pm. Thank you.

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