L’Arte di Respirare in Asthma

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Burano is a Venetian island that always looks on the bright side. A multicoloured masterpiece created to stand out in thick fog. Even walking along the streets of rainbow coloured houses can leave you feeling claustrophobic. Narrow streets can only capture a little light, shadows fade the
spectacular colours and without realising, the streets start to shrink around you. Like the streets of Burano, some people with asthma get used to symptoms like wheezing
and coughing and they do not realise how this can lead to a shrinking world, prohibiting
them from living life to the full. And unbelievably, almost half of the people with asthma still put up with living this way.
However, these symptoms can be a thing of the past. We all need to work together and help people with asthma living with their disease and managing symptoms which are not acceptable, because a better control can be achieved. With the right therapy, asthma symptoms can be better controlled and the patients can
achieve a sense of freedom, liberation and relief. In this way, they would no longer feel like they’re living in a shrinking world. Let’s help people living with asthma become symptom-free, by spreading the word that
they shouldn’t accept the limits asthma symptoms create for them. Start a conversation today.

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